The ones who won’t respond are in on it. I’m surprised that the cult is so big. They were probably offered life over death, or to be free and not enslaved. There is a time soon that all hell will hit the fan. Unless you’re red pilled you won’t understand.

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The new definition for intelligence is "vaccine hesitancy".

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GENOCIDE, yes, let's just cut to the chase and call this out for what it is.

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I begin to hear the Nazi scientists shifting uneasily in their seats at the Nuremberg Court...

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You are dealing with CRIMINALS - who are in great FEAR of being convicted for GENOCIDE - so they just stick together and hope this ever growing tsunami of questions passes . . .

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Here's a few more questions to add Steve in the form of No Duh's:

COVer for International Domination - Just a few of the more obvious No Duhs:

- The 2019/20 and 2020/21 Flu seasons simply vanished, we were told all the cases were Covid - duh!

- The somewhat reasonable 'Slow the Curve' slogan soon morphed into the ridiculous and laughable 'Stop the Spread' mantra - duh!

- A 'PCR' test for Covid with a nasty habit of giving false positives, was used as the Gold Standard! - duh!

- For the first time ever, a 'Case' for an illness was not determined symptomatically but purely by the Inappropriate use of a completely unreliable PCR test - duh!

- For the first time ever, if you died from any event or disease having a positive test from a generally non-fatal disease (Covid), your death was reported as you having died from that generally non-fatal disease. If you were in a car accident for example, they took you into emergency, ran a Covid test on you that was claimed to be positive, your death would go down as a Covid death - duh, duh, outrageous and criminal!

- No preventative treatments were ever prescribed for Covid - duh!

- Re-purposed drugs like Ivermectin and HCQ were outright banned, not even vitamins D and C were recommended! - duh!

- Doctor's right to practice independent medicine was cancelled! - duh!

- Healthy people having NO symptoms were locked down - duh!

- No drug, much less an experimental one, had EVER BEFORE been proclaimed to be 100% 'Safe and Effective'! - duh!

- In an emergency 'pandemic', rather than choosing a conventionally produced vaccine, an experimental one was chosen! If your house was on fire and you had a choice between a tried and true fire extinguisher or an experimental one, you would choose the experimental one?! - duh!

- For the very first time, having fought an actual infection was considered inferior protection to having a vaccine! - duh and duh!!

- We were told that an intramuscular shot in a highly vascularized muscle in the arm would stay in the injection site! - duh!

- If a spike protein was to be used as an antigen to stimulate immunity, rather than using an injection of it, a complex technology was used to cause your cellular machinery to manufacture it in your own body without any proof that the production would turn itself off! - duh, duh and just plain stupid and reckless!

- Exemptions for the shot were denied to all except those with existing myocarditis - THE main publicly known adverse effect of the shot! - duh!

- Pharmacies provided no Information pertaining to risks, and all drug information inserts were blank! - duh!

- Informed Consent was denied! - duh, duh and absolutely criminal!

- You were not considered 'vaccinated' until 14 days after your shot. Therefore, if you had an adverse reaction or died within 14 days after having received the shot, you were recorded as 'unvaccinated' - duh, duh, outrageous and absolutely criminal!

- Minor kids were bribed with ice cream and other 'goodies' and separated from parental consent to receive an experimental injection which absolutely was not required for them. - duh, duh, outrageous and absolutely criminal!

- A new Orwellian Doublespeak (self contradictory) term named 'Mature Minor' was created to trick children into receiving an experimental injection without parental consent. - duh, duh, outrageous and absolutely criminal!

- Only 'vaccinated' people were allowed in public places including those who previously had Covid and could prove positive antibody testing! - duh!

- I'm sure that people could add dozens more Duhs to this list!

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

"The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie..."

2Thess 2:9

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If the human race survives another 100 years, it will only be because of the efforts of "misinformation" spreaders. The good news is that you are such a successful "misinformation" spreader, you have really pissed off the Trolls under the bridge!

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Sam & Mark are still trying to tell you how you got it wrong. Are you still “ghosting” them?


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Possibly the best solution is to seek these "experts" while giving testimony in discovery or deposition.

