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Here's a 6 min explanation of a $5K offer I've been making for about 4 years. All I get when pro-vaxx people see this are personal attacks. Why? Because valid science to back up the US vaccination program does not exist. Period. Full stop.


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If you are a California physician, I have a wakeup call for you. The state bill signed by your communist Governer that prevents you from educating your patients about your opinion of covid or covid mrna shots is illegal and unconstitutional. I never followed it. This illegal law will go down in the courts. Your communication with your patients is private and sacred. No different than talking with your priest or attorney. This is a legal standard that cannot be violated even by a psychopathic ruler like Governer Newsome. It seems he has no understanding or medicine or the law. Once the exam door is closed Governor Newsome has no business telling you how to treat or educate your patients.

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California, if my information is correct, has set up a snitch line for citizens to use when they witness "hateful" speech. The two beastly arms of totalitarianism that keep the citizenry in its vicious grasp are terror and snitching. People become fearful, depressed, introverted, and paranoid. California...seemingly about to shower bedazzled black people with previously unimaginable riches at the expense of everybody else...is now a chin whisker away from its final conversion into a Marxist Hellhole. Other states are following. God please help us to help ourselves.

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Excellent video. Concise and devastating. Thank you.

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Concise and devastating yes. But also, hard to believe this is happening. I have given up on my fellow medical professionals and government to do what is right. The only hope left is average people just fail to comply with madness.

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Or just be plain mad to expose the folly!

I did some exemption certificates for masks. This is plain text for the hard of hearing.... :)


This is in a more elaborate style for lab rats or anyone else for that matter.




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Thumbs up to that.

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Ex RN and I have heard the term "clinical insanity" as it defines the current CDC vaccine schedule. And that's what it is "insane" The fact that doctors and nurses adhere to and push these shots tells me these "medical professionals have killed medicine." I am not able to talk with most doctors and nurses now. I do not understand how they could be so complicit in this genocide. And sorry" just following orders" is not an excuse. So go ahead put your comfort and paycheck ahead of what used to pass as morality and injure and kill your patients. In the end you will face God.

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I have not had a "vaccine" in 20 years but prior to covid the only people told me to take them were physicians. Now with covid we had a "new" technology vaccine that was not formally approved, and who was telling us to inject us with this experimental product?

Attorneys like Dorit Reiss.

Sports Stars

News anchors


Sesame Street



Ironically - some of the worst advice you can get on vaccine safety comes from physicians. This whole thing has been a nightmare.

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I have applied for medical and religious vaccine exemptions for my 6-year son. This non doctor attorney is on record stating parents like me should me arrested and placed in prison for protecting my child. She relentlessly promotes vaccination. Since when does this attorney have the right to give health advice. She is practicing medicine without a license. What a despicable excuse for a human being.

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Well done. Thank you.

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Debating a paid troll like Professor Dorit Reiss is an exercise in futility. Agree with comments below. This professor with no medical knowledge would happily inject her kids with mrna and then if they got heart damage or died, she would say "the shot protected them."

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...from living I suppose. Given that she is helping create a living nightmare her kids are better off well away from her.

By the way can I suggest that you call people who entitle themselves just by their names as otherwise this gives the person some sort of implied authority which they don't have.

In any event I see that

prof sores

serf spoor

for posers


'PR fe Soros'

are anagrams.....hmm, this might explain things.

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Steve keeps finding these lunatics. The last one was Professor Robin Shattock.

Now we have Steve exchanging messages with Professor Dorit Reiss who is an attorney with no knowledge of science immunology or vaccines. She is not only biased and financially compromised, but also radical and unhinged from reality. She is famous for calling for the imprisonment of parents that seek vaccine exemptions. She also said if we can't imprison the parents, we could order child protective service to remove children from their parents.

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Her children should be removed from her and taken to parents who actually care.

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It's been so long, and I just do not see any physician or big pharma scientists ever willing to engage in a fair debate with Steve. I think Steve would destroy them. That does not mean I agree with Steve on everything or worship him. It's like trying to get Bidden to debate with RFK. It would be a disaster. Sorry fellow doctors. It hurts your pride but people with science degrees from MIT are more than a match when in a debate.

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Professor Dorit Reiss is the type of Mom that will force covid shots on her kids. When they get permanent heart damage, she will never admit that she harmed her children.

