Dr. Zelenko, "This is a hill we need to die on":

"We should denounce the worship of false gods, the gods of technology, the gods of science, the gods of corrupt governments, of money, power, fame, and we should reconcile our hearts with our Creator who is making us anew, every instant in time.

The world has now chosen sides. Those that will worship the machinations of man and those that will bow down to the Creator.

So let the culling begin.

The world needs a cleaning. And when the process is done, the world will be filled with the knowledge of God, just like the waters cover the seas.

And the sociopaths, they have a big thing coming for them. They think they are gods, they think that they’re ruling the world.

We’ll see.

So let the games begin. And I have no problem falling in battle. This is a hill that we need to die on, die for.

Because, otherwise, our progeny will have nowhere to breathe free."


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A great man was Dr. Zev Zelenko, may he rest in peace. A travesty that the wicked mainstream media continue to defame this man, even after his passing. And Reuters supposed ‘fact checkers’ still insist on claiming his ‘Zelenko protocol’ was unproven to work. These people should NEVER EVER be forgiven for their facilitation in the appalling crimes being committed by their corporate and political cohorts.

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I just had to circle back on this post, Steve.

You continue to be a true fighter as well. What really takes the wind out of my sails is what the F&%$@#& Tech media did to Dr.Z once he past... They freaking canceled him. > enter sad long face shaking his head emoji... utterly disgusting.

While I'm not a proponent of physical violence, I did take a moment to think that Dr. Z would have approved of the Georgia Guide Stones being destroyed today. Thank you Steve, for everything you continue to fight for. There are thousands of us out there... with the same love for life, the same love for GOD and the respect we have for fighters like you and Dr.Z.

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He IS a hero who will be remembered. Many folks blinded by MSM do not realize how hard he fought for all of us. We lost a great man who fought for us tirelessly. He will be missed

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A person who is well spoken of when leaving this world has done their duty to improve humanity

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Jul 5, 2022·edited Jul 5, 2022


He was sick for quite a while. I guess when you're terminally ill, you become fearless with a cause that you truly believe worth dying for.

The small town in Monroe, New York was fortunate to have him as a family MD practitioner during the start of the pandemic, and later on the entire world when he publicized his findings.

He stepped up to the plate with early treatment at a time when no other clinician was willing to do so. That makes him a true hero in my eyes.

Unfortunately, the senicidial, sexual molesting, self-promoting and now disgraced NYS Governor got in his way by banning his early treatment. That makes him a true villain in my eyes.

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This is very sad news. Dr. Zelenko was one of my heroes as well.

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I prayed for him and his family. Saw him in interviews. He was a good man and a warrior for truth. I am saddened by his passing., but will continue to pray for his family.

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I called Dr Zelenko early in 2020 when my wife had a false positive PCR test. (Due to the high cycle through rate of 40+ at that time!)

He was swamped and referred us to other Front Line Drs. who both helped me & my wife obtain and implement his protocol prophylactically. We both used Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Zinc, Vitamin D & K etc. for months! Later we added Ivermectin (IVM) and when we both tested positive in January 2022 we had mild symptoms and confirmed after we have the antibodies!

I never met him but considered him a friend and I believe he saved our lives. I intend to make a gift to his Foundation as a memorial, and will buy many copies of the book to give away when it is out.

The world is a better place because of Zev. We lost a warrior. Far too young too.

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The world feels emptier with Dr Z's passing and I am sad about that. God bless him.

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So sorry to hear about this. Yes he is a hero. RIP

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Dr. Zelenko is Saving Lives From Heaven.

Dr. Z loved people and he loved healing people. He knew that the power of God is a part of all of God's creation and so his approach to the art of healing was a more holistic one that took into account the whole system. He saw "dis-ease" like a puzzle and made it his life's work to solve it for the benefit of his patients, and for humankind.

We may have never heard of Dr. Zelenko's work if life had continued the way things were before Covid-19. He saw early on that the sickness caused by this SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus was fatal to some people and he was frustrated by the medical establishment's insistence that there were no "safe and effective" treatments available. When he saw his loved ones and his patients dying from this mysterious illness, he went back to his medical books and, with prayer and meditation, searched for a way to intervene with the viral processes in the body.

