How is the suing going?

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Articles in the medical journals are mostly written by Big Pharma who are pushing their products. Doctors have no idea whether these products are efficacious or not. Medical journals are hopelessly corrupted in this way.

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If I were the guard who found Guy Fawkes in a room full of dynamite under the Houses of Parliament, I would not have been a conspiracy theorist; I would have uncovered an actual conspiracy. Some part of the population wanted to blow-up Parliament. Technology today has developed so far that some part of the ruling elite could "blow-up' the population. Our leaders should be on our side. ..But all of us as children would refer to our rulers as "They" with only a vague idea of who we were talking about. It, perhaps, has always been a case of "Them-And-Us".. The powers-that-be are controlling our world. Some of them think genocide is a good thing.

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Consider this:

1. If the deaths were caused by a substance intentionally manufactured to kill people then the manufacturers/ administrators are guilty of mass murder.

2.If the deaths were caused by a substance manufactured and this was not expected, but could have been predicted then the manufacturers/ administrators are guilty of manslaughter or similar.

3. If it is suspected that the deaths are caused by the substance then it is negligence on the part of administrators not to investigate so that further deaths are avoided.

There is, in my mind, at least a huge negligence claim here.

Further, if there is a general cover-up in progress, then there is surely guilt of some kind (see 1. and 2.), or shirking of responsibility.

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Hi there, you say: "There are 16,000 excess US deaths in VAERS and VAERS is under-reported by at least 41 for serious injuries. This is a minimum of 656,000 deaths over 2 years." This should read '..is under-reported by **a factor of** at least 41.'

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I'd love to help. I'm good at writing and editing.

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An important initiative to shed the light on "elite" parasites in universities and "research" organizations.

Thank you

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Unclear how to join the self moderating group on holding the medical journals accountable for their publications.

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Brilliant. Perhaps a new arm of VSRF. Better yet a new doc/lawyer advocacy group forms with goal to entirely reform and aggressively push back against these unethical, bribed, greedy journals/editors and recruit/awaken more docs and constitutional/public/scientific health/medical malpractice lawyers. A new article is submitted, approved.. and retracted, then retraction widely promoted in mass narrative. A new force both exposing and reforming.. I'm dreaming..

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Well for starters we would have to get rid of the GOVMN'T RUN LOTTERY (i.e. scratch tickets and the such as well) because that's how they skirt around being held accountable to the public.. They are only to give the public programs that the public WANTS and NEEDS....So I believe thats why the GOVMN'T started the public LOTTERY SYSTEM....POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTLEY !!

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Of the People who are relentlessly on the side of "truth", "fair play" and "Loyalty to We The People" YOU and Dr Mercola are standouts (in my opinion). Dr Mercola today is showing that you and He share a common view of the hiding of stats and facts. It would be fantastic if there was a way a "joint statement or release" of some kind, I believe this sort of thing NEEDS desperately to be done AND NOW! YOU and many others, Mercola, Malone, Tess Lurie, McCullough, Janci Lindsay, Kory and many more, (you know all of them Steve) have made fabulous revelations or statements or released facts, BUT THEN IT JUST DIES. It is "buried" (or not acknowledged at all). I believe "The only hope for Humanity" is for as many of our CHAMPIONS to band together as a common "voice of truth" "Voice of THE FACTS" and seek the assistance input from your loyal Readers. I most certainly would (I do already) "put it out there".

Sorry if I overstep the mark Steve, I can only hope you know where my heart (unvaccinated heart) is.

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Apr 11, 2023·edited Apr 11, 2023

Done. Here's the email I sent:

Subject Line: Do not retract Skidmore paper without publicly transparent due process showing clear and unbiased scientific justification

To Whom it May Concern,

I note with great dismay, that this paper in BMC Infections Diseases:


Is being retracted without publicly transparent due process to show clear and unbiased evidence of how this retraction is justified by with Cope Retraction Guidelines (https://publicationethics.org/node/19896?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email).

As a Ph.D. scientist with 40+ years of experience, I find this deeply disturbing, as it violates the scientific integrity of the journal, and sets a very bad precedent that will forever call into question the scientific principles and objectivity of your publication process.


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NEJM/Lancet needs to be exposed for taking FTX funds to publish fabricated studies to discredit IVM/HCQ - studies that would not have gotten a passing grade in high school. But were dishonest propoganda.

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I doubt that a letter from a dentist is going to grab attention of the SpringerNature admin but this was sent:

Dear Editor and/or Ethics Chair,

Can you provide a clear set of reasons as to why the Skidmore paper was retracted? I was impressed with it and have no clue from a quantitative perspective as to the logic behind the retraction. Could you provide an amplification because none of the COPE Guidelines were mentioned? I was baffled as to why the paper was unceremoniously withdrawn. Something is amiss.

Dr. Michael H. VanderVeen

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