Thanks Atticus! My son-in-law sent this video to me yesterday and my wife asked me if I'd watched it. I haven't but her graphic explanation means I can save an hour because I've been keeping up with the DEATHS caused by the DEADLY vax. Seems like the jab is more like an INTERNATIONAL CULL! Mick.

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This was an early discovery back in summer of 2020. We learned that Ivermectin (IVM) was deliberately 'denigrated' and 'hidden' and 'besmirched' by 'the 'Establishment' who were financially incentivised by Big Pharma to hide IVM, HCQ and other Long-term proven SAFE and EFFECTIVE, WHO APPROVED anti-viral medicines.

This was Big Pharma's only way of obtaining an Emergency Use Authorisation IF IVM , HCQ, and many other SAFE pre-existing medicines existed.

FDA CDC all went along with the con, and the EUA was granted.

Obviously, Joe Rogan reinforced these facts, as have I by acquiring a 'stock of IVM' around that time.

LIABILITY must be reintroduced for ALL Medicines produced by Pfizer et al. Then their 'LICENCE to KILL will cease to exist.

Mick from Hooe (UK) - Unjabbed to live longer.

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1.) ''There have been two studies on Ivermectin this past year. Each study concluded Ivermectin ineffective against covid. The studies were flawed both in the dosage of Ivermectin and the duration of treatment.''

''This was deliberate.''

'The largest study of the two was called the ''Together Study''. Guess who funded that study?'

''Sam Bankman Fried and FTX.''

''Now you know the rest of the story.''!

2.) "FDA Says Telling People Not to Take Ivermectin for COVID-19 Was Just a Recommendation"

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) telling people to “stop” taking ivermectin for COVID-19 was informal and just a recommendation, government lawyers argued during a recent hearing.


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So if the "thing" doesn't stop transmission, isn't mandated masking for unjabbed due to religion beliefs simply religious discrimination? Is there any evidence that the breath and presence of the unvaccinated more harmful than the breath and presence of the vaccinated?

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If I can wake up just one sheep each time I go out in my Covid DEASDLY Vax uniform, I'm happy! Mick.

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I wish I could leave Scotland for this but not jabbed and skint! I would be very interested to see what Dr. Malhotra has to say. I was sceptical at his motives/timing but mates I’ve been saying things to since 2020 are now listening to me and since I’ve been following it .. I can explain it in as simple terms as it requires. I thank him for that alone. The music is great too!

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I call this "Taking A Stand"! A very Godly Stand it is.

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Nick Rolovich is suing Governor Jay Inslee because he was fired from his football coaching position for not getting the jab. I would love to see you interview him.

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Sounds like a fun gig! I can't attend because the USA is one of three nations to bar UNVAXXED LIKE ME from entry to the USA from my home in England.

The others are North Korea and China - Great company Biden keeps?

When I travel, I now worry that the oncoming driver might have been over jabbed with poison and pass out! Also, when on a plane I hope they're now using an EXTRA CO-PILOT in case SADS or Myocarditis crops up! More likely as each jab increases the potential of both calamities.

Today I donned my weekly grocery shopping uniform which includes a Bright yellow Tee-Shirt with 'Covid UnVAXXED - WE LIVE LONGER' (front) and 'Covid Unvaxxed CLUB' on the back.

I passed a Covid Vax Centre, now better known as an 'Extermination Centre' for the unknowing masses. Or perhaps, 'the showers' like in WW2.

At Reception I was asked "Have you come for your booster?"

I asked if they had any information on Vax Injuries & Vax related Deaths. I was given a Pfizer brochure that downplayed everything detrimental to their highly profitable POISON.

This proved that Informed Consent No Longer EXISTS and that the medical Hippocratic Oath to "DO NO HARM" no longer applies in the UK.

After being noticed by a few Lemmings I left feeling I had managed to get my message across to at least a few intended victims of the World Depopulation Program.

LIABILITY must be reintroduced for Vax makers = COMMON SENSE.

Then this farce will end suddenly, Pfizer will be BANKRUPT and life will get back to normal! Mick from Hooe (UK) *Unjabbed top live longer.

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Steve, the truth cannot be suppressed forever‼️

Good News: https://youtu.be/MwXapOzcKzs

Bad News: adoption of vaccine passports on this day😥

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I already have my ticket! Steve Kirsch: will you be there?

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Would love to attend but because I am not a US citizen I have to be vaxxed to enter USA...

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Hmm. Am I correct or incorrect in thinking that the USA still does not allow visitors (even to TX) who aren’t ‘up to date’ (fully jabbed)? If so how is Dr Malhotra (assuming he’s resident in the UK) able to travel there with ease?

Not singling him out, but also others that appear to travel between those countries without great issue. Feel like they need to go on record to explain how they've achieved this.

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It would be interesting to ask Peter and Aseem about statins because from what I’ve heard, they have opposing views.

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The original Abi Roberts substack article


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