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There are a lot of urban myths one of the biggest is that vaccines are safe, effective and have been extensively tested to ensure so. None of the above is true.

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I suppose one of the urban myths is myth (sic) Dorit Reiss!

She is certainly a mythtake (sic), and a sick mythtake!!!

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Septical Craptor is a rubbish site. :)

Hardly worth the effort reading. Little Dorit is a loony surrounded by loonies.

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Thanks for sharing. That was short with punch. Nice work.

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THIS IS AWESOME. everyone in the world should watch your video.

No takers in 4 years?? not surprised.

I just tweeted out the offer: https://twitter.com/stkirsch/status/1656669806702256128?s=20

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Very good, though not sure why you limit cancer treatment fraud to North America. It is no better in the UK where I come from.

I was diagnosed with a cancer in early 2020. I had immuno-therapy for 9 sessions until I worked out what was the real cause of my facial palsy. It seems very likely the treatment caused damage to my pituitary gland and hence affecting my thyroid/ energy. NHS is to be blunt crap and most doctors a waste of space and money.

The real cause of my palsy.


I am not sure what you include in cardiology but statins are a scam too like most big pharma drugs. Even the effective ones aren't really necessary if people hadn't been poisoned by the bad ones and other environmental poisons in the first place.


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Yes Warrior you are spot on with the facts! And yes, just the adjuvants are something that should ever be injected into a body ever!

Like you I just do the research and read between the lines (bullshit) and arrive at my own conclusions.

I love Orthomolecular news! Lots of real docs with real remedies and cures. Vitamin C is truly Amazing stuff, lol. The Truth about cancer really opened my eyes to so much more when it comes to disease and cures. Ty and Charlene did a fantastic job! I’m forever grateful.

I will never stop looking for the truth and spreading it far and wide. Although not as popular as the “Kirschman” I truly love his thinking, insight and pit bull tenacity to get to the truth. It is so wonderful to know there are people out there today with brains, and critical thinking skills to get this information out. Kudos Substack!

As for me, I’m old school, Hippocrates is my mentor and guide, I have been very fortunate so far as his old adage “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food “ has served me very well.

In this house if God didn’t provide it we don’t touch it. As Nancy Reagan would say.... Just say NO to drugs!

Thanks for the other suggestions, I will check them out.

God bless!

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Vitamin C is quite something, true. I have said from 2020 that the cure to CoviD is in the name. C for Cure and D for defense.


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Thank you, I don't know if you were aware of the Chinese using vitamin C in large doses intravenously in 2020? It would take time for me to check through the video links you provide. This is quite short article of mine from 2020.


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I wish to add to the gratitude expressed by others for these notes cc. vitamin C: let's remember to honour Albert Sent-Gyorgy, its discoverer, whose slender book

[ The Mad Monkey, or The Paranoid Primate ] is a strongly argued plea for peace,

written in that century of war, just before this one. I think he would wish us not to forget that only we humans among the animals can NOT produce vitamin C, -- a principal reason it is so important to obtain from a source outside ourselves.

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My neighbor was a reconstructive and hand surgeon. The guy was a saint. Twice a year he would go to poor 3rd world countries and operate on children with deformities free of charge.

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I worked with reconstructive surgeons. Most people do not know that most are board certified in plastic surgery. Most took pay cuts as cosmetic plastics pays way more. We did not do any cosmetics. We did a ton of essential work. Burn surgery, post cancer breast reconstruction. Facial fractures and limb salvation.

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I’m despise all Allopathic sick care, but truly admire the skills of these surgeons! To me they are God’s Angels! Truly gifted men and women!

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It is true reconstructive surgeons make way less than those plastic doctors that just do nose jobs and breast enlargement and facelifts. They also work long hard unpredictable hours. During my residency I spent 3 months with one and we reattached ears and fingers. We also fixed jaw fractures and did our best to reconstruct breasts on women with cancer. We also did breast reduction. Nobody will believe it but some women due to genetics have breasts so large that it causes severe back and neck pain.

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Years back was surgical nurse that worked with a reconstructive surgeon. We would go to Vietnam and do free cleft lip and palate surgeries. It was so hot and primitive, but the people were so appreciative.

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You know, I always wanted to be a doctor. Became an engineer instead.

In retrospect, I believe I would have followed through if I had known this specialty existed in 1969. Truly "life" savers I NOW understand after your descriptions.

