Steve, sorry if I missed this but, have you tried asking Bill Gates to join you on a debate?? SURELY, since he’s such a ‘philanthropic’ individual who promotes these “vaccines” widely, would want to prove his point!!! OR we could ask if he would prove his COVID “vaccination” status to us, by allowing a personal blood draw to check! Ha!


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Stop misinformation? How about them producing an actual Safe and Effective disease protective product that outperforms and is better than advertised. You do not need to use force, coersion, propaganda and lies to push that type of product it sells by itself. No such product exists unfortunately, so live a healthy and truly informed lifestyle is the only alternative.

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May 2, 2022Liked by Steve Kirsch

Thank you Steve for being relentless! I am working hard to spread the good data and save lives, as well. Your work is precious!

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May 1, 2022Liked by Steve Kirsch

Thanks. I’m Glad you’ve caught out a big smelly ‘fish’. More to come.

Here’s a small smelly fish for you, good fir bait maybe?


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I didn’t read all of this but got the point. Why? If you would read the dictation of Dr. Carrie Madej. The video of her when she explains she was invited to a secretive seminar back in 2014 CNN was there too and no telling who else. They all have been secretively meeting with professionals (lawyers Doctors) to see if they will be a part of the cause. That’s why you have some doctors praising the Covid vaccine and won’t admit to a vaccine injury. He’s a part of the group. Judges, scientists, Just read and watch the video……




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This is excellent.

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The authorities and leaders you are challenging are HAPPY that you are misleading the public into binary thinking. They always have a narrative and a counter narrative, neither of which is accurate.

Let me assure you, Steve, this is not an either/or issue.

Having come into the discussion only post-vaccination, you are limiting your challenge to the efficacy (or lack thereof) of the vaccines. You also make the glaring mistake of taking a blinkered, USA only, viewpoint. I should not have to remind you that Covid19 is a global matter but sadly, it does seem that you need reminding.

I have challenged you and Dr Malone to re-examine the entire Covid19 pandemic by forgetting the whole "virus" excuse and looking for alternative root causes. I have provided you with all my best research (dating back to January 2020). I have supported my theory with a huge amount of proof, scientific papers and links to articles. I have commented on your Substack repeatedly.


Now I am determined that you will see my challenge and respond.

Check out the challenge here (put your cheque book away, Steve. I am not in this for money or paid subscribers). I am in this fight for THE TRUTH and if you are genuine, you will give me a hearing.


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One thing I noticed with covid vaccines - whether its either shot 1, shot 2 or 3rd shot/booster - approx 4 months after you hit that "50% of population is vaccinated" point, it appears the number of covid infections begins.

For example, in QLD in Australia, the 2nd dose was at 50% population on 20/09/2021, so we would expect a jump in cases around 20/01/2022, which is what appears to have happened.

3rd dose for QLD was at 50% population on 01/03/2022 ( australian date format used, by the way ) so we shoud see cases jump in june/july 2022.

Ive tracked this rough prediction mechanism across UK, USA and Australia, it seems to hold.

Data : https://www.covid19data.com.au/vaccines

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Serious misinformation about transmission of the virus is being promoted extensively in the Canadian media and other sources ( Salon). The claim, based on a flawed mathematical model (by David Fisman of the University of Toronto, is that associting with the unvaccinated poses a greater risk for transmission than associating with vaxed. The underlying assumptions are completely misleading. Here is some push- back from a OCLA ( civil liberties): https://ocla.ca/ocla-statement-on-cmaj-fisman-et-al/

And here is a thorough debunking of the model by Bryam Bridle: https://viralimmunologist.substack.com/p/fiction-disguised-as-science-to-promote?s=r&utm_medium=web

Fisman's claim supports unjustified discrimination against the unvaxed. He should be sued. Or how about challenging him to a debate regarding his phony model.

