Steve - do you know about MIT prof Seneff? Firmly on Team Reality and critical of the vaccines.



I would think she'd be happy to sponsor your proposed talk at MIT.

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Dr Tim Ball - Historical Climatologist


Book: ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’

Book: ‘Human Caused Global Warming, the Biggest Deception in History’



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MIT is a national and world leader in following the narrative.

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Stephanie Seneff of MIT has the answers about the covid jab, covid, glyphosate, and other poisons. I’m amazed MIT hasn’t muzzled her.

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I’d love to see Prof Felton’s dissection! Is it online anywhere?

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In the Army I had two full tests of MOPP 4 with tear gas; the first in Basic, had to pull of the mask and walk through the tear gas room, then exit.

The second test was in my unit; after I entered the room the gas guy walks over and says "I accidentally put too high a concentration of CS Gas in the room. Don't take off your mask at all."

Dang, it was a good thing my suit and mask were in good working order!


Combat Effectiveness In MOPP 4:

Lessons from the U.S. Army CANE Exercises


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Steve, perhaps you could get someone like Sen. Ron Johnson and/or Sen. Rand Paul to intercede on your behalf with the Presidents of MIT, Harvard and Stanford. These college administrators may turn you down, but they might think twice before snubbing a couple of powerful US Senators.

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Steve, on April 5, Eugyppius wrote:

"There are many theories about why SARS-2 hit Asia so softly. Probably, the Asian-Pacific populations enjoyed some kind of prior immune protection, which would explain why the later, immune-resistant variant strains of SARS-2 have coincided with higher mortality in the East."

Few people are aware that decades ago, the CCP ordered all salt in China to be mixed with praziquantel to combat schistosomiasis japonica. Mystery solved. Details here:

Elimination of schistosomiasis in China: Current status and future prospects

Wei Wang,Robert Bergquist,Charles H. King,Kun Yang

Published: August 5, 2021


"Schistosomiasis was highly prevalent in China before the initiation of the national schistosomiasis control program in the mid-1950s, and, at that time, the country bore the world’s highest burden of schistosomiasis. The concerted control efforts, upheld without interruption for more than a half century, have resulted in elimination of the disease as a public health problem in China as of 2015."

Also see Tambo, E., Khater, E.I.M., Chen, JH. et al. Nobel prize for the artemisinin and ivermectin discoveries: a great boost towards elimination of the global infectious diseases of poverty. Infect Dis Poverty 4, 58 (2015). https://doi.org/10.1186/s40249-015-0091-8

"...the transformation of the endemic landscape is almost entirely due to large-scale distribution of the three novel 'wonder drugs' artemisinin, ivermectin and praziquantel, mainly used against malaria, lymphatic filariasis (LF)/river blindness and schistosomiasis, respectively. All three, discovered and developed in the 1970s (though extracts of the plant Artemisia - qinghaosu - has a long history in Chinese traditional medicine), are broad-spectrum drugs that can be used to cure many more infections than mentioned above; amazingly, the artemisinins have even effect against immature schistosomes, while ivermectin seems to limit the behaviour of the malaria vector."


Schistosomiasis " affects about 240 million people worldwide, and more than 700 million people live in endemic areas [53, 54]. In contrast to FBT infections, cysticercosis and echinococcosis, there has been strong progress on the schistosomiasis agenda, mainly thanks to long-term, national control programmes that in some countries, notably Brazil, China and Egypt, have been highly successful in driving prevalence and morbidity down. In 2013, more than 39 million people were treated for this disease with praziquantel."

Thanks for all your efforts in exposing the collapse of American medicine. Rick Masters

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It simply depends how l feel on the day. One simply cannot allow oneself to be a slave of convention.

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Feds always look to entrap people. Anyone who calls for violence is most likely a Fed. Remember Jan 6.

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Steve, another commentor saidDr Abaluck is an economist.

So that MD that said only infectious disease docs have the authority to speak.

Can I ask (you may, with my complete permission and delight add as much snark into this question for that MD as you’d like): you wear a mask on whose authority? An economist?

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Apr 6, 2022·edited Apr 6, 2022

Sadly, Pediatricians are THE most-vaxxx-crazed specialty in Medicine. They are essentially trained that childhood vaccination for everything imaginable IS path to the the Holy Grail of Health. They are completely brain-washed and willing servants of the VaxxxMasters of Big Pharma and the Gates/Schwab/Fauci Reset movement. It is very sad.

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They are cowards so they will not respond. They are bought off by big pharma one way or another, so will not acknowledge or debate you. They are Pharma dependent for research dollars. Colloquially put --- They are chickenshits who will not risk a dime of incoming research funding. I hope they all got as many vaxxxes and boosters as possible. Rumors are there might be a yearly Covid.xyc vaxxxx coming up. They should get these too.

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I am an M.D. surgeon and I challenged 17 pediatricians in the Jacksonville, Florida last Fall, to debate me on childhood vaccine mandates. All declined. Was it because they don't believe what they are telling parents to do? or do they actually think vaccines make sense for all children? I don't know. Either way, they should not be working as doctors.

One of the people I challenged was the Medical Director of Wolfson's Children's Hospital System in Jacksonville, a big position covering a large pediatric hospital system. He had put a post in Facebook with a full-length picture of himself admonishing parents for not vaccinating their children. In other words, he wouldn't defend his public position on a matter of great concern to the parents of children who get treated Wolfson's Children's, as its Medical Director! ... against someone who is not even a pediatrician. Just let that sink in for a second.

I will add that his post had an enormous number of complimentary comments below it. I made the formal challenge weeks later but below the post, I wrote , "I would like to debate this doctor at any time and place of his choosing after I return to Jacksonville in a few weeks " (or something like that). Just challenging someone to a public debate on a topic of jugular importance- something that we have needed more of the last two years a la Steve's attempts- was met with invective that would have gotten the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to take notice.

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Adult Protection Services should be storming the White House and charging the Presidents advisors with elder abuse. Biden's response to COVID-19 is a common sense catastrophe.

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