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I'm not sure when the specialty was created as there were always plastic and orthopedic surgeons that did reconstructive work. But some the best out there now were engineers or scientists before they became surgeons. I think the best in the world is Mark DuLong he had 3 MIT degrees prior to med school. Computer engineering, biology and mathematics.

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Vaxxed v Unvaxxed 

Medical issues of cohort of 1,500 people was compared to the general population:

Executive summary:

Incidence of heart ailments in the Vaxxed: 48%

Cases of heart ailments in the Unvaxxed: Zero

Cases of Cancer, arthritis, diabetes, ADHD in the Unvaxxed: zero

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You didn’t mention the fraud related to HIV.

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Got it but have yet to read it. Thanks.

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May 11, 2023Liked by Steve Kirsch

The book "Turtles All The Way Down" is another excellent source of "vaccine" truth.

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My copy is on its way as I write this! Thanks for the suggestion. The more info the better!

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Agree - just Chapter 1 of the book shook me to my core. The deranged definition as to what now constitutes a ‘placebo’ plus the fact that no one has ever run a simply Vaxed / Unvaxed comparison study on anything (although the results are in on the Rona bio weapon results) and totally regulatory capture says all we need to know. Cheers☘️

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To be honest for me I just thought that it was wishful thinking that poisoning oneself in the name of good health in the future was a Good Idea.


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Dr Suzanne Humpheries wrote about vaccines in her book, Dissolving Illusions.


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Great book, and one fantastic doc!

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Co-author Roman Bystrianyk has a great video channel.


Steve should interview him and go through the historical vaccine charts.


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I own that series & agree, it's a fantastic (if not infuriating) eye opener.

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Sadly all vaccines, man or beast have never worked for health. In essence if you stick poisons into yourself you will be poisoned. Jenner was a fraud although Wikipedia will say he is the father of modern vaccines and in essence a wonderful man.

But then Wikipedia says vaccines are all useful inc. COVID ones but we know how that has turned out.

The immune system reacts to kick the poisons/foreign bodies out but this is a drain on the immune system resources and they will need to be topped up.

And that's it, vaccines do not 'train' the immune system to recognise anything. vaccines are, to be blunt, crap and putting crap into one's body is not a good idea.

However, liars and charlatans persuaded many of us otherwise.

There is the possibility of neutralizing poisons such as cyanide with sodium nitrite but best not to get poisoned in the first place if one can help it.


In any event a cocktail of poisons injected into a group is just an excuse to make people ill and get customers, preferably for life in big pharma's case. Or death perhaps I should say. :(


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It is very hard to . . . "know" how this mess evolved. . . uh, DEvolved!

From what I have read though, my impression is that from the Get-go, there were indications that even the original vaccines did not work as much as they needed and desired them to work. The data was minimal, scientific methods had yet to be developed and used, as well as statistics. Then, the turtles started building up.

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Old news. Glad to see your catching up.

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WOW! Michael, I absolutely love it! C for cure and D for defense, so easy to remember to boot!

If it’s OK with you I’m going to pass this on.

You are truly blessed with a great mind! Thank you for sharing.

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What we need is a good hacker who can break into these data bases and release the data we need!

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I ask that some body with money hire a hacker to hack into the States's data bases and release the data!

Or better yet, there must be civic-minded hackers out there who would be willing to do this for the good of the world and its children?!?

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The whole "vaccines are safe" assumption is just an assumption no less like the earth is flat. If the assumption cannot withstand the test of science to verify, establish and confirm there is evidence to back it up, what is that assumption standing on - a theory unproven!

Question - has anyone proven SARS-CoV-2 physically exist as a virus? I'm not saying SARS-CoV-2 doesn't exist - I am saying as a VIRUS.

Why hasn't the CDC isolated the pathogen that causes COVID-19?

Do germs cause disease or has it been the terrain (environment)? If it's germs, that means pollution doesn't kill you, until the germs get inside you. If it's the terrain, then when your body is exposed and polluted, you just created the condition for germs to thrive, making germs not the cause but rather just the new tenets we blame disease for. It matters, because germs are everywhere and yet so many people thrive regardless of that fact. In contrary, who among us has witness individuals living in a heavily polluted toxic environment to remain healthy?