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"All they have to do is answer a few questions we have." Nah... They only operate in an environment where truth bombs in real time that they know they have no answers for can't expose them. All their calls for "truth" and "data" are in a "heads we win, tails you lose" type of setting, because the risk to liars who KNOW they are lying are too great otherwise... It is no coincidence that lefties are losing droves of twitter followers while truth telling conservatives gain them now that Elon is the new boss... He flipped their coin and it landed on its side, which of course caught them completely unprepared. And we all know that liars and con artists must control the setting they speak in completely so that they can't be caught in their wantonness. Hence why nobody will actually answer your questions, either by email or live....

I'd love to see the twitterverse call for a Steve Kirsch vs Barack Obama live debate on "misinformation" regarding Covid, and do it so loudly and in such numbers that Baz the Kenyan would either have to debate you or slink off with his tail between his legs and lose all twitter cred forever... Now THAT would be something that would truly mark Twitter's newfound neutrality and freedom for all time, and I reckon people would jump straight on board that little twitter scenario all over the World....

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This is my Yom Hashoah message to the world: ✡️ Covid-19 (ip) Patent Trail ‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡

[i] #6372224 (1990 Pfizer canine corona vaccine)

[ii] #7279327 b2 (2001 UNC-Chapel Hill<><>Dr. Ralph Baric )

[iii] #7151163 (2003 Sequoia Pharma)

[iv] #7,750,123 (2003 Dana Farber Cancer Society)

[v] #7776521 (2003 CDC) aka #7220852 -same patent- 24 inventors!

*****Assigned to the USA gov't*****


[vi] #20060257852 A1 (2004 Chiron Corp / Novartis / GlaxoSmithKline)

[vii] #9193780 b2 (2008 Ablynx/Sanofi - Amino Acid binding to Corona/Sars)

[viii] #10130701 b2 (2014 Pirbright Inst./Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

[xi] #2020279585 A1 (2015 Rich Rothschild Banking empire–Testing Covid-19)

[x] ##US20170096455A1 UNC-CH (Spike protein = think of spiking someones' drink, while chimeric is like cross-breeding 🐍 𓆗𓆘𓆙𓆚𓆐𓆑𓆒𓆓𓆔𓆕𓆖

Motivation, Plandemic or Commandemic:

#Wo2020060606 (2018 Microsoft tracking/monitoring/mining humans for bitcoin: microchip vax entry point + VMAT2 and/or mark of the beast number)

Precursors for War patents, perhaps as a copycat to Pandemic 1918/WW1

China = CN101186920A / (2003) Russia= RU2473702c1 (2011)

Duplicates: Wo2004092360A2, US2005181357A1, Wo2021189546A1, US726942B2

****CORRECT CRIMINAL CHARGES 18 section code 175 = bioweapon distribution or transfer: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/175

Plandemic 2 documentary: (it cites a few of the patents we came across)


Watch the Water: Recent documentary 04/2022:


My grandfather, Robert Weil's, story:


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Keeps getting better and better Steve.

Edit suggestion

Change this:

There are nearly 40 issues for them to choose from…

To this:

There are over 50 issues for them to choose from…

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Steve, you have presented fifty two excellent questions based on hard data, analyses and some of the best science available. The truth can be buried, suppressed, attacked and hidden...but unlike lies, TRUTH is eternal and cannot be destroyed. And it has a way of seeping out and totally changing the narrative. Unfortunately, this is a slow process in a world of systemic lies promoted by powerful entities at the highest levels of government, media, business, public health and medicine. But my sense is that we are at Peak Covid Lies which suggests that reversion to the truth as in reversion to the mean will be rapid and bit catastrophic for those who trusted the CDC/FDA/NIH/WHO/Fauci "science" only to find out the science was fake. The consequences for the purveyors of fake science and lethal injections will be profound and one for the history books.

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Apr 27, 2022·edited Apr 27, 2022

A brilliant set of questions Steve and the people should demand en-masse that the government, regulators and health authorities answer these questions and then act where the answers appear to indicate either malfeasance, culpability, incompetence or disregard and omission.

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