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Here's a 6 min explanation of a $5K offer I've been making for about 4 years. All I get when pro-vaxx people see this are personal attacks. Why? Because valid science to back up the US vaccination program does not exist. Period. Full stop.


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This is true. No vaccines are safe. The single BEST resource I know of is produced by Ty and Charlene Bollinger and is called THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES.

It is a video documentary with hundreds of doctors scientist (and vaccine injured) that is truly worth buying for a very small fee.

I defy ANYONE to prove it is wrong and to say otherwise after they watch it.

In fact one would STOP. even at the ADJUVANTS added such as MERCURY hidden by using disguised names.

Simply put and as I have stated and held out before many times, Vaccines are third GREATEST fraud in science and medicine.

First place fraud goes to psychiatry and psychotropic drugs, and second place fraud goes to Cancer treatment in North America.

No.I am not down on medicine or science. There are several phenomenal specialties doing miraculous work saving lives.

A few are

Orthomolecular Medicine



Reconstructive Surgeons


Here is a link.

No one will ever convince anyone vaccines are good for you IF YOU HAVE THIS VALUABLE resource which again is evidence based SCIENCE.


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Old news. Glad to see your catching up.

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WOW! Michael, I absolutely love it! C for cure and D for defense, so easy to remember to boot!

If it’s OK with you I’m going to pass this on.

You are truly blessed with a great mind! Thank you for sharing.

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What we need is a good hacker who can break into these data bases and release the data we need!

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I ask that some body with money hire a hacker to hack into the States's data bases and release the data!

Or better yet, there must be civic-minded hackers out there who would be willing to do this for the good of the world and its children?!?

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The whole "vaccines are safe" assumption is just an assumption no less like the earth is flat. If the assumption cannot withstand the test of science to verify, establish and confirm there is evidence to back it up, what is that assumption standing on - a theory unproven!

Question - has anyone proven SARS-CoV-2 physically exist as a virus? I'm not saying SARS-CoV-2 doesn't exist - I am saying as a VIRUS.

Why hasn't the CDC isolated the pathogen that causes COVID-19?

Do germs cause disease or has it been the terrain (environment)? If it's germs, that means pollution doesn't kill you, until the germs get inside you. If it's the terrain, then when your body is exposed and polluted, you just created the condition for germs to thrive, making germs not the cause but rather just the new tenets we blame disease for. It matters, because germs are everywhere and yet so many people thrive regardless of that fact. In contrary, who among us has witness individuals living in a heavily polluted toxic environment to remain healthy?

Terrain example, you are exposed to nuclear radiation, no germs attacking you here, and yet you still die from the direct energy directed towards your body even if we just call it radiation. This isn't germs, it's not a virus, or bacteria threat. You die because your body is being hit with particles that damage your cells, your DNA, as if tiny bullets were fired from a machine gun, until your body cannot sustain itself, cannot repair itself fast enough. Point being death occurs not caused by germs at all.

Of course, a person can die from a fall, over a cliff and that too isn't a result of germs at play. This just indicates there are many ways people die without being killed by germs.

So why couldn't pollution of your body envvironment be a method that can lead to death? It seems very possible. Anotehr thought might be to consider the balance any person reuires to live, that is to maintain their life sustaining system in order to live. If your body doesn't get nutrition, it cannot survive. Too much or too little, results in death. Too little sunlight, not enough vitamin D, rickets is the results. Too little vitamin C, and you develop scurvy. Everything is a balance, because it's only exist within a range, and when that range is changed to a point there cannot be adoption, the ability to change, the life ends.

This is interesting to me, because optium life, when life is perfectly matched to the environment, has always the difficulty of adjusting to change too. So to survive, an organism must be capable of making changes, in order to adopt to it's external conditions of that environment.

Vaccination - is an assumption, that it confers protection, immunity, against disease, right? So, if disease isn't caused by germs, but by the terrain of the organism, like toxic build up, than injecting stuff into the body through it's blood wouldn't help anything, except cause more inflammation, and we then give the credit to the jab, after the body has reestablished itself for it?

Here is thought, for all the vaccinated who got a "green pass", letting them travel freely, how were you proven to be immune thereafter? Given the RT-PCR test never proves you are infectious.

How can anyone prove you got a pathogen when nobody has the pathogen isolated to confirm? No isolation of the physical pathogen, required, and yet it must be SARS-CoV-2 because you have the same sympthoms as the flu, cold, illness or was that just a build up of toxins needing to be purged, neutralized and or isolated?

How does the human body react when supposedly with the flu? As if the body is trying to purge, blow out snot, cough up mucus, clear the lungs, flush the eyes, it's like the balance of your body environment needed to be cleaned up in order to restore back your health, right?

Bacteria infections obviously does happen, cuts, food, contact by skin, air, etc... human bodies are not immune to all things, especially chemicals. Even snake venom is dangerous and harmful. So maybe a virus isn't actually what we think it is, but more like mechanisms or the parts within cells that get released when cells dies and then contaminates surrounding cells with these many small tiny parts, like tossing in gears, nails and rods into machinery -thereby causing malfunctions - just like sticking a pipe into the spokes of a bicycle wheel?