Terrain example, you are exposed to nuclear radiation, no germs attacking you here, and yet you still die from the direct energy directed towards your body even if we just call it radiation. This isn't germs, it's not a virus, or bacteria threat. You die because your body is being hit with particles that damage your cells, your DNA, as if tiny bullets were fired from a machine gun, until your body cannot sustain itself, cannot repair itself fast enough. Point being death occurs not caused by germs at all.

Of course, a person can die from a fall, over a cliff and that too isn't a result of germs at play. This just indicates there are many ways people die without being killed by germs.

So why couldn't pollution of your body envvironment be a method that can lead to death? It seems very possible. Anotehr thought might be to consider the balance any person reuires to live, that is to maintain their life sustaining system in order to live. If your body doesn't get nutrition, it cannot survive. Too much or too little, results in death. Too little sunlight, not enough vitamin D, rickets is the results. Too little vitamin C, and you develop scurvy. Everything is a balance, because it's only exist within a range, and when that range is changed to a point there cannot be adoption, the ability to change, the life ends.

This is interesting to me, because optium life, when life is perfectly matched to the environment, has always the difficulty of adjusting to change too. So to survive, an organism must be capable of making changes, in order to adopt to it's external conditions of that environment.

Vaccination - is an assumption, that it confers protection, immunity, against disease, right? So, if disease isn't caused by germs, but by the terrain of the organism, like toxic build up, than injecting stuff into the body through it's blood wouldn't help anything, except cause more inflammation, and we then give the credit to the jab, after the body has reestablished itself for it?

Here is thought, for all the vaccinated who got a "green pass", letting them travel freely, how were you proven to be immune thereafter? Given the RT-PCR test never proves you are infectious.

How can anyone prove you got a pathogen when nobody has the pathogen isolated to confirm? No isolation of the physical pathogen, required, and yet it must be SARS-CoV-2 because you have the same sympthoms as the flu, cold, illness or was that just a build up of toxins needing to be purged, neutralized and or isolated?

How does the human body react when supposedly with the flu? As if the body is trying to purge, blow out snot, cough up mucus, clear the lungs, flush the eyes, it's like the balance of your body environment needed to be cleaned up in order to restore back your health, right?

Bacteria infections obviously does happen, cuts, food, contact by skin, air, etc... human bodies are not immune to all things, especially chemicals. Even snake venom is dangerous and harmful. So maybe a virus isn't actually what we think it is, but more like mechanisms or the parts within cells that get released when cells dies and then contaminates surrounding cells with these many small tiny parts, like tossing in gears, nails and rods into machinery -thereby causing malfunctions - just like sticking a pipe into the spokes of a bicycle wheel?

If everything is a balance, what happens when the wrong amounts of parts get into other parts? You end up with the wrong formula, and get the wrong results. that isnt germs, it's just the wrong assortment of parts. Try baking a cake, cooking rice, it needs to be done not only with the correct ingredients, but also in the right order - in the proper condition.

If we look at human health not in molecules, but atomic, even subatomic, everything changes to a balance of energy holding things together. Molecules is just another expression of how thing react under a different level of existence. Life seems to require many levels to be capable of supporting what we understand what is living systems. That's all based upon their relationships within their bodies and their external environments. A balance...

I hope I was able to offer the possibility to at least consider the idea that health, immunity, how we exist isn't just as what we are told, flying invaders called germs ... that seems to be a method to release our responsibilies for whom to blame why we get a disease - no effort is given to our activities, our actions, it's all blamed on something else, we had nothing to do with it - but I am thinking we have a lot more in causing the disease condition to occur from our lifestyle, diet, environment, choices!

What does everyone has to say here? Vaccines cure? Vaccines confer immunity? Then what is immunity? Why does immunity need to be given instructions from outsiders? Why does immunity require the ingredients of vaccines when it seems clear to so many that those individuals who recover without vaccinations do better, than those with vaccination ingredients?

Why isn't healthy things used in vaccines? What makes using harmful ingredients used in vaccines good for you? What makes graphene oxide safe in vaccines? Hydrogels? Plasmid DNA?

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Indeed, correct, and since when in the history of mankind has in been a good idea to stick or have others stick poison into you for alleged future health benefits which can never be proven.

Poisons can neutralise other poisons but one has to be extremely careful about administration to give the right doses and in any event that is therapeutic intervention. I found out that sodium nitrite, the cause of my facial palsy can neutralise cyanide.


