Which banks and financial institutions are freezing protestor's assets? Name names.

We need a single, easily-referenced list of complicit banks so people worldwide can start closing accounts and switching to credit unions/hard assets/cash/crypto.

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Banning apps in Canada? So what! There are still many countries happily accepting these apps. And not only that. Bitcoin itself has remedies for this. As always, physical word matters most. Their ability to arrest and kill is the real danger. Justin Trudeau starts, where Hitler has stopped, and the plan he serves is economically much more efficient.

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Feb 18, 2022·edited Feb 18, 2022

My mother is a holocaust survivor. The Nazis seized all the assets of the Jews then carted them off to the death camps. If this happens here, and it will be much easier since everything is in digital format, the powers that be be will have tens of millions of homeless people starving in the streets. Even for fascist totalitarian homicidal psychopaths, this will be a public relations nightmare. Thus extermination must necessarily follow. Yes, we are on the threshold of a new Era and it will make the last century casualty count of 100 million people look like child's play compared to what could be coming and these perpetrators are perfectly content and perfectly capable of carrying it through. God help us.

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EMP bomb will turn off the Grid and internet. They will retrain the cities but kill the Rural people. I am not seeing the future, Klaus Schwab has said all of this out loud.

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I'd recommend cash. Also non interest bearing checking accounts. For over a dozen years I had over $10K going through a checking account buying and selling and doing business without filing taxes. Neither state or federal governments contacted me in any way.

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Cash is a depreciating asset and fiat currency will become obsolete in our lifetime. Governments are moving towards CBDC (central bank digital currency), enslaving the masses.

This may be difficult to accept but it is true.

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How they track bitcoin,


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Privacy will become increasingly important. True privacy coins prevent the government from knowing how much you have or what transactions you've made. The best privacy coins are Monero and Pirate Chain. XMR, ARRR

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Sorry, I know it's 2 months later, but I just read this. I've been following crypto info and I've heard a lot about Monero being the best privacy coin out there. Plus it's a great community. Now Sayer Ji (one of the misinformation dozen) has been pushing Qortal. I'm looking into getting both as soon as my grandson helps me! Thought you might be interested in the info.

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Catherine Austin Fitts thinks that crypto is a beta test for world wide digital currency and that we should try to stay away from it. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/catherine-austin-fitts-central-banks/


I'm not sure it the above links paint the big picture of her theory (I saw it somewhere, but can't remember where), but it's a start. However, in the short term, activists have to do something, so....

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I mean world wide digital currency run by the bad guys, of course. Crypto claims to want a world wide digital currency too - but to be run totally democratically. But, as I said, Fitts thinks it was all really started by the same bad guys who are pushing the vax, digital ID's and social credit systems....

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Stalin: The best way to Control The Opposition … is to RUN it …

Anybody have Santoshi Nakamura’s home address or cell # …???

(( ( ( ( ( … crickets … ) ) ) ) ))

Yeah, I thot NOT …. 😎


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Not one of your better calls Steve. Bitcoin is in a bubble. To call it a crowded trade is an understatement. Telling your readers to buy a bubble that is set to pop won't go down well in history. Really bad timing here.

A better play is long physical gold, short nasdaq

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I don't really agree with the short on the Nasdaq, I don't see a realistic scenario where the Fed lets any stock index fall.

I grabbed a ton of USO after the election, that's done well and was one of the most obvious plays I can remember, Biden was very upfront about destroying our oil production. Lots of upside still there IMO.

If you are intent on buying physical gold, better stock up on lead too.

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50/50 Pretty soon, that lead will be worth its weight in gold🥸🤡😎

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Simple answer is no. I'm in Canada and you can see right now that crypto can be controlled by other means (frightening businesses to assure they refused certain crypto wallets)

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It's also a *VERY* crowded trade. This is a classic contrarian setup to run BTC down to new 1 year lows. Whales fleece retail. Bank it.

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This is all part of a larger question for me, and that is how do we cope with and live in a WEF Fascist State, assuming that the Party of Davos is successful with their tyrannical reset? It is not just about protecting assets. Where do you live? How do you protect your family? These tyrants, whoever they are, appear to want it all. Complete control. A social credit system, control over your body, your livelihood, the education of children, your freedom to travel and communicate, even your thoughts. Our constitutional protections are beginning to look more and more tenuous. A universal gun registry is illegal, for example, but the ATF is doing it anyway. Free speech? Forget it. Medical freedom? Haha.

The formation of collective communities of free people off the grid is one option Another is a formal sescession of states / counties. Sounds crazy but, who would have through two years ago that it could have come this far. Canada is no longer a free country. Neither is Australia. I think we are in for a world of hurt if we don't plan now. Who knows where it will all end, but we better be ready.

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I have spent some time in ecovillages (the global network is surprisingly large) and learning how to build and successfully govern intentional communities. My next learning curve is the common law. And yes ... endurance skills will be key.

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Good questions, Barker. We're all pondering this intensely. Fwiw, I'd caution everyone to take a breath and keep a few things in mind for perspective.

1. The Criminals in power are surprisingly inept and arrogant to a fault. They are not supermen. While they certainly have some brilliant people in some places their great weakness is the vast army of incompetent doofuses they must brainwash and employ to carry out the enterprise. So i surmise that while their command of the heights of our global governance and networks is broad indeed it is also fragile and shot with vulnerabilities. Exhibit A, Canda trucker rebellion which tied them in knots for weeks and still poses major challenge. Imagine if the truckers now decide that they will simply not drive or deliver any goods at all. Canada stops. Period. Emergency Act or not.

