Steve would you recommend that persons who took the shot have their troponin and d-dimer levels checked as well as an EKG? Is their a credible article you could recommend to send to people for whom we are concerned? Thanks!

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133 people just died in a plane crash, "suicide" they say

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the increase after the second shot could be anaphylaxis, PEG etc.

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What a complete pile of bullshit. Only question I have is is Kirsch lying or is he really this stupid. My guess is he’s a psychopath.

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Have the statistics been updated wrt covid recovery and age - for example earlier on (late 2020) it was stated that: if you were between 40-55y and got covid, your chances of recovering from covid were 99.95% - What are the current statistics? Do we even know with all the bastardization of the numbers?

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Did not participate

Just a list of possible vaccine injuries

Aunt died of lung cancer. Pretty diffuse observation, she was vaxxed and boosted sure but also pretty sick prior to jabs. Cancer was however described as 'very aggressive' and diagnosis to death was only one month. Who knows, shit happens right?

Cousin age 60 had sepsis and liver failure, initially thought was a liver transplant would be needed. There was a merry go round of 'huhs' as there were problems with kidneys as well. 'I guess it is hepatitis. Ooops I guess not' etc. He is now an example of what I call the 'shrinking man' syndrome - all muscle and body tissues just shrunk except belly which due to kidneys issues is just a big water logged pillsburry dough boy thing where you poke it and the poke stays. He was pretty healthy and nearly died via sepsis etc within two weeks of second shot.

Other cousin suffered kidney failure about a month after booster. Dialysis for life now. He was a type one diabetic. Had his foot chopped off after second shot (ie prior to booster as above). The foot who knows? He was not by any means a 'model' type one diabetic and was definitely rolling all sorts of dice prior to any shot. He is 58

Another cousin with an entire leg removed. My info goes no further than a massive clot found and leg had to be removed. He was also a type one diabetic in poor general health. I am sure he is vaxxed and boosted but timing to leg unknown except 'within 3 months' so whatever that is worth. He is 60

Friends 38 year daughter suffered serious (as it turns out, she will never be the same) stroke within 24 hours of first (moderna) shot. She is fit and healthy but with celiacs disease. After her second shot (not sure which jab) she lost use of the jab arm for a week plus minus, the docs were looking for a pinched nerve I heard.

Friend's wife at 70 years plus minus had periods restart with heavy flows. They are looking for classic causes eg fibroids. Recently she fell after a seizure, cause unknown. Related (they think) is some sort of diffuse problem with the left arm which is puzzling to the docs. It doesn't work well anymore. She is 'boosted' but unsure exact timing.

Wife's uncle is suffering continual debilitating headaches and has some sort of clot in neck which may not be operable. Timing to shots unclear but would have had two plus a booster for sure.

My father was fine after shot one (pfizer). After (pfizer) shot two he started running down at a much accelerated rate is my judgement. He is 92 but was on a very slow decline and things started going downhill pretty fast. He went from trotting up and down hills and planting potatoes to gasping for breath. After shot two and the generalized heart damage he was finally out of hospital with a shitload of drugs to control high heart rate low blood pressure blood sugar problems etc etc.... and then took the booster. BOOM downhill within two weeks. He can't walk anymore and from being a sharp guy you could talk about anything from ecosystem theory to the best potatoes for northern canada he is now I am grieved to say a trembling shrunken husk who can barely follow a simple conversation let alone contribute. So this 'case' I am right in front of and have been for years in constant close contact, whereas some of the above is less direct this is more like..... anger. Just extreme anger, Because the temporal relationship is so observable and tight.

65 year old sister had the worst sickness of her life with debilitating 3 day migraine with a further 'flat on her back flu' week. Unlike ALL of the above she attributes to vaxx as onset was with 24 hours of second jab. She seems ok now actually.

A friends friend (but reliable at second hand) dropped dead with an 'aortic dissection' on a hunting trip. Was hunting with his sons. Came down the hill complaining of fatigue, set his rifle on the tailgate, and just dropped dead. No prior health issues mid 50's. My friend who cannot comprehend his daughter's stroke w'in 24 hours of shot said its just one of those things

My wife's father seemed to skinny up and run downhill v fast. He is 75. He was bleeding from the butt fairly soon after booster and then was found to have a 'semi-detached' cancer of the colon. Followed by two resections of melanomas on his neck and back. As all of the above jabbed and boosted 'Go Canada - save grandma!'

