In the first 2 hours after my post, we are at 300 members. So it will likely close VERY soon. It's now 2:25pm PST.

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Just found this. Pentagon-Funded Censorship Firm Graphika Began Monitoring Covid “Disinfo” On Dec. 16, 2019 – Two Weeks Before WHO Knew Covid Existed https://www.foundationforfreedomonline.com/?page_id=2328

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UPenn (retweeted by thought-minder Cass Sunstein) is asking for "health care nudges": a perfect opportunity for Team Kirsch and the VSRF?


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Tom Renz is an attorney on Substack who is trying to get legislation passed to label food that has been treated with mRNA. I’m sure you are already aware. He says they have been treating our food supply with mRNA for years. Why not join with him? I believe those of us who filed religious and medical exemptions should have a cause of action that they are putting it on our food without our knowledge when we have a legal standing. There should be damage involved.

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Steve, I signed up for the 400 and the email never came though. I don't know what to do about that. Since I am on hushmail it can be a problem. Can it be sent again?

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In my opinion, it’s the U.S. Congress that needs to be held accountable for putting the laws into place that allowed the whole covid crisis to be handled in the corrupt way it was handled. The EUA law alone demonstrates that our Congress set things up in a way that makes sure no one is accountable. We get the government we deserve. We can only expect change if we each decide to vote only for politicians who are ethical, using write-in candidates if necessary.

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Ok its 3 years and show me one person behind this genocidal covid operation that has faced any form of justice?

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Steve: Please listen to this man. Like you, Kip Warner is an intelligent guy, in the tech industry.



His organization represents 5.2 million British Columbians who were harmed, and are still being harmed, by our government's insane "health policies".


You're offering people a lot of money to "debate" you in these matters...

I'm suggesting allocating some resources (including those acrued from this Substack and a Crowd Funding campaign) into LITIGATION?

A broad Class Action law suit.

Litigation is a form of PUBLIC DEBATE Steve.

"That's why we chose litigation. Because it's the only way to COMPEL a conversation" ...

Bingo. He's correct.

He's also correct about how they intend to sink Dr. Bonnie Henry's ship.

"You hit it from underneath the water line."


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Washington DC is a complete cesspool

I honestly think that there are as many repubs as democraps need to be drained from the swamp

Lets face it, repubs control the senate. What have they really done????

They are all in bed together

I do NOT think you will get anybody held accountable

Most of the public is watching tiktok and dont know the first thing that is going on in the real world

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Raymond. I live in Florida and, in the large majority, doctors are pushing them. Yes, pediatricians are the worst. 1.5 years ago, I challenged 16 pediatricians who had admonished parents for not vaccinating their children to a live debate. All refused. I don't know about Texas.

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I am very interested but perhaps missed the deadline. 😔

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one of my relatives came by today, said they got their 2nd Shingles shot and they really felt sick afterwards. I was like did you know the only reason they give shingles vaccines is because they give all the kids chicken pox vaccines, so our grandparents are getting exposed to chicken pox natually to get their "natural booster immunity" from the grandchildren. That's we started having huge outbreaks of shingles. Once again pharma creates the problem then they have the solution. I mean what the hell are we giving our babies chicken pox vaccines instead of letting them have natural immunity anyway? I'm going to take a wild guess and bet more children have died from the chicken pox vaccine than from chicken pox.

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CNBC: YOU'BE BEEN PUSHING KILLER CLOT SHOTS TO MILLIONS OF BABIES, yet your CEO is terminated over an "innapropriate relationship"? Killing kids for profits is OK, but a dalliance is a bridge too far calling for "immediate action"? GF Yourselves.


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I sent an email but am not sure it worked. I'm interested if it's still possible to join?

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