Steve, now you are against ALL vaccines, so I'd like (for the third time) to recommend a brilliant book on subject - https://www.amazon.com/Vaccinate-not-Scientific-Literature-Vaccines/dp/B08CG4DGTQ

You'd get tons of references to papers showing negative vaccine effects.

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Supposedly, most of the world thinks it is proven that vaccines do not cause autism, so this should be a no-brainer to accept my bet.

This is wrong. Most of the world thinks it is not proven that vaccines cause autism.

It is harder to prove the inexistence of something than the existence. Russels teapot shows this.

However so far no one has proven with a reliabel, quality study that vaccines cause autism.

As you are the one making the claim that they do, the burden of proof is on you, not the other way around.

If you don´t think that is a thing, than I am willing to bet you 1 Billion $ Dollar, that there is a extraterestrial beeing on Mars, that only talks to me when no one is watching. To claim that Billion Dollars, you have to prove to me that it does not exist. As long as you can´t do that, there will oficially be Aliens, and every one claiming there are not is insane, and bought by the Big People Company.

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Posted this on https://healthfeedback.org/ Twitter page. Tagging Iria Carballo-Carbajal-https://healthfeedback.org/editor/iria-carballo-carbajal/--one of their fact checkers. Facebook recently tagged one of my posts with one of her fact checks.

I posted the clip from Dr David Martin at the European Union covid summit. Here's what I got back in response.


She seems to have the scientific chops to be able to debate you. I would love to see her take up the challenge. And I wouldn't mind a $50k finders fee myself.

Not to mention how incredibly satisfying it would be to see one of these fact checkers shut down.

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Keep being amazing Steve Kirsch, we are praying for you and your family!

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Steve Kirsh is doing Gods work defending and protecting the innocent goyim children...No one will accept the bet because they would fail miserably..... That's the cold hard truth...

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I just got my 6th shot. But I am already autistic. Oh my.....I'm in trouble! BTW, autism is not one thing. What we call "ASD" is really many different cognitive configurations, most dependent on inherited genes, in my case DrDR7 and GARB3 and associated gene sets. Some conditions are also influenced by epigenetic changes which affect gene expression. Both my parents are "on the spectrum". They had 3 children-- two "on the spectrum" one normal.

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Hi - please email me at dchalloran2@gmail.com. Let's discuss our mutual experience of what happened in our respective jurisdictions. I work in Seoul, have a sail boat in Mex, am considering a trip later this year or next to California to buy stuff and do various technical things that can't be done in Mex. I'd like to find a local buddy who knows their way around. I had to delay due to having zero intention of taking experimental drugs to come to the USA. David

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Not to argue, but they already know that it does. I read a study from GSK in 2009 concluding that vaccinaties do cause autisme.

Tis debate is mute. They have or had this on line.

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Can someone or some entity that accepts your bet also claim the finder's fee for finding themselves? At least they'd have something if they lose. By the way, how come the finder's fee went from $100,000 in the first draft, sent out in email notification, to $50,000 now?

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My children had the worst adverse reactions,autism in my eldest, to vaccines that contained fetal tissue. For some reason the Hepatitis A given to all 3 year olds in that pediatric group gave some of the worst reactions and I traced it to the fetal tissue in it.

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Steve, I'm leaning to a 3-pronged causality that might explain variations in data:

1) Vax ingredients, and

2) Bolus Theory, and

3) Acetaminophen after vax...

...3 different, but correlated causes:

1) Bolus:


2) Acetaminophen


I appreciate your efforts sir.

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I can bare witness on how they fucked up my son really bad with vaccines. I have videos and pictures to probe it. He adquired a very strange mutation that nobody else has in the human genetic bank. Thank You for standing up for our children.

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They do, they do, they do!

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Thanks Steve. 100% Zero takers for your bet. They're all as guilty as hell for their evil.

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May 27, 2023·edited May 27, 2023

High % transgender persons are autistic. Looks like the area under assault is the amygdala.

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