Did you see the article Dr Makary wrote for WSJ? Do you think he's starting to question things? I wonder if you could see him face to face and shout some questions if you might be able to get in his head and start to wear away at his resolve to stand with the "authorities".

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He is to afraid of the facts and is copping our so that he can ignore them

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The only way this debate would work was if

it was hosted by Joe Rogan or some other neutral long-form podcast. Going on a mainstream network show or a leftist funded podcast would only be edited in such a way as to paint you in a bad light. Then they could continue to repeat the safe & effective lie.

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This man chose a transparently fake type of smile, and by doing so flaunts both his sociopathy and stupidity.

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Mr. Kirsch,

Is your Uttar Pradesh data solid? According to your friend, Dr. Makary has spent several days examining your (or 'the') Uttar Pradesh data and rated it total BS. He has apparently already invested several days in reviewing that. I wonder what about that data he finds to be of such low quality? Is it possible to get him to offer enough of an analysis to be able to assess the quality of his analysis?

I assume the data he's referring to is about effectiveness of ivermectin, rather than vaccine safety, but it might be a foot-in-the-door toward a discussion of vaccine safety. I would rather see you pass discussion of ivermectin (and other repurposed drugs) to Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Tess Lawrie, etc, while you focus on vaccine safety, but, is there an opening here?

I suspect there exists true good faith in some individuals on the side of the 'safe and effective' narrative. It's not credible that everyone advocating for vaccines has been bought out by the pharmaceuticals, and there may be a few among those acting in good faith that can withstand the pressure to conform, and could thus engage a good faith discussion.

I don't know Dr. Makary at all, and have only seen one interview with ZDoggMD (with Coleman Hughes), but on the chance that they are among those acting in good faith, discussion of the Uttar Pradesh data might be an opening toward topics within the category of vaccine safety.

I have watched many hours of Coleman Hughes interviews across a broad range of subjects, and I believe he acts in good faith, and is not bound by narratives. He may be open to a discussion with you, Steve K., on vaccine safety.

It is clear from his interview with ZDoggMD that he has bought into the safe and effective narrative, but he may be able to stand up to the pressure that would fall on him for engaging in discussion with you. His interview shows that he currently believes the safe and effective narrative, and that he is even deeply emotionally invested in that narrative, but I believe he is able to hear an alternative case and evaluate it in good faith. He has engaged in discussion with Dr. Bret Weinstein in the past, and he survived the pressure of that.

One more point: your offer of $$$ for engagement in debate would compensate anyone doing a deep dive for their time. As long as the amount of money offered is commensurate with their expected fees for the time, you thus leave little room for the 'safe and effective' side to hide.

As opposed to broadcasting your $$$ offer to debate, have you made a specific offer to a specific individual with the relevant skills and expertise, that works on a consulting or fee for service basis, for a specific consulting engagement to review a specific case you make?

Your VSRF efforts on the part of humanity are heroic. Humanity owes you a great debt of gratitude.



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This lack of true debate mentality is not surprising. If they can’t pick the topic, terms, rules, venue, etc they dismiss the opportunity. Today’s academic are mental snowflakes when it comes to intellectual warfare when they have to defend their positions. They’re great when on the offensive, but when on the defensive, they will revert to the same name calling, fact checking bullshit that allows them to cower behind their “principles” without fear of being judged by their fellow “elites.”

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Makary is saner than most other academic docs. I’m actually grateful to him, without his NI study, I don’t think I would have been granted an exception and been forced to leave a position I need.

Can we target one of the many super-tools like wHoretez or Gorski? They’re the bad guys here.

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This is a lame excuse. No one has all the answers about this or anything in the field of medicine, for the matter. If he doesn't have an answer he is confident about, he can surely still offer an opinion and have a discussion. And if he has the option to bring others with him, so much the better.

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Steve. You can make the same challenge( which I think you effectively did) to any "major/ great" hospital e.g. Mayo,Cleveland,NYU Langhorne,Penn,My Sinai etc.and you will not get any debate acceptance.Since " pandemic",I monitored all their sites looking for research,study and national coordination of efforts to ineffective treatment protocols,that would help all.Nothing ever appeared. They all took party line " vaxx was only solution" Despicable violation of Hippocratic oath!

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how about start with a debate where the only thing you are allowed to source is the pfizer 6 month clinical trial data. I mean I know that is just a drop in the bucket and doesn't touch on VAERS URF, early treatment, myocarditis in children, perverse incentives etc, but I think it's all you need to win the debate.

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Is there no shame? Is there no limit to the cowardice and hypocrisy of these self appointed guardians of truth and morality? When did doubt become certainty and dismissal of other opinions become an opportunity to attack someones morality. The current refusal to support and explain a viewpoint and instead attack it is one of only two things. Cowardice or Evil. The number of cowards has reached epidemic proportions, many have good reason to be scared of losing their jobs and I sympathize but many know what they are doing and should be ashamed of themselves. We are living in a world that has been pussified. People are afraid of their shadows, when they should be afraid of the liars and crooks who are fleecing them in plain site. The sheep are sleepwalking and heading for the cliff and if you don't believe that then. Where is Ray Epps and why hasn't he been arrested?

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Another concerning aspect to this is that this man is a Professor at one of the most prestigious universities known for their excellence in research. If this is how they train young minds, it is no wonder we are in the mess that we are in; they are unleashing generations of unthinking humans on the world. But he appears to be more focused on maintaining a public persona than pursuing the truth. Imagine if he failed at countering the findings Steve Kirsch has been publishing? What a disgrace he would be to Johns Hopkins, and all the MSM outlets he is beholden too.

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They are FORCE in defense of narrative. They cannot and will not have a good faith discussion, FORCE believes itself above that. At the end of the day the first question you should ask anyone is whether they are In team FORCE or on team CHOICE, this will tell you immediately by what rules they will play. @choicevax as the antidote to forcevax.

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Ah ah! this guy is like Pauline Hason...please explain! (One Nation political party) . WELL he must think that the whole WILD WORLD (I said wild) is stupid. So, let us check his IQ ..OK

Ask him to solve this little problem. He has 1 minute to answer (at school our teacher gave us 2 minutes to give the correct answer) I give him 1 minute when I should really give him 30 seconds. He is not allowed to use pen and paper...Here it comes:

3 Guys having dinner in a cheap restaurant. Each have only $10

At the end of dinner they ask the waitress for the bill. She comes back with the bill $25

Each give their last $10 ....She comes back with a $5 note....They say sorry we cannot divide $5 in three, could we get 5 single dollar coins ...She comes back with the 5 dollar coins....They each take $1 back and give the remaining $2 coins to the waitress.

So, if each after giving $10 received $1 it means they gave $9 [10 -1 =9]

So, we have $9 x 3 = $27 + $2 to the wiatress = $29

The question is: Where is the missing dollar hah!ah!ah! HE HAS ONLY ONE MINUTE (NO PEN, NO PAPER

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Did this guy grow up needing a safe space through college and med school? Sure sounds like it to me.

Doctors aren’t taught to be critical thinkers. If they aren’t natural critical thinkers, they’re certainly not learning it in school. They’re taught by rote memorization, that’s why he needs to study the material.

He definitely isn’t capable of an open debate forum and he probably doesn’t actually read the science himself. I’d bet MSNBC and CNN are where he gets his “facts”.

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