Wish you had the self awareness to understand how pre juvenile and absurd you sound peppering the world with bets like a fat bully in some 70s movie. Its embarrassing. Stop it.

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In reference to the title of this post… hopefully you heard the breaking news that the outspoken Mike Yeadon, who spent his career studying viruses for Pfizer, has come out publicly admitting that he now believes that respiratory viruses DO NOT EXIST. https://t.me/c/1546177402/4551

Mike is well-off. Maybe he’ll debate you, Steve. No offense but I got Mike in that debate.

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Steve, I found someone to accept your challenge: Dr Robert Levin, the director of health in Ventura County, California. Seeking your email so I can copy you.

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Steve, the argument that these particles exist, is NOT the argument. ANY particle which pharma wants to sell vaccines for can exist. This does NOT however, prove that their choice of particle (to justify their vaccine programs) is responsible for DISEASE.

Your entire scheme here is absurd. The sickest thing about it, is that you are trying (desperately) to prove pharma right. Good luck with that program.

Go sell crazy somewhere else. The TRUE control group is already done with this debate.

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Are we betting if Bills will be in the Superbowl?

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"I support ANYTHING that will stop the poisoning of our children "

Except Steve Kirsch using his own, $14 million, to get conversation , debate , challenge or Media attention.

My guess is Mr. Kirsch is accomplishing what you can't.

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Thank you for letting me know about Rootclaim.

I sent them an email to challenge their analysis that Covid is an accidental lab release (89% probability). They estimate the probability that it's a bioweapon at a mere 4.5%.

I claim it's a bioweapon and am very interested in making a 20x return on my investment.

I do not claim to have evidence today. I'm betting it will be available by a reasonable future year, such as 2025, assuming the perpetrators don't succeed. If the perpetrators do succeed, the evidence won't be available, but the bet will not matter, because we will "own nothing and be happy."

I await Rootclaim's reply on whether they're willing to enter such a bet.

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Dear Steve,

I am writing to you from France to tell you how much I admire you for the energy with which you are fighting against these harmful injections.

However, I want to tell you, in my humble opinion, that the question of the existence of viruses - to which you will not provide an answer, even "before 3 judges" - will only blur your fight. Is it your goal ?

With all my friendship.

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This is totally ridiculous, IMHO. I am on this substack to get NEW information that i am not getting elsewhere and that is it.

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Listening to the pummeling here of Steve....


But may I remind these JUDGES that what Steve is offering is WHAT he has, the coin of the land. Exotic only in its size for we here in this country KNOW that size matters, indeed $$$ are our caste-code. If $$$ can crash down a few doors.....let him try.

Steve is gifted with an outrageous sense of humor and the wherewithall to back it up, to start calling the BLUFF, to demand answers as to why all thouands are dying AFTER the jab.

Go figure that YOU self-righteous-pummelers have not noticed what we are up against in this war to KEEP OUR BODILY SOVEREIGNTY and our FAILURE TO STOP IT. If Steve is ready to offer a new tactic......well let us stand with him.

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May I suggest a poll? Let's see which of the 5 reasons all of us will pick... I have a guess what the result will be ... Lol

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Outside of Texas, they have a term for your childish antics.


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The reason they don't take your bet is that they don't trust you, Steve!

With good cause. They know that they will be wrapped up in litigation that will cost many times more than the bait is worth.

You're not convincing sensible people.

Rather fund proper research as per the 'Virus Challenge' if you really believe your cause.

That's science instead of showmanship.

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I realize there are a lot of criticisms on this thread by those who think the "money angle" is a bit much. But considering the extremes to which people will go to acquire it, it's a legitimate strategy here, and telling. The lack of takers proves there's something more powerful out there--alliance with The Powers That Be.

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Steve can you please give a tangible explanation of the difference between NOVAVAX and the other vaccines. I have conflicting information some say it is still an mRNA based vaccine others say no?? which is it. I'm personally not taking any covid vaccine but I have family asking and I would like to explain it intelligently and provide a resource for my opinion. Thanks!

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Take the virus challenge by Kaufman , Bailey et all you shill

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