Is Erica Pan related to Dr Pan the pediatrician senator from CA that is passing all the monstrous laws forcing all vaccines or denying an education?

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Steve, it’s May 17, I want to respond but for some reason I am hesitant, lost my amazing, awesome mom in December 2021 in a nursing facility I am STILL grappling with this nightmare…end of story for now

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It's cowardice at speaking out 100% honestly. People ( doctors, pundits) are using a default assumption " of course it helps the elderly" - so that they don't invoke ire, cancellation, termination, revocation.

Steve, you point to bad math and logic utilized to MAKE their claim - and it is that, in part.

But let's not play their game of semantic cowardice. They lie, dissemble, and deflect - because they have no courage or soul.

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Moderna at the time had ZERO effectiveness or safety for Geriatric Boosters. But everyone still said to go get it. These documents do change. However, the entire time both Fact Sheets for Professionals clearly stated:


"Available data on Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy."

LACTATION: (That means nursing)

"Data are not available to assess the effects of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine on the breastfed infant or on milk production/excretion."

Every medical professional and DOH person who never took the time to read these should be put in the public stocks at a minimum.

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The Fact Sheet for Healthcare Professionals Administering the Pfizer Vaccine (or pull up Moderna), for the longest time for geriatric both stated ZERO effectiveness. Here is what Pfizer states now: https://www.fda.gov/media/153715/download

GERIATRIC "...The total number of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine recipients in Study 2 (N=20,033), 21.4% (n=4,294) were 65 years of age and older and 4.3% (n=860) were 75 years of age and older. So, 4,294+860 old geezers = 5,154 Old Fogies.

..."The safety of a first booster dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine in individuals 65 years of age andolder is based on safety data in 12 booster dose recipients 65 through 85 years of age..."

Why only 12? What happened to the 5,142 other old fogies? They also tried add 308 younger folks to determine safety. Alarm bells should be ringing. I have spent over a year calling Politicians, Media, Attorney Generals, Health Departments, trying to clarify. But wait, it gets better.

"The effectiveness of a booster dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine in individuals 65 years of age and older is based on effectiveness data in 306 booster dose recipients 18 through 55 years of age..."

So, the effectiveness of a booster dose for Old Fogies is based on effectiveness of not Old Fogie data.

Conclusion: Maybe safe, barely with only 12 Old Fogies. Regardless, is not effective for Old Fogie.

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With regards to the claim by The Washington Post that the unvaccinated are 20 times more likely to die then those who are boosted, an explanation lies in the fact that people who are in the process of getting their vaccinations but have not yet gone two weeks from their second shot are classified as unvaccinated. They only have two buckets: the fully vaccinated and the unvaccinated. This explains the spike in deaths in the unvaccinated that coincides with the timing of mass vaccination programs

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would you give your source for the 100k payments to hospitals? I have heard around 30k, but not 100k.

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An old saying.

You can't stop stupid.

At best, you can slow it down a bit, but you can't stop it.

Let the good Doctor Darwin do his magical work, the survivors will move on, smarter for it.

Harsh, but that's nature.

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Thank you for the interesting and insightful article. I found this statement particularly relevant:

“I know of nursing homes where 30% of the residents died from COVID before the vaccines came out. And since we all know that the vaccines are 90% effective, even if the kill rate from the vaccine is 25% for the elderly, there is still a positive risk-benefit.”

Even paraphrased, it reveals the intellectual insolvency of such strictly utilitarian beliefs. In order for such an assertion to be even vaguely coherent, one has to assume that the set of "residents" is completely replaced before each evaluation.

Likewise the cohort we refer to as "elderly." I am continually amazed at the way that the passage of a single moment in time (a birthday) is used to define cohort membership. The reasoning based on that arbitrary line of demarcation is fantastic, and that's putting it as charitably as possible.

After following the mRNA prophylactic story from the beginning, the only conclusion I can reach is that utilitarian benefit is an assertion that is quite plausible, but certainly not proven; not even close.

The harm caused by glib assertions of safety and efficacy isn't that they reinforce fallacious reasoning processes, however bad that may be. It's that they inhibit the identification of safety and efficacy signals that would otherwise lead to ongoing improvement of the product.

It would help if the average citizen understood the nature of utilitarianism. The simplest conceptual framework is to understand that if 100 die and 101 are saved, the utilitarian viewpoint considers the intervention successful.

Such reasoning is born of desperation. it has its place, but not as a driver of long-term public health policy.

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While I am not in the medical profession, I have always remained in the driver's seat regarding my own health, challenging my doctors in a variety of situations. I have read and understood scientific articles relating to genetics, cytology, and health because of my excellent education in HS and college, even though I ended up being a Russian Major, and spent time in the USSR in 1976. This last fact has had my eyes open to the shift in our media, to that of the USSR, as early as the late 1990's, when the deep state was incrementally delivering bullshit to the masses. NOW IT IS ALL UP IN OUR FACES!!! Others smarter than myself may know it to have been systemic and far-reaching into our institutions well before the 1990's. The empirical evidence that our "elected officials" were complicit in the managed decline of our (We The People's) representative government (that supposedly answers to us and is reined in by the Three-Branches-Checks and Balances system laid out by the Founders in the US Constitution) took me a while to realize. YOUR POWERPOINT IS AN AMAZING comprehensive account of all the truth that has been covered over by the mass-formation-producing narrative and propaganda barrage that has been coming at us 24/7 for far too long. The fact that YOU, Sir Steve, have come to your conclusions, AFTER having believed the "Vax will save us" malarkey that seduced many of us MAKES IT ALL THE MORE POWERFUL A MESSAGE FOR THE MASSES!!!! Thank you so much for your determination and skill, and devotion to THE TRUTH.

