Here are 2 nominees with substandard competencies nominated as federal judges by biden/obama administration who - when (not if) confirmed as committee decisions merely require majority vote to confirm, will be hearing federal cases in both Calif. and Wash. regarding the next set of Marxist based draconian measures - mandated not by the fed but rather by either the U.N. or WHO or both.

Can Kennedy, DeSantis or Trump beat this back at that time? I have doubts. How about you?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QenXdqZRqsw runtime: 5min.

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This clip has to do with the constitutionality of mask mandates which even if such mandates could be remotely construed to be constitutionally justifiable controls over individual freedom, which they may not, can not by way of extension be used to curtail individual freedom of religion or assembly in protest of governmental actions in any case.

Watch Sen. Hawley single handedly take down a Biden/Obama judicial nominee in confirmation hearing - a brilliant piece of work.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luxkkn5viMg&t=380s Runtime: 5min.

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​Worth reading:

​"The bigger philosophical issue is that trying to destroy people and undo basic civil liberties protections over a respiratory virus was a titanic mistake - and would have been even if Covid had been significantly more dangerous than it was.

But let’s put that fact aside and just focus on nuts and bolts three years in.

At this point - how do I put this politely? - we can all agree that maybe the mRNAs were not the panacea that we were told.

And that maybe the hysteria around Covid was a little overdone. But here’s the part that stuns me, the truly jaw-dropping aspect of where we are now: A lot of those people who got on their high horses two or three years ago, they won’t get off.


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Escribo desde Argentina. Uno de los paises con mayor % de muertes asignadas al supuesto Sindrome Covid en rela ción a su población.. Argentina hoy es una colonia, no puede tomar decisiones per se. Su gobierno tiene un alto acatamiento a la Agenda 2030. Para los médicos y científicos locales nos fue muy duro llevar adelante tratamientos y opiniones por fuera de los Protocolos de la OMS. La coacción fue muy grande. En este momento un grupo de médicos estamos litigando contra el Ministerio de Salud.. " La Agencia de Acceso a la Información Pública entregó la constancia de recepción de nuestro reclamo por el vencimiento de la prórroga otorgada al Ministerio de Salud para que contestara nuestra solicitud de suspensión inmediata en todo el país de la "vacunación Covid 19" o, en su defecto, informara el motivo para sostenerla, pese al aumento oficial de muertes registradas como Covid 19 a partir de la inoculación. Se adjunta dicha constancia y la nota a la Agencia con la nómina de firmantes. A partir de la recepción corren 40 días donde el Ministerio debería ser intimado a contestar y expuesto públicamente en la web de la Agencia por "incumplimiento". Si no suspende la campaña, ni responde o lo hace inadecuadamente, se habilita la vía judicial, e…

Tengo la suerte de tener más de la mitad de mi población pediátrica de consultorio sin inocular..pude avisarles y exlicarles con tiempo.

Necesitamos que los tribunales actuen...sin, demandas, sin juicios volverán con una nueva historia..La medicina alopática camina hacia su exterminio. Atte Gabriel

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Baby boy who was born prematurely after fatal blood clot killed his mother tragically died just two months later in his sleep

I guess we don't need to speculate whether she was vaccinated or not.


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Don't forget, Tucker Carlson's new show, Tucker on Twitter, went live yesterday.



Who knows, he may even have a few words on the vaccines someday, now that he can speak with less input from advertiser-dependent Fox.

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This image is EXTREMELY MISLEADING. Walden University did NOT approve this study and would never would approve a faulty design like this. The author of this blog apparently pulled the image from this university website: https://waldenwritingcenter.blogspot.com/2015/03/planning-your-proposal-why-now-is-time.html

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I'm glad that worked out for you. In order to benefit others, I had to make a more difficult decision. I don't expect anyone to understand that. The consequences to taking it for me have included nearly constant and often-times unbearable tinnitus. But there was good that came out of it. Not just good for me, but for everyone. I was able to stay employed long enough to discover a mechanism that drives viruses into another lifecycle which can cause disease... a scientific mechanism that is compelling and not based on pseudoscience. If I can get that out to enough people, then maybe my consequences will have been worth it. Afterall, my outcome could have been much worse. I'm hoping to make sure that doesn't happen for a lot more people. But until there is convincing evidence to make the decision you did, a lot of innocent and naïve people will make the wrong decision because someone who claims to be an expert convinced them to take the jab and made some grave omissions while convincing them.