Ensure that the questions you need answered are addressed. Any of the lawyers from your Atlanta conference should be able to manage this.

Remember that the judges are quite likely to be political and corrupt. Dr. Byram Bridle reported his participation in Ontario and New Zealand cases. Judge Jasmine Akbarali in Toronto certainly dismissed his affidavit with no apparent comprehension.

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They can't respond 'cause they can't answer those questions in any way that would not make them a laughing stock.

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The problem is fear, compliance, cowardice and 'superiority'.

There's the loss of lucrative bonuses, their jobs, financial fear for living standards and outstanding debts. There's a fear of demotion and/or downgrading of their class and prestige.

They're putting their own gains ahead of other people's actual survival.

Many of those in senior positions will have had the privileged costly elite schooling denied the majority, giving them better grades and access to clever friends and the rungs to success. They will have had pushy parents who gave them confidence in themselves and ambition.

You can bet that daddy's money and influence opened doors and allowed them to escape the dire necessity of getting a job after school or college. Their higher education could be afforded, or they could manage with just a part-time job.

And I don't give a toss about stories of those exceptions who'll claim they pulled themselves out of the gutter all by themselves with merit and genius.

I sense as a result of all this, but I do NOT excuse it, that there's a terrifyingly superior elite attitude that imagines itself as being above we, the common people, who are seen as being a over-populated and expendable. We are then perceived as stupid, fat, annoying and a cause of more workload and expense for them and the country, or we've lived too long.

We have here a Nazi style mentality deliberately steered by their superiors, mentors and by medical cut-backs. From here we get those in charge, at whatever level, deciding who lives and who should die.

The elderly, the mentally or physically damaged, including those nearly born. Those with cheap clothes, those who went to crumby schools, those who live in poor areas, have lower class accents. . .whatever the red flag to a bull 'reason.'

They may have protocols and tick boxes to shift guilt, an attitude of 'Well, they weren't much use anyway, or they'd had long enough,' or maybe their boss had scorned any kindness, morality, expense costs. And there was money to be made, of course. These are all excuses.

We should not pretend these people are any different in mindset to the T4 Nazi program killers. The method may be different in some cases, but the parallels are there.

And they knew it wasn't right, even with all the inhuman blind eyes within their profession, the law, the government and the rest. That's why they hide things, lie, deny, attack critics, pretend the science, don't look for any evidence, feign righteousness and use evasive scams with the law. It stinks to high heaven of the evil it was, and more and more of us are seeing it.

We must recall that the top 5 professions that attract sociopaths are:

Wall St executives, policemen, lawyers, journalists and surgeons.

Nobody, repeat nobody, with psychopathology, sociopathology or narcissism should ever get into positions of power, especially where looking after the public is concerned. We should screen for them and weed them out, and put all our resources into those who aren't. And if they takes longer to train some of them, isn't that better than what we have?

And we should also ban anyone in secretive clubs etc. Man cannot have two masters. Anyone caught should be imprisoned and fined.

And we should ban all lobbying and call it out for what it is. Bribery and corruption.

Andy. 14 April 2023.

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Historically VAERS is thought to record roughly one percent of actual adverse events. About 80% of reports are filed by medical professionals. In today’s environment it is highly probable that the rate of reporting is a much smaller percentage given the overwhelming bias in the medical establishment against any attribution of cause to the vaccine.

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They won’t come near you because manufactured lies can’t afford to be revealed in the daylight of truth.

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@SteveKirsch - what would happen if you fronted a "nobody" who made a similar offer? Someone who "they" aren't afraid has the same depth of knowledge that you do ... but does have it - just not as public about it. Do you think you may get a taker then?

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Songs of Covid gaslighting and discrimination

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Since I think you will be speaking in Toon or Saskatoon.

The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon

Has a

Dean of the College of Medicine, Preston Smith,

Who terminated Dr Francis Christian re excessive COVID-19 measures and concerns re jab safety.

I'm sure his Executive Assistant Alyson Rees Tel: 306-966-6149 would love to set something up to tell you, why you are wrong.

And how anything but the jab caused these excessive deaths in Saskatchewan.


It's only a thousand dead people, vaccines are clearly effective.

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