Tiny little correction: The JAMA paper figure you refer to is Fig. 2, not Fig. 3. Thanks for your dedication Mr. Kirsch.

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All debate pertaining to Covid ends with IFR. Done.

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According to this article:

"According to the WHO: "There are currently no efficacy or safety data for children below the age of 12 years. Until such data are available, individuals below 12 years of age should not be routinely vaccinated""

but according to the link provided in this article:

"A Phase 3 trial in children aged 12-15 years showed high efficacy and good safety in this age group, leading to an extension of the previous age indication from 16 years down to age 12 and above. A Phase 3 trial in children aged 5 -11 showed similar immune response and safety results."

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Front page is a completely honorable publication- Only one calling out professional athletes dropping dead post poison darts https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2021/12/brave-new-world-athletes-heart-problems-joseph-hippolito/

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Great summary. DMED data was pretty convincing to me. If you mention VAERS, there is a lot of hand waving about 'anyone can report'. But DMED is only medical doctors in the services. Those numbers of increases in disease are incredible. Need numbers as reported by whistle blowers before 'corrected' by the services. Also can you get the USAF,Army, Navy Inspector Generals involved to look into the 'correction'. Inspector General for independent review of legal issues.

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Has anybody seen the presentation in Germany ? 2 attorneys break down the entirety of the Plandemic, death jabs, Great Reset and names Schwab, Gates, Fauci, Merkel,NZ’s Jacinda Arden Trudeau, Tedras Pfizeras being among the original planners of the globalist NWO implementation Event 201,and prior , the H1N1 manipulated Plandemic that didn’t go as far as intended. People weren’t collectively frightened enough

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It’s all the same shit and it all ties to Gates, WEF Great Reset. Russia’s “ Sputnik” vaccine.


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Feb 7, 2022Liked by Steve Kirsch

Dr. Kirsch, I don't know anything about your education or research but what I do know is that not many Drs. will talk to you because they are not well versed in Immunology and Infection. Most have specialized in a specific area of medicine and therefore are only able to discuss their area of interest.

I am a geologist, paleontologist, low temperature petroleum geochemist who uses fossil organic matter to determine paleo-environmental conditions,

level of thermal maturity, geologic age, hydrocarbon formation, etc. I am interested in the COVID-19 VIRUS and in particular the morphology of the inner core and outer core and what happens between these two zones. I have asked my doctors, with photographs in hand, what is going on. All I get are blank stares followed by, I am only a Cartiologist or I am not an Viral Pathologist or some other excuse. Why is it that I feel like I know more than my physician's. They won't talk about Protien-transfer, Messager RNA, or anything. They keep telling me that all virus are dead because the can not reproduce. Well that's great but there has to be more to it than that! Sperm can't reproduce themself either but their not dead. Would it be possible for someone, and not a research type individual who is in love with his/her own importance, please level with the American people and the world and tell us Citizens of the World the truth about, how and why, China, with the help of the CDC and United States Federal Government, let this virus escape from the laboratory and caused one of the worst Pandemics the world has ever seen? Or was this done, as I suspect, intentionally by the Chinese to deliberatly use the incident for Political and Monetary gain? The Pandemic was then made worse by the stupid measures Government's

workdwide have enforced with a vaccine that is as bad as the Virus itself and the wearing of toilet tissue masks that leak like a sieve and prevent nothing, not even bad breath.

In closing, all I can say is that I have never seen a Nation like the United Stated become so stupid so fast. To those who want to wear a mask, please do so, but don't expect me to follow suit. If you want to take the vaccines, do so at your own risk but don't expect me to follow suit. For those of you who believe the CDC is honest, infallible and looking out for your best health interests, THINK AGAIN!

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I have to believe you, but can you explain WHY this is happening the world & HOW its CRAZY ????

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Feb 3, 2022·edited Feb 3, 2022Liked by Steve Kirsch

The cognitive dissonance taking place is a pandemic.

I spoke with a friend yesterday whose elderly mother now has kidney and heart issues. My friend spoke about it as if it were just something new that happened. I asked if her mother had been vaccinated before those issues began because the vaccines are causing many heart and other issues and my friend responded that she had no interest in speaking about vaccinations or Covid. Refused to even listen so I dropped it. The masses have been indoctrinated beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime.

Steve, Thank you for your unrelenting dedication and fierce loyalty to exposing the lies, corruption and evil taking place.

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This NYT story about severe vaccine side effects is from Feb. 2021? After the media consortium agreement thing, stories like this in nonconservative media went bye-bye. Are we supposed to think these events simply stopped happening?


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Steve—What is far worse is pharma has done more damage to society than good. By far many factors more damage. Now we have this glaring example that you have come around with it and a "come to Jesus" moment so to speak. You need to understand that this covid nonsense and the so called vax are just a example of the damage done over the decades. You need to research pharma in general. Pharma is a religion backed by government, it is our state religion Steve. Pharma educates all doctors, unless you are a chiropractor or natural doctor. It continues this education by well suited reps visits to docs offices pushing their latest concoctions. Just the mistaken drug prescriptions alone are a tragedy, not to mention the poison these drugs really are. We know what treatments do to the human body when treating cancer, you might survive if you survive the treatment. This same process is all drugs. they are toxic to humans. Just ask a pharmacists. They will tell you 50% or more of the drugs dispensed are to treat the side effects of the others. That means the science of pharma is a fraud. I am sure drinking some bleach will kill some nefarious pathogen in my body but at what cost? You see the picture, it is all fraud.

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Steve mentions the following example:

Consider the following real-life example: 4 neurologists in the same practice. One realizes that out of 20,000 patients they have 2,000 vaccine injured. She cannot convince her partners of this no matter how hard she tries. They all think it is bad luck. Even after the other docs get the vaccine and one of them is severely vaccine injured, he still wants to get the booster to protect himself from COVID.

Can someone direct me to where he wrote about this before? Or where it has been documented otherwise?


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Jan 25, 2022·edited Jan 25, 2022

Dear Steve: Your work is important.

1) If you keep referring to these experimental chemicals as "Vaccines" you have drunk 12 oz of the Koolaid. LD50 is 16 oz.

2) Every time you deal or correspond with anybody, save the name. Report the name every time. Otherwise your correspondent/stonewaller is protected and anonymous and you give up any possible grip. If Nuremberg II ever is empanelled these names are important.

3) Have some fun. Send debate invitations with your million dollar offer. Track the recipients. Consider two hypotheses; 1) their take from graft is better than $1 million; 2) they are unable to explain their decisions and should have their pensions nullified.

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This is the best accumulation of studies and data that I've found so far. Is there a reason https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/CIR.0000000000001053 "Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning" is not included? I know there was a lot of controversy with it and it looks like there were a bunch of grammatical corrections to the paper, but given that pharma studies did not provide any of this biomarker data, it seems like this is the best we have. As a vaccine injured person I realize I have a bias so I would actually really love to see one of the Vaccine evangelist provide a critical analysis of your evidence. The "unbiased science podcast" https://www.facebook.com/unbiasedscipod/ recently did a "debunk" of Malone/Rogan podcast. Have you presented them with your challenge?

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