If everything is a balance, what happens when the wrong amounts of parts get into other parts? You end up with the wrong formula, and get the wrong results. that isnt germs, it's just the wrong assortment of parts. Try baking a cake, cooking rice, it needs to be done not only with the correct ingredients, but also in the right order - in the proper condition.

If we look at human health not in molecules, but atomic, even subatomic, everything changes to a balance of energy holding things together. Molecules is just another expression of how thing react under a different level of existence. Life seems to require many levels to be capable of supporting what we understand what is living systems. That's all based upon their relationships within their bodies and their external environments. A balance...

I hope I was able to offer the possibility to at least consider the idea that health, immunity, how we exist isn't just as what we are told, flying invaders called germs ... that seems to be a method to release our responsibilies for whom to blame why we get a disease - no effort is given to our activities, our actions, it's all blamed on something else, we had nothing to do with it - but I am thinking we have a lot more in causing the disease condition to occur from our lifestyle, diet, environment, choices!

What does everyone has to say here? Vaccines cure? Vaccines confer immunity? Then what is immunity? Why does immunity need to be given instructions from outsiders? Why does immunity require the ingredients of vaccines when it seems clear to so many that those individuals who recover without vaccinations do better, than those with vaccination ingredients?

Why isn't healthy things used in vaccines? What makes using harmful ingredients used in vaccines good for you? What makes graphene oxide safe in vaccines? Hydrogels? Plasmid DNA?

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Hello Steve,

THANK YOU for sharing this piece. I’m going to share it when the time is right with my daughter.

My vaccine injury story is personal. I had my children in the mid eighties. My daughter was vaccinated through the first 9 months and my son had 1 DPT shot at 3 months before a book I had been given (title is now long forgotten) showed that the side effects, though minuscule-but according to you, NOT based on serious studies-were HIGHER than actually getting the disease the vaccines were SUPPOSED to prevent. My husband and I decided that we had to trust God either way, so we chose to discontinue the schedule. Our son at 3, now 36, ended up being diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay (after 1 DPT vaccine!), my understanding is that label was a precursor to Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Whatever you call it, he was almost 5 and still babbled like an 18 month old. I can’t even IMAGINE what would have happened to him IF we had given him the rest of the schedule! My daughter, as an adult, made the decision to go ahead and get the rest of her vaccines and was also C19 vaccinated. I continually pray for her safety. She felt she was following “the science”. I had no control over her decisions. She now deals with anxiety and probably infertility though she doesn’t share that with me. Both of my children are brilliant and talented. We worked with a developmental program (NACD.org) to help our son so he is now highly functional. He does digital art and teaches other young adults on the spectrum, digital art programs. I have been sharing my experience for over 30 years, pre social media days 😉 and when ever I get a chance or God brings the situations up in my daily life. Sometimes I feel alone in this battle, but I have NEVER given up. It wasn’t until C19 that I fully realized the CORRUPTION of the Pharmaceutical Industry! They MUST be STOPPED!

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Viruses Don't exist so what is the purpose of a vaccine, other that profit and 100% health risk?

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Vaccines are Biological warfare on humans and animals

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Hi Warrior,

Thank you for the links, I watched them all and saved them to my files to spread far and wide to those who think I’m nuts 😊.

I think what trips folks up is that that think cures need to be complicated, which is far from the truth. Linus Pauling was amazing, after studying his work on Vitamin C, I was sold, lol 😆.

Today I use three types of vitamin C at different intervals throughout my day, if was made to chose on one vitamin, it would be C!

The good news is people are starting to wake up and I’m so very glad to be on your team.

Have a Great weekend!

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I agree the lack of evidence doesn't prove lack of safety, but the absolute refusal of the various establishments to release the evidence or data, combined with their constant efforts to punish and make examples of anyone, esp doctors, who even try to do it themselves, (like that doctor who had his license stripped for comparing the vaxxed and unvaxxed kids in his pracrice (a safety study i believed my whole life had to have been done multiple times,imagine my horror when I found out they were actively avoided) strongly suggests to me they aren't safe. Esp since those same people are constantly bemoaning antivaxxers and vax "hesitancy" over "100% safe and effective" vaccines and trying to expand the censorship of even the slightest question of that narrative when just publicizing the evidence of that supposed 100% safety and efficacy as transparently as possible would fix the problem and discredit all those "antivaxxers". The only thing that cures misinformation is the truth, and anyone who thinks the real answer is fascist censorship of thought crime tends to be the one promoting the misinformation.

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Is Dorit Reiss a product of affirmative action?

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Actually, there is such a study, Steve. It was done by a pediatrician in Oregon who had a large practice and it showed that the vaccines increased the rate of almost every serious malady a child could have. Of course, for doing such a study the Oregon Medical Association took away his license and the study was retracted by the publishers for an unstated reason. I'm sorry, cognitive bias does not explain this level of willful ignorance by the experts. There has to be more to the explanation and it must be sinister.

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1. Any other major issue other than c19 jab (not really a vaccine by any stretch) and MMR shot & autism?

2. This is about safety. Anything about efficacy?

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