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Typo: $1 should be $1M. Fixed.

Also, check out this idea: https://twitter.com/LisaNG_Hawaii01/status/1612709652176814080?s=20&t=dVAB9EJKai-BSs1wr_o6Dg I would CRUSH him.

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Steve K, what is your response to Ron Unz's offer to debate him?

If you have replied, I apologize ahead of time.

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Hire an experienced, successful, operational, trial lawyer. Give them considerable organizational power. They dont have to know much about the technical end, just understand how to organize a team to deliver a case.

It will free your technical people to concentrate on the questions. While the quarterback lawyer makes sure all the questions are asked and answered, and feed into the evolving case structure. So an early goal is getting the technical people to define the major elements of pro and con positions, sketch the bones of the case. It might be felt that this already exists, however you have 2 months more or less, and only 4.5 hours total to both make your case and refute theirs. Get the bones written down, folk can see and work on the detail.

Organization will be key. Our host should be posting less, that would be a good sign. And should pick his role carefully.

The forum is full of helpful suggestions. Sounds like someone not Kirsch needs to concentrate on using this resource and feeding into the case structure. I read the posts, there are a lot of very useful bits presented, but there is no case framework to organize them into. I know right? A lawyer? They have a lot of skills, you get the right one. Successful trial lawyer.

A thought is that the broad terms of the agreement allow latitude to perhaps deviate a little and bring in some elements of the broader case against the narrative. Eg we HAVE in fact been lied to about just everything. It can be part of a case to show a pattern of deception on xyz, so why not gov numbers too? 20 minutes only perhaps but what material! Sky's the limit. Visceral impact woven in.

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I'll take that bet. Seriously. Stop ducking me. Don't be such a SNIVELING COWARD, Steve.


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"One man of courage makes a majority."

– Andrew Jackson

Courage is, "Grace under pressure."

– Ernest Hemingway

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Hi Mr. Kirsch,

I would be willing to take you up on your bet, if I had that kind of money. I was one of the first in line to get the Pfizer vaccine, due to the loss of precious lives when the first COVID wave happened. These were all immunocompromized &/or elderly people. It's horrific to watch the ones that barely survived the initial acute illness go downhill, then suffer & die slowly due to COVID, all due to a vaccine not being available.

Put yourself in a caregivers shoes, having to watch 20% (one in 5) of your residents die from COVID, when there's no vaccine or any way to help them be able to fight against COVID. Having to hear that a young ESRD patient die due to severe blood clotting.

I took the vaccine to not only protect myself, but also the residents, patients & family that I knew COVID would probably be fatal, if not immediately, then within several months.

Neither myself or my husband (Moderna vaccine) have had any lasting side effects. As with ANY vaccine, there is a small % that will have moderate or longer lasting side effects.

Instead of "betting" a million bucks, why don't you donate to the National Kidney Foundation for research on acute kidney injury due to COVID? Or research on the best treatment for the elderly if they contract COVID (Long Term Care residents)? I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is, rather than perpetuating misinformation yet again.

I await your response. I would rather not use my name, due to "trolls" out there.

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No one who is a collaborator wants to take the bet about vax safety, because they know they are going to have to spend every penny they have on legal defense.

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because BELiving means not knowing!

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I will save you some money. Lower the wager to $1,000.00.

After you lose, donate $500,000 to support an initiative to combat misinformation so more people don't fall into the same situation that you currently find yourself.

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Steve.... Accept the 500k.

That's not exactly chump change.

It's not about the dollar.... It's important to get the facts out!

Would be excellent 👌 publicity, worth way beyond a $1 million wager!!

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This says she didn't have covid which all the pro-vax were hoping for in a ghoulish way since she was anti-vax.


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"If I win the bet, no mainstream media will cover my win."

Probably true in the short run, but you'll end up as a good guy in the history books, of that I have no doubt.

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Did you see Ron Unz's article about this? He posits that there are no excess deaths subsequent to the vaccine in many highly vaccinated countries, and that obesity can account for the excess mortality in those vaccinated countries having it.


1) His position does not explain the athletes dropping dead. I assume the videos & reports are generally new / not rehash of something that's been happening for ages. I certainly never heard of it until 2021.

2) His position does not explain the weird clots that also appear to be a new phenomenon.

3) Same for the menstrual irregularities.

4) He gets his data here: https://mpidr.shinyapps.io/stmortality/ Corbett pointed out some time ago that mortality would seemingly be easy to measure but has its own problems.

5) I don't see how his position is consistent with the Indiana insurer saying that claims for working age persons went through the roof in 2021.

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I think Steve’s offer to bet is looking like the last gambit on the table. The only other option to turn around the Queen Mary ship of scientific corruption appears to be to wait years for an iceberg to loom large, formed by many years years more of scientific proof of cause.

However, waiting for the radar of science to look for harm is far too when harm to lives and economies is on the line.

And the vast majority of people in the world seem content to wait for this resolution, unless they themselves or people close to them have opened their minds to a looming danger. Meanwhile the scientists on board this ship are debating this issue of risk versus benefit, each side arguing whose radar screen is more accurate. And the rest of the world on the ship is below deck, with neither radar screen nor view of the horizon to distract us from any potential risk.

Since the resolution from science is too slow, in spite of boastful claims of “the speed of science”, I see one possible way to warn the world passengers of the risks we face.

We need to get this debate in the open to the world, in spite of the efforts of those who would obfuscate and mislead, especially governments and corporate media. I cheered when Steve launched his public billboard idea. This needs to happen though in some fashion on a much, much grander scale. Sharper minds than mine might develop such a plan, but it appears that it needs to come from the grass roots and not get corrupted by co-option by the macro forces that will resist.

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Hunter Brown, an offensive lineman for Air Force, has died at 21.

The school announced that Brown suffered an unspecified “medical emergency”


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