2. Which leads to understanding that the Criminals absolutely depend on the working class to make their gulag run. At any point that workers stop working en masse the gulag crashes.

3. The Criminals are sitting on top of a pile of TNT and tossing around lit torches. Just a matter of time until BOOM. The system they created and envision is so unstable and defies economic realities and human nature. There is no way to reform it. A collapse is inevitable. And when it does...

4. They simply lack the numbers to pull off the kind of dystopian Orwell World we all fear. It's one thing for the CCP to lock down a population of people who are unarmed and brainwashed into servility and keep them slaving away or die but it's quite a different matter here in the US with a heavily armed and highly trained veteran community w plenty of popular support and endless opportunities for sabotage and insurgency. Even if you assume a surveillance state w godlike powers, as soon as the Regime tries to disarm people (an absolute prerequisite) the line is crossed and it gets hot. The Regime doesn't have anything like the kind of federal LEO to do this and locals won't help.

5. That leaves the military. There may be some National Guard units that might follow unconstitutional and repressive orders from the Regime. But a very large chunk (especially in Red states) absolutely wont. What does the Regime do then? It's secession time and the gangsters won't be pulling another Gettysburg out of their asses you can be sure. In fact, the Criminals are more afraid of the military than anyone else which is why they have spent so much time and effort destroying and remaking the officer class and purging patriots from the ranks. They are terrified of active military.

6. Bottom line for you and me, we have to hold on and prepare for, worst case, an economic collapse coupled with civil war (if the military splits loyalties) or, best case, economic collapse coupled with a Ceausescu moment where the military turns on the Criminals wholesale and we get a new Constitutional convention.

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AMEN. But the real solution is Pray and bring these people to JESUS!

The normies and LeftTards & idiots, alike - nothing like Holy Spirit regenerated Heart & Mind to MESS UP a ROGUE REGIME.

And anyway, even if that doesn’t work Fast Enough - Don’t forget, according to Bible Prophecy, which has NEVER BEEN WRONG YET, IN SPITE OF MIND BLOWING DETAIL AND SEEMINGLY RIDICULOUS PREDICTIONS, our Lord Jesus IS Coming Back FOR His Bride - The REAL Church (spiritual organism - NOT man made organization)

We will be “Raptured” - Caught Up away WITH Him and go to The Place He Has Prepared FOR us, for a 7-year Honeymoon.

Coincidentally & Simultaneously, This will trigger a parallel 7-year period on poor old Earth. All the FAKE religions and FALSE believers, Pastors, Preachers, Prophets, Priests & Kings being LEFT BEHIND. This will, of Course, trigger their next Canned Narrative Rollout, which Satan has had planned out for centuries, now … The Fake Alien invasion / Revealing of The FAKE Christ a.k.a. AntiChrist (Anti in Original Greek could mean BOTH Fake AND Against) where all the Fake Churches / Religions recognize some new Superman to be their Messiah and accept him as Chappo El Supremo and have - 3&1/2 years of ……

… waaaaaiit foooor iiiiit ….

That’s Right, folks:


(Well, not really - but that’s what the press releases will say, so ….🤷🏼🙄)

Anyhow, this is called The Tribulation in the Bible and it’s the first half of a parallel 7-year season of God’s Wrath poured out on the world for rejecting His Son & CRUCIFYING HIM .

So, there will be a rollout of OPPRESSION that will stagger the imagination & cause Men’s heart to FAIL from Sheer FRIGHT & FEAR.

At the midpoint in the 7-year Tribulation, The AntiChrist will stand in The Temple in Jerusalem and DECLARE HIMSELF to BE God!

This will trigger the Jews to realize that they have been duped.

This begins an even WORSE second 3&1/2 years called The GREAT TRIBULATION! Or, The Time of JACOB’S Trouble, and this is where God will judge the NATION of Israel to bring them to their knees and to their senses and to REPENTANCE and an acknowledgment that JESUS is Their MESSIAH, for realz!

At the end of the two (2) parallel 7-year periods, on Earth and in Heaven, our Glorious, Majestic and ANGRY


will BE BACK Kickin’ RIGHTEOUS Ass an’ Takin’ Names for The Great White Throne of JUDGEMENT!!!!

Nuremberg 2.0 is an AWESOME idea, but you want to see some *real* JUSTICE … OhhhH, BABY!

It’ll be:

Sit Down

Shut Up

Pay Attention

Watch & Learn, peeps




Not gonna Lie - gonna be NEXT LEVEL Horrific & literally CATACLYSMIC …

But also Gonna FEEL So GOOD, you’ll cry unabashed tears of JOY!

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A couple of points: These people have done a surprisingly good job of brainwashing a whole lot of people in this country and have been performing loyalty tests for the federal military at least (those they don't kill off with vaccines).

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So you would lean to a split in the military then, with some remaining loyal to Regime and a protracted civil war?

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I agree with you. The purge using the vax is real. And full AI automation is getting closer and closer. The illegals will work for them when the vaxxed die from their VAIDS.

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My IRA is with a brokerage firm. Considering Wall Street’s history with the elitists trying to globalize us and our money that doesn’t make me feel safe.

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You should contact Vitalik Buterin and tell him to stop donating his fortune to COVID-19 relief funds immediately. We need his help saving humanity not contributing to fraud.

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Crypto is how Pharma pay politicians and media that do the job for her... cripto was made for drug dealers and to hide criminal organizations money movements between countries. Mafias love crypto! And to pay who does criminal work as above...

So, I'm not getting into that dirty money, sorry...

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LMAO!! Cash is a lot dirtier my friend. A moment's thought should tell you that. Crypto is completely unnecessary for making discrete payoffs. Try again.

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