So I have a large family. Vast majority seem to have escaped more or less? I have another uncle with some weirdness with his scalp something I heard about 'pre cancerous lesions' whatever those are. But mostly so far folks are OK. But some of the above is vaxx induced is my opinion and NONE OF IT is in the system (Canada) as possible reactions. NONE. So that alone tells me something.

I used to be a 'stone cold atheist'. However with all of the personal observations coupled with the plans of WEF etc I have read and the obvious controlled demolition of our societies (Putin so VERY VERY BAD HIS FAULT IS TOO IS TOO etc etc) I now wonder whether biblical conceptions of good and evil are not better guides to today than my logical quantum physics..... or maybe they actually fit all along?

So just another 'vaxx injury porn' post but unfortunately all too real and just as I say it. Bless you all.



Other sister

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Steve, you can't prove causality with observational survey data. To state it is to undermine your credibility. (From a bio statistician)

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Steve, I'd love to have you as a guest on my podcast, Post-Woke: https://mickeyz.substack.com

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Hi Steve, I wanted to share with you more crimes of Big Pharma --- I notice many advertisements on Facebook for the use of Biologics to treat autoimmune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc... ) I find this troubling since 'Biologics" mechanism of function is to shut down the immune response ... One would think this type of medicine / therapeutics would be contraindicated during a supposed "pandemic" since it would make one more vulnerable to becoming infected with a virus.

I listened to your talk with the Rheumatologist out west where he said vaccine injures were common in his patients with Arthritis (up to 40% & he had lost 12 lives; compared to his average of 1 this past year) ... And, how he did not recommend any of them get a booster ....

Here is a commercial recommending these patient's - on biologics - get up to 4 boosters of this faux "vaccine" ... stating " The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now recommending a fourth dose of the vaccine for certain people, including those with compromised immune systems."

I thought worth sharing - big pharma knows no boundries when it comes to making profits -- @ Altus Biologics where the "treat each patient like family" ... https://altusbiologics.com/the-omicron-subvariant-do-chronic-disease-patients-need-to-be-concerned/?fbclid=IwAR0MPW42oVjT_Lt9xCQq7G5hCMpUiZYbjpZ5W6Qf0c7zt3ti4i_XwwdfCwc

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Vote for best name for the Trump/Biden compliance shots:

a. Fauci Ouchie

b. Death Jab

c. Clot Shot

d. Stroke Poke

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hiya, what is the spike and why do they want our cells to make it? The ‘spike’ protein is said to have molecular weight of 78.3kDa (6) by some, others 180kDa and 90 KDa reflecting uncleaved and cleaved (7) and by others (8) between 486 and 493KDa which was larger than their expected 420kDa, based on the amino acid sequence, though it was thought to contain additional glycans. The spike has been claimed to be produced by cell cultures since the 1990’s (9), this time with an apparent monomer weight of 170- 230KDa. However big it is, it is not novel.

The proteins said to be the core proteins of HIV turned out to be polymers of cellular proteins for example in 1989 the “HIV” proteins p120 (thought to be the HIV knob/spike protein-allegedly essential for entry into the cell) and p160 were shown to be polymers of the p41/42 protein (which is the cellular protein actin)(10). I am certain that this is what is happening with the spike protein. There is no novel protein and what is being detected are polymers of cellular proteins.

I'm interested to know of other research.


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Hello Steve and readers, I'm looking for some clarity on the molecular weight of the protein the 'vaccines' are supposed to be getting our cells to produce - I'm getting a range of 78.3 to 493kDa. What exactly is this protein? Many thanks Jo https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/spikes-and-knobs?s=w

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Could just be a coincidence that you sent out those letters and today there are reports that due to lack of money in the USA there are no more covid injections ?

Well done Steve, I am proud to be a supporter of the greatest disinformation spreader on Substack and I promise to keep spreading the word where I can.

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To get an early and very realistic view of how this whole man made COVID19 Vaccine disaster may end, watch the Nexflix series "Meltown Three Mile Island" https://www.netflix.com/title/81198239

The same; government coverup, disinformation campaigns, citizens rights abuse, and how for the government is much more important to save an industry (Nuclear, Big Pharma) profits and jobs than to save the very people that elected them.

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Kudos! Real time well spent. But do they really care? They wouldn't pull the plugs until their objectives are met when enough people would have been exterminated.


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