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My question is how would one get out of an IRB clinical research study that they never signed up for?

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I respect Steves focus on the physical harm of covid mrna shots. Yet the unscientific covid fear response, masking, job layoffs, lockdowns, social isolation. The Irrational closing of churches and gyms and schools caused massive phycological trauma. Suicides, and drug overdoses are still off scale. The people behind this need to be in prison for life.

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Over and over, we hear the term "elephant in the room" As a clinical Psychologist I have worked closely with physicians. We have had disagreements about what I consider overuse of psychiatric medicines and vaccines. I like Steve, but he is expecting pediatricians and other doctors to tell the truth and deviate from their brainwashing and programmed mind set. In private sessions doctors tell me they are depressed, and some are abusing alcohol. They know something is not right about the covid narrative and covid vaccines but are too scared to speak out. This has been going on for 2 years at my private practice. It's taken its toll on me. I can't see able to help them.

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I like comments from philosophers and just regular people that share experiences that come here from time to time to comment. Unlike a lot of my fellow doctors, I do not think I am a God or a scientist. The thing that is hard is the thousands of personal accounts from people that have lost friends and relatives to covid shots. There are also the accounts of friendships and marriages destroyed over disagreements over masking and covid shots. My only conclusion is that a lot of humans are insane.

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I filled the study out but, in the end, there is a tendency for people to make things more complicated than necessary. Despite what your doctor tells you "The science" behind vaccine safety and efficacy is so deeply flawed and subject to conflict of interest that is it is a joke. Yet for years most people just consented to be injected. There is so much $$$ and politics involved in this. I do not want people harmed by vaccines but believe in free choice and informed consent. This whole matter is deeply frustrating. I think a rational solution is make all vaccines optional. Basic logic would say if you believed vaccines work and protect you- the unvaccinated pose no risk to you. Conversely there are hundreds of studies that demonstrate that the unvaccinated have more robust immunity and are heathier and live longer.

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CALL TO ALL AMERICANS - Contact Your Congressman to "Exit The WHO" - All info. and contact numbers are on the James Roguski Substack site - https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/exit-the-who?utm_source=substack&utm

A core group of 18 House Reps from both major Parties recently gave a Press Conference. They are calling themselves “The Sovereignty Coalition” and they are supporting Bill HR 79 – The Exit The Who Bill. They have given short speeches and these can be viewed on James Roguski’s Substack – https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/sovereignty-coalition-press-conference?utm_source=substack&utm_

The Main Page for The Sovereignty Coalition is here – https://sovereigntycoalition.org/ There is an option for Foreign Supporters to sign their Declaration to Get Out of The WHO, at the bottom of their Main Page. There is lots of WHO info. on the James Roguski Substack Archives.

Oppose the WHO's Digital Global Health Certificate - https://alignact.com/go/oppose-the-whos-digital-global-health-certificate

You can also scroll down the current James Roguski Page for the above info -


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Understanding INFORMED consent is when you walk into a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to see the Covid Jab insert. When he shows you a paper that says “Intentionally Left Blank” you then run out of there as if the place is on fire. UNINFORMED consent is when you take the jab without even bothering to ask. IGNORANCE is when someone tries to convince you that the CDC had NO IDEA Covid inserts were “Intentionally Left Blank.” At that point you are dealing with someone who has the reasoning of a very small child. You should warn them to STAY AWAY from ALL sharp objects!!

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Acepto participar....

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