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Hardly Steve. I've done all cause end point a long time ago shortly after Pfizer and Moderna submitted their 6 month data to the FDA. I used "All cause Morbidity and Mortality" and included all grade 3 and grade 4 adverse events and death. What I found is that Pfizers vaccines has a negative efficacy of -322.59% and Moderna has a negative efficacy of -52.38%. In addition in Pfizer's case I calculate 1 is harmed in every 5 vaccines administered. In Moderna's case 1 is harmed in every 241 vaccines administered. This analysis was also done for J&J's vaccine. I posted this information on Mathew Crawford's substack November 2021. What happened is my work was stolen and used to produce a paper claiming it was their idea!! So forgive me if I'm a bit reluctant to share my work. Instead of it being used productively it was used by low life "researchers" to promote their would be careers! This is partly why I escaped academia. This is how good work is rewarded!

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The criminality within the medical profession has been in gradual slide mode for over 100 years. Benjamin Rush was the only doctor to sign The American Declaration of Independence. Here is what I cut and pasted off the Internet about him -

Who said Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution?

Benjamin Rush, MD

Benjamin Rush, MD, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and personal physician to George Washington said: 'Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal ...

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💥 What if in the near Future some BIO LAB makes some really lethal virus? Bill Gates advised us!!

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No matter what your age, the covid shots can only hurt or kill you.

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Well I'm 70 I will never take that experiment Genetically Gene base therapy, and so far I have never got vovid.

I do have an autoimmune condition called PMR and GCA, ITS basically inflammation in small blood vessels, and larger vessels,

7 years ago when I first came down with thus I was told in would pick up every infection going,

Well I don't pick up infections so I think it's a bit of a myth,

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Now there is a global occurrence of immunodeficient hepatitis likely caused by the mRNA “vaccine”, particularly among children. So devastating as to necessitate transplants.This is in no way normal. It’s receiving very scant MSM coverage but for a moment or two on Newsmax. However, the reporting online is extensive, including medical journals.

Dr. Malone warned of horrific adverse effects publicly at the “ Stop The Mandate” rally in DC that never made it even to Fox. He went so far as to blast parents , rightly guilting them for taking such a chance.

There are interviews with Elon Musk warning of the dangers of mRNA technology and AI falling into the wrong hands and nefarious ideology. The mutant properties vs. specific targeting of degenerative diseases and markers specific to an INDIVIDUAL.

Meanwhile, there has been deafening silence across party lines , Europe, Asia, Latin America. More disturbing is the absolute non-mention of the WEF Great Reset NWO by ANY elected official or large media outlet.The GOP will pound the “ Free Speech” drum,but not the source of the censorship , the why or the big picture and who is really controlling the horrific chain of events. Not a mention of the WEF, Great Reset, “ You will own nothing and be happy” Build Back Betted NWO that is a literal mirror of Huxley’s epically prescient warning of “ Brave New World”. 1931. BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street are the masters of the universe. The major shareholders of EVERY corporate multinational and a trifecta monopoly controlling Pharma, Tech, food supply chain , transportation, energy and w/ China, glo al governance and policy implementation. The next “pandemic” will be ( already in the works) cyber-attacks.

The sexualization school curriculum is in the plan. It has nothing to do with tolerance, education or diversity. It is the pro panda implementation of creating a promiscuous , pleasure addiction and the inability or desire to forge lasting relationships or procreation. It is manipulation into self enslavement. The Republicans are too stupid or too corrupt to articulate what is motivating this push . Instead, they hammer LGBT sexuality as sinful versus why children are being manipulated into total confusion and tyranny. Essentially, they come off as Victorian zealots vs. messaging to the masses. Insulting the actual LGBT adult community as “ perverts”, is only alienating the larger population who have long accepted that some people are wired differently. The GOP consistently walks directly into the trap set by the powerful elites who really don’t give a shit about the LGBT, diversity, minorities or anything they purvey. Only control and homogeny of thought. Not individualism, uniqueness or the desire to excel.

Not a mention of the WEF “ Young Global Leadership” or the infiltration throughout the Western former democracies. They continue to mock Pete Buttegieg without any awareness of how dangerous he is. They hammer BLM and critical race theory without mention of Alicia Garza and Ibrahim Kendi being funded , trained by the WEF technocorporacratic psychopathic elites.

How is it possible to not know who is behind this global catastrophe? That Biden’s entire admin and global Deep State is BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street and Bill Gates is a graduate. That the Fed is BlackRock? Or the Russia/Ukraine “ war” is just another cog in the wheel and that Ukraine’s Azov Battalion Nazi’s are behind most of the atrocities in Mariupol,Bucha, Kharkiv and the CIA has trained, armed and used them as proxies for years? And the Atlantic Council is a major player in the globalist “ disinformation” scam. Or that Fox News, now under the control of yet another WEF “ Young Global Leader”, Lachlan Murdoch is all in?

Are there no Howard Beals or John Galts in the political class? Apparently not

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