Like Dr. Simone Gold and America's Frontline Doctors, as well as several others, he discovered that things like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin could inhibit the virus' ability to replicate the illness-causing spike protein and that, with the help of other supporting nutraceuticals, could be an integral part of a therapy regimen that would be a successful treatment for Covid-19. Without any alternative treatment being offered from the medical establishment that was encouraging him to just watch his patients die, he began to put his theory into practice and, in doing so, save lives.

This was during that critical "2 weeks to flatten the curve" time when we were all on lockdown for months and the FDA was working with Pfizer et al. to warp speed emergency use authorization (EUA) for the miracle, experimental, mRNA vaccines as the ONLY treatment for this novel malady. Dr. Z and many others were told to stop prescribing these cheap and effective existing treatments for their patients (since the FDA wouldn't be able to issue a EUA for the mRNA vaccines if there was already an effective treatment available), they were told they'd lose their license to practice medicine if they continued saving the lives of their patients, and the establishment told pharmacists not to issue these monoclonal antibody therapy drugs if any of these doctors prescribed them, and these treatments (listed on the WHO's website as essential drugs) were taken off the shelf and made unavailable in anticipation of the coming mutagenic serum injections.

This is where the heart of the man and the genius of the doctor found their infamy because even though Dr. Z had been forced to stop prescribing the obstructed treatments by the governor of New York, he refused to sit idly by watching his patients die. Once again, he returned to his medical books and, in prayer and meditation, discovered a combination of nutraceuticals that could work together to imitate the effects of monoclonal antibody treatments. He began treating patients with this new formula and, once again, began saving lives - and there was nothing the FDA could do about it.

He called it Z-Stack and then open-sourced his proprietary blend of Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin D, and other supplements, and made it widely available for people on his website where he sold it at cost. Having solved the puzzle of healing the disease, and outsmarting the medical establishment who could do nothing to stop him from treating people, he then began his blizzard of appearances on alternative media to bring attention to what he saw was happening. Even though he'd never make a dime selling his product at cost, he promoted Z-Stack everywhere and brought attention to the horrifying truth that the FDA and CDC were hiding about the mRNA injections and its falsified EUA.

How many lives did Dr. Zelenko save? In my estimation, the number is still being tallied and perhaps only heaven knows, but his work has touched the lives of multitudes more. With his long grey beard and kind, wise eyes, he looked to be the age of Moses, yet I was surprised to learn that at his passing he was only my senior by a couple of years. "Longevity has its place," as Dr. King said in his famous final speech before being assassinated, "but God has allowed me to see the mountaintop and I have seen the Promised Land on the other side." I believe that God had likewise awarded Dr. Z this same unique privilege.

Much like Dr. King, in his final address to the world, Dr. Z encouraged us not to give up the fight. He encouraged us to press forward even harder for the Justice and the Freedom at stake in this war against humanity as he saw it, for the sake of future generations. It is as if he were standing with God and Dr. King at his side upon that mountaintop and shouting to us from that place saying, " I may not make it there with you but we as a people will see the Promised Land for mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!" Glory hallelujah, God bless you Dr. Z and God bless us all.

You can see the full post with audio from Dr. King's speech on RSTV: https://rstv.mikerockstone.com/our-hill-to-die-on/

and ROCK ON \m/

Yours truly,


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It is also your loss and a loss for the world.

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Thank you so much for updating us on the passing of Dr Zev Zelenko. A great loss to humanity. A fighter for Truth, Health, Freedom, & liberty.

Our hearts & prayers go out to his Wife, Children & any other relatives. Also sincere condolences to those of you who knew him personally. We will see him again, when our Lord Returns.

QLD, Australia.

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I feel incredibly sad. How unfair fate can be. I am taking his Z-stack vitamins.

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Let his bravery live on here in earth school.

I remember in the beginning of listening to him from his car as he had pulled over to inform we curious interested humans of what was going on in helping out humanity.

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