Don't the journals have their own discretionary power to publish or retract what they want? What law are they violating by retracting a paper that they can claim they somehow published "carelessly?"

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Telegram for Steve: please don’t ever STOP

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Wishing you a great victory - sorry I can’t afford to pay these days but I’m only a little person whose retirement fund has been stolen by the planned economic crisis

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Telegraph reports a lawyer for widower of Lisa Shaw, BBC presenter died of wackzine in May 2021, saying that the AZ is/was a... “defective product in that it was not as safe as consumers generally were reasonably entitled to expect”

So The Telegraph reports claims that the AZ was defective & unsafe. The narrative is collapsing.


The widower of a BBC presenter who died due to complications from the Covid-19 vaccination said he’s been left with “no alternative” but to take legal action against AstraZeneca.

Lisa Shaw, who worked for BBC Radio Newcastle, died a week after her first jab in May 2021.

A coroner ruled in August 2021 that the 44-year-old had died from a “vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia”, a rare condition linked to the vaccination.

Gareth Eve, her widower, said he had been trying to “engage with the government, MPs and three prime ministers” and no one had “reached out” in return.

‘Tried to engage with government’

He told the BBC: “It’s not in my make-up to turn around and say I want to sue somebody but for almost two years we’ve tried to engage with the government and tried to engage with MPs since Lisa died and not one of them has reached out or engaged with us at all.

“Any engagement is fleeting at best so that’s the reason that we’re left with no alternative – if the government or AstraZeneca don’t want to engage with us then what else are we supposed to do?”

He said all he wanted was “some sort of acknowledgement or recognition that these deaths have occurred”.

Mr Eve added: “We’re not crackpots or conspiracy theorists, we’re husbands and wives and family members who have lost somebody – that’s all it is.

“Whatever the money, it’s not going to bring my son’s mam back.”

Nearly 75 claimants

His lawyers sent AstraZeneca pre-action protocol letters in November, on behalf of nearly 75 claimants, several of whom have had relatives die or survive with injuries related to the vaccine.

The claimants are pursuing legal action under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, and demanding payment under a government Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme.

Solicitor Peter Todd from Scott-Moncrieff and Associates, which is acting for the claimants, said damages were being pursued on the basis that the vaccine was a “defective product in that it was not as safe as consumers generally were reasonably entitled to expect”.

In August 2021, Newcastle coroner Karen Dilks said Ms Shaw had died from “vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia”, a very rare condition that induces swelling and bleeding on the brain.

Green light

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was the first given a green light for use in the UK, being approved in December 2020. The government ordered 100 million doses for its inoculation programme, and rolled it out in clinics across the country, alongside the Pfizer jab.

A spokesperson for the Department for Health and Social Care said the vaccines were the most effective prevention against the disease, but acknowledged that “in extremely rare circumstances” individuals had been “severely disabled or died” due to receiving the vaccine.

They added: “More than 144 million Covid vaccines have been given in England, which has helped the country to live with Covid and saved thousands of lives.

“All vaccines being used in the UK have undergone robust clinical trials (EFFING LYING B*STARDS!) and have met the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA’s) strict standards of safety, effectiveness and quality.”

‘Dirty secret’

However, Mr Eve said “too many people” were suffering from illnesses or bereavement related to the vaccine, and were being made to feel like their situation was “a dirty secret”.

“It’s established it’s been caused by AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccination – it’s not about Covid, it’s not about how many lives the Covid vaccination has saved, it’s about what this vaccination has done to Lisa and other families and not about how successful it was or whether somebody is anti-vax,” he said.

In a statement, a spokesperson for AstraZeneca said: “We are unable to comment on ongoing legal matters. Patient safety is our highest priority and regulatory authorities have clear and stringent standards to ensure the safe use of all medicines, including vaccines. Our sympathy goes out to anyone who has reported health problems.”


We don't want your effing sympathy, we want an overt, public admission of guilt, a retraction of the inoculations, & a MASSIVE effing pay-out for everyone injured, killed or even just forced to risk their lives & health after being propagandised & LIED to for years on end! Nothing less will suffice. Nothing.

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It is going to be a lengthy and costly process, Steve. If you believe you can make a difference, go for it. People who believe you are not a fake and believe in something will support you. Remember, money is useless unless it is used for a good cause. The problem has always been with the "cause"; ie. is it good and according to whom?

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Thank you Steve, your tireless work on behalf of us all is so very appreciated. This is the most evil scam of the century, how are these people able to live with themselves? I feel the truth is out, fully vaxxed friends are really starting to ask questions, the penny is starting to drop on what has happened. Keep up the fight my friend.

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Breaking--Tiffany Dover to speak on nbc nightly news. Did anyone see this on east coast?

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Agreed KJ! These IED's ( irritating electronic devices) have annoyed me to no end since their launch. Combined with 'net', they are contributing to the rapid dismantling of a quality human existence on earth.

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THANK YOU STEVE!!! I hate to say it, but money talks, and that's why we're still IN this BS pandemic, so thank God for people like you who are helping to even out the playing field!!

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Thank you so much for digging into this! I've been following your work since way before you went on Tucker & I'm pleased your work continues. Due to my own disability, I cannot afford to contribute, but in memory of my Mom, who died from COVID in May 2021 (no vaccine nor intubation), I thank you.

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"In 24 percent of clinical trial agreements, the sponsor (meaning the drug company) “may include its own statistical analysis in manuscripts [i.e., journal articles].” And even more outrageously, 50 percent of clinical trial agreements allow the sponsor to “write up the results for publication and the investigators may review the manuscript and suggest revisions.” In other words, 50 percent of the contracts that academic medical centers make with drug companies allow the drug companies to ghostwrite the articles. The researchers who are the named authors of the articles have the right to suggest revisions but not to make actual corrections or edits. This is not academic freedom. Nor is it an arrangement in which medical science is going to serve the interest of the American people."


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Just look at the litany of DEATH, THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS... DEAD from this jab... Yet no riots no uprisings no pushbsck no lynching no burning down no firing squad executions see how they handled nicolai ceaucescu).. It boggles my mind that Americans still sleep while they are being systematically killed and killed and killed...

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Action gets things done. That letter to the editor in chief IS action. Next up, Stephanie Lee.

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Great job Steve. Keep on fighting. And by the way those death numbers are way undercounted.

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Sounds like money well spent, Steve. I hope you can pierce the veil of secrecy, and uncover the incriminating information we can prosecute the dirty rotten bastards with.

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An Epic Rant Every Goose-stepping Employer Needs to Hear!


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