Ultimately we are a wet chemical/electrical system, in part like a car battery. External pollution affects us chemically and our body must neutralise the toxic substances.

It is environment both externally and internally that count, how we are polluted inside by our metabolism or externally by the very great many toxic gases etc around us. I only really understood this in 2020 although I did not complete this until later.


It is also on my substack.


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May 14, 2023·edited May 14, 2023

Something is very wrong with a CDC requirement of needing 100 vaccinations in the US between the age of 18 through 80 - as it's totally based upon the assumption your weak, unable to survive living without them. Who actually beleives in that - for real?

Then again, if you look at the 100 injections given to an U.S. individual and times that number by the US population 335,942,003 (2020), that's a huge amount of money earned for doing just that - a sum of $33,594,200,300.00 dollars if every jab only earned $1 dollar each.

But, obviously, the vaccinations would cost more, say $20 dollars a shot, which then means 20x $33,594,200,300.00 dollars which is $671,884,006,000.00 dollars... When would giving vaccinations become a "major cash cow" for the pharmaceutical industry, right?

And to think, all they needed to do was lie, conduct fraudulent studies, and insure corrupted deparments, agencies and organizations (they were all in on it), and bingo - another trillion dollar scam.

Regarding the Wuhan Flu, that's not much different than what happened in up north in Milan Italy - it's reported to be the worse smog of all of the European Union during winter. Lots of Italains get the so called flu, enough of them dying to become the number one cause of death if I am not mistaken here each year on average.

Whatever is the true number, lets just say, if your right about the Wuhan Flu caused by smog, rather than germs, then vaccinations couldn't confer any immunity against pollution.

That's a good point worth talking about, given all those claims about saving countless lives due to vaccinations. Oh, wait - if the lives saved are countless, we cannot count them, why the heck not? Just recently the WHO claimed the COVID-19 pandemic is over having killed 20 million people. A nice round figure pulled out of someone's ass! Can there be any doubt about that?

If we are ever going to thrive as a species, it must be based on real actual truth, not fraud data, fabricated studies, you know all the stuff their doing these days. It's time to hold these organizations accountable, responsible and that must include corporations, and those billionaires funding them too.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts - another peice of the great puzzle comes into focus.

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You are quite right about Milan. When I read about in 2020 I knew the areas of the Po valley suffers from mists in winter and on checking that the area is in places heavily industrialized. So the logic all made sense.

The propaganda took industrial pollution and twisted the truth to fit the story that a lethal alien bug was on the loose and were all going to die! It appeared to travel as people had been bamboozled into thinking that the so-called bugs moved around.

Of course what the WHO and others rely on is the fact that an awful lot of people die every day but the masses forget this. 20 million may not be a big deal if it is over a long time or in a large populous country. But so few people seemed to stop and ask '20 million relative to what exactly?'.

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Hahaha - the "Alien bug" that moves around - it moved so fast around the world, that the WHO panic over 80 cases reported and then once in Italy took a much longer time (within the country) to do the same thing while skipping whole towns and communities, despite the millions of tourist going around. Another thing about Italy, they also have the largest Chinese population in all of the EU, but not in Milan, more to the region of Florence. So, if it was Chinese from China, wouldn't Florence become the hotspot first? Just how does any contagious infectious pathogen without a brain manage to be that clever?

Anyone getting the RT-PCR test that indicated your positive, gets reported as a COVID-19 death, no matter what - even if that's a motorcycle accident, gunshot wound, you name it. The RT-PCR testing came back positive for coke cola, papaya and a goat! Just do more cycles, say 45 of them and who wouldn't be positive?

For example, the CDC reported that influenza cases in the United States have dropped to almost zero in the 2020-2021 flu season, down from 56 MILLION the previous year.

Hahaha - nobody notice that?

Dr. Harvey Risch of the Yale School of Medicine called out the CDC for committing wide-scale medical fraud, using disparate PCR cycle thresholds to artificially inflate covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated, while hiding COVID-19 cases in the fully vaccinated.

When the covid-19 vaccines were launched under emergency authorization, the CDC changed the covid-19 testing guidelines for the fully vaccinated, lowering the cycle threshold count of the PCR test ONLY for the vaccinated.

To further make covid-19 disappear in the vaccinated, the CDC stopped recording “breakthrough cases” (vaccine failures) from May 1, 2021. These are deliberate acts of deception.

The CDC and FDA conspired to fabricate a covid-19 testing protocol using human cells combined with common cold virus fragments because they had no physical samples of the SARS-CoV-2 “covid” virus available. The PCR analysis based on this protocol is utterly fraudulent, flagging people as “positive” for covid when they merely possess tiny quantities of RNA fragments, etc ...

The RT-PCR test doesn't test against any COVID-19 sample. That's because there is no isolated COVID-19 to get any sample from. In other words, CDC, FDA, WHO had no COVID-19 virus from which to develop and calibrate the test, so they mixed up a cocktail of human cells and RNA fragments from a common cold virus, then called it “COVID-19.”

Another words, how can anyone be sure of what they got, when the RT-PCR test never confirms the infection, never confirms the disease, but just applies only fragments of genetic code, that is used by many other coronavirus and other cells in the human body?

When an individual is tested with RT-PCR and declared POSITIVE, what is positive here to mean:

That you are infected by SARS-CoV-2?

That prior fragments were detected?

That too many cycles were deployed resulting in a false positive condition?

That your infectious by the COVID-19 disease?

That you can make anything up here - because nothing is established.

If COVID-19 doesn't exist in the real world, as an infectious disease, when no lab has been able to reproduce it either, could it be instead a huge fear political campaign that used a fraudulent test to blame all influenza cases as COVID-19 cases?

Was influenza rebranded as COVID-19?

What is the truth? Normally, whatever is the truth remains to be the truth, but what is lied about keeps getting changed to fit new situations and that's what the world keeps seeing from those organizations, institutions, agencies, departments, just authorities were claiming, by moving the goal posts further away all the time.

I think you already know all this stuff, are you going to ever trust what these folks report, claim and say in the time ahead now? And if so, why? Zero integrity not to mention they not only lied but boldly repeated those lies knowing they were lies.

Stand 1 meter apart - your safe.

Lockdowns will keep you safe.

Face masks will save you.

Vaccines will protect you.

All this shows is fear prjected from the top level down. None of this happened from the bottom level up. Them bats didn't fly to Wuhan during their winter hibernation living far away in caves. The CCP only closed down the Wuhan Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market - no investigation into which animal was to be responsible - because they already knew that wasn't the case.

Whatever happen to Huang Yan Ling (黄燕玲) scientist and former researcher of the Wuhan Institute of Virology? She still missing from the planet!

2020 (April): Bill and Melinda Gates increase their contribution to the WHO from 100 million to 250 million US dollars.

2020 (October): Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (WHO) declares that herd immunity is obtained through vaccination.

Why are we still listening to these deceivers?

It's all a fraud, scam, cheat, a lie ... it's no wonder there was no liability, no accountability, no responsibility too... just jam that stuff into your body over and over, and should anything go wrong, your all on your own. If nobody cared about that - nothing else would, right?

I'm astonished by all this ...

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What else shall I say but well said, a great summary. I am in the UK and I thought the obvious scam was as in the USA, the drop to almost nothing in 'flu cases. People were incredibly dim not to see this. But then they were scared rigid, the fear projected as you say.


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Hello Steve,

THANK YOU for sharing this piece. I’m going to share it when the time is right with my daughter.

My vaccine injury story is personal. I had my children in the mid eighties. My daughter was vaccinated through the first 9 months and my son had 1 DPT shot at 3 months before a book I had been given (title is now long forgotten) showed that the side effects, though minuscule-but according to you, NOT based on serious studies-were HIGHER than actually getting the disease the vaccines were SUPPOSED to prevent. My husband and I decided that we had to trust God either way, so we chose to discontinue the schedule. Our son at 3, now 36, ended up being diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay (after 1 DPT vaccine!), my understanding is that label was a precursor to Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Whatever you call it, he was almost 5 and still babbled like an 18 month old. I can’t even IMAGINE what would have happened to him IF we had given him the rest of the schedule! My daughter, as an adult, made the decision to go ahead and get the rest of her vaccines and was also C19 vaccinated. I continually pray for her safety. She felt she was following “the science”. I had no control over her decisions. She now deals with anxiety and probably infertility though she doesn’t share that with me. Both of my children are brilliant and talented. We worked with a developmental program (NACD.org) to help our son so he is now highly functional. He does digital art and teaches other young adults on the spectrum, digital art programs. I have been sharing my experience for over 30 years, pre social media days 😉 and when ever I get a chance or God brings the situations up in my daily life. Sometimes I feel alone in this battle, but I have NEVER given up. It wasn’t until C19 that I fully realized the CORRUPTION of the Pharmaceutical Industry! They MUST be STOPPED!

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Thank you for sharing, I am very sorry it had to take COVID 19 to wake us up. I only did in 2020, but that was better late than never.

Whilst COVID is Satan's last fling to cause as much harm and death as possible, God' plan is to use it to expose the evil ones as in the wheat and tares parable.

I understand being alone, even my wife has fought against me in this time of trial, this Great Tribulation, but she did thank me that we did not have the vaccines more recently. So many who called themselves Christians even in my small fellowship took the shots despite the fact I warned them not to.

Following the narrow way is a lonely occupation but we do meet others on the way.

The Pharmaceutical Industry must and will be stopped. We know the truth now. I will use humour to lighten the mood and I am not PC.




Projected timeline


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how commendable of you, to offer your experience to others, including here --may all be well with your daughter

I write with sympathetic appreciation

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Viruses Don't exist so what is the purpose of a vaccine, other that profit and 100% health risk?

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Agreed except I prefer to say there is something but it is the exosome and friend and not foe. the rest is essentially mainly chemical/stress poisoning.

The variants were made up nonsense and it still astound me after all this time people don't see how ridiculous it all was/is. I treat the thins with the hopefully humorous contempt it deserves.


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Vaccines are Biological warfare on humans and animals

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Hi Warrior,

Thank you for the links, I watched them all and saved them to my files to spread far and wide to those who think I’m nuts 😊.

I think what trips folks up is that that think cures need to be complicated, which is far from the truth. Linus Pauling was amazing, after studying his work on Vitamin C, I was sold, lol 😆.

Today I use three types of vitamin C at different intervals throughout my day, if was made to chose on one vitamin, it would be C!

The good news is people are starting to wake up and I’m so very glad to be on your team.

Have a Great weekend!

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I agree the lack of evidence doesn't prove lack of safety, but the absolute refusal of the various establishments to release the evidence or data, combined with their constant efforts to punish and make examples of anyone, esp doctors, who even try to do it themselves, (like that doctor who had his license stripped for comparing the vaxxed and unvaxxed kids in his pracrice (a safety study i believed my whole life had to have been done multiple times,imagine my horror when I found out they were actively avoided) strongly suggests to me they aren't safe. Esp since those same people are constantly bemoaning antivaxxers and vax "hesitancy" over "100% safe and effective" vaccines and trying to expand the censorship of even the slightest question of that narrative when just publicizing the evidence of that supposed 100% safety and efficacy as transparently as possible would fix the problem and discredit all those "antivaxxers". The only thing that cures misinformation is the truth, and anyone who thinks the real answer is fascist censorship of thought crime tends to be the one promoting the misinformation.

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Is Dorit Reiss a product of affirmative action?

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Hmm.....stupidity I think myself. I call it Stupid 20 which has been doing the rounds and is highly contagious.


'errs idiots' is an anagram of her name. See, told you! :)

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Actually, there is such a study, Steve. It was done by a pediatrician in Oregon who had a large practice and it showed that the vaccines increased the rate of almost every serious malady a child could have. Of course, for doing such a study the Oregon Medical Association took away his license and the study was retracted by the publishers for an unstated reason. I'm sorry, cognitive bias does not explain this level of willful ignorance by the experts. There has to be more to the explanation and it must be sinister.

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I believe you refer to Paul Thomas: and aren't the state boards who certify doctors notorious for abusing their powers -- what are the standards to which members of those boards are held, and by whom, I wonder ? are their appointments made by politicians ?

Dr. Thomas's careful records of his patients's vaccinations, -- for those children whose parents, after he had fully informed them to the extent of his ability to do so, had chosen to have them vaccinated to whatever extent they felt it good to have done; -- and of the patients whose parents chose not to have them receive vaccinations; -- have been

analysed and re-published in a peer-reviewed study by James Lyons-Weiler ( I apologise if I am mispelling his name ) in collaboration with Dr. Thomas: thi study was reported by them on one of the CHD-tv programs, last year I think: Iexpect it can be searched fairly easily . . .

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1. Any other major issue other than c19 jab (not really a vaccine by any stretch) and MMR shot & autism?

2. This is about safety. Anything about efficacy?

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