I live in Mississippi but my kids are grown. Knowing what I know now my kids would get no vaccine if they were still in school. It was mandatory to have kids vaccinated before they attend school.

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Steve, are you aware of the most recent health order in the province of British Columbia, Canada? Our PHO just imposed a new mandate on April 6, 2023 that requires two (no longer FDA approved) original doses for, in addition to all healthcare workers, now also ALL FACULTY AND STUDENTS IN ANY HEALTHCARE FIELD. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/about-bc-s-health-care-system/office-of-the-provincial-health-officer/hospital_and_community_preventive_measures_order_apr_623_final_4.pdf

This is accelerating the mass exodus of healthcare workers from our province, where we already have 2500 nurses still fired due to mandates and in many communities we have routine ER closures. https://tnc.news/2023/04/19/bc-mayor-demands-rehiring-of-unvaxxed/?fbclid=IwAR12C81onLWwBqZ9ROjcP7yRhgTdRhMbviYLmyi81dj2DzQW3vonnNVJN60

We need more attention on this. I know you are testifying at the NCI this week, thank you. Can you keep some focus on Canada and talk about what is happening in BC? Please. Thank you Steve for everything you do.

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Del Bigtree is doing great and important work on many fronts.

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An inside view of what role the media plays, with intent, to program the masses, a must see vid.


and unreported news of the practice by our govt. in our name setting up Ukraine control prior to war, video titled: US gov't. positioned Ukraine government (recording of what was done in our name)

https://rumble.com/vwr6et-us-government-positioned-ukraine-government.html [runtime 2min 20sec]

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Del and Aaron do great work. This is an important victory. A huge step towards bodily autonomy religious or not. If you want to see huge gains quit electing squishes that the medical community and pharma control.

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It's only a matter of time before Congress and their puppetmasters turn America into a version of Ukraine. Crippled by vaccines, sick and dying from criminal medical care, on their last legs, hoping the Second Amendment will save them while 5G towers blast radiation into their skulls to further disable the country so the rich swine in Washington and Wall Street can pick up the pieces.

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Open Letter To Congress: Either Biden is lying to you, or you and Biden are lying to We The People.

"War Powers Act" https://www.history.com/topics/vietnam-war/war-powers-act

Tucker Carlson tonight: https://www.bitchute.com/video/22yeS3XLVE1S/

Evidence Carlson is on point: https://www.bitchute.com/video/LXpJjFUuLM2W/

Evidence of Escalation likely to lead U.S. into War with Russia without our consent: https://www.bitchute.com/video/CH4tThaD5Hvx/

Evidence Top Nato Command in Ukrain as been destroyed: https://www.bitchute.com/video/eGulM33mCzt6/

Now you know that we know. Kindly stop show-boating with your hearings and stop this damn thing before it gets out of hand. THIS IS ON YOUR WATCH. ON YOUR HEADS.... YOUR ARE THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY UNDER THE 1973 WAR POWERS ACT.

Jeff Sweet

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Life needs to be protected.

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An exemption for believers in the sky magician that isn’t allowed to atheists and agnostics is divisive and a violation of the 1st Amendment’s ban on government promotion of religion. God-believers who don’t want their children to be subjected to certain vaccinations should have to fight against those mandates together with us non-believers.

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Robert Kennedy's speech today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsuLBPjdt-w&t=4s 1hr 50min

Karen Kingston Interviewed Oct. 7, 2022 re: 5G linked to DOD's C19vaxx as a bioweapon here:

https://www.bitchute.com/video/bJna2BfpwYoG/ runtime: 1hr 15min.

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Kids should never be forced to accept a little-tested jab that doesn't even protect them from catching Covid, which they have miniscule risk of succumbing to, anyway. The risks posed by this experimental gene therapy shot are known to FAR outweigh any danger of Covid to kids. Thank you, ICAN and all involved in this major win!

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WARNING: Biden administration appears to be in violation of "THE WAR POWERS ACT". Putin is not bluffing. Escalation is underway as to Taiwan and as to Ukraine. China cut Taiwan to Mainland internet cables yesterday and warned U.S. support of Taiwan could be considered an act of war.

25,000 troops & heavy armor are staging war training exercises in SE https://www.bitchute.com/video/CH4tThaD5Hvx/

Putin has warned SE it is now a legitmate target. U.S. has deployed special ground forces within Ukraine now engaging Russian regular army. https://www.democracynow.org/2023/4/12/james_bamford_pentagon_documents_leak_ukraine

The stage is set to "light the match" and supersonic nucs take no prisioners. The truth of U.S. biolabs built in Ukraine - 200 miles from Russia capital cities, is well known and well documented. This is a setup, well planned, and being executed right under our noses in plain sight, not unlike dod / covid.

Everyone reading this should express their lack of confidence in Biden et al, to their U.S. Senators.

I am generally optomistic and upbeat. These optics look terrible and violate the War Powers Act.


P.S. for those among us who believe "what happens in EU stays in EU", may I kindly remind you Physician Ken Alibek, former director of Russia's biowarfare development informs us all that Russia has Eighty (80) metric tons of military grade smallpox in its arsenal, and that intel is 20 years old.

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A win for who?

Why is there even vaccinations Steve?

Anyone touting vaccines 'save lives' is a fool and should be ran from.

It is clear allopathy in america is not about HEALth, if it were america would be HEALthy, not sickly, full of medications, toxins, chemicals, drugs, unhealthy foods...living less than their parents and grandparents.

Which of the following words does not belong with the other three?

Drugs, Medicines, Vaccines Health

Prior to the so called covid - 19 every big pharma mfg had committed felony fraud, fined into the 10's, 100's of Millions some into the BILLIONS with rap sheets that look like a RICO indictment against the mob.

Here are some of the Primary Offenses; "fraud" " tax violations" "kickbacks and bribery" "price-fixing or anti-competitive practices" "false claims act and related" "product safety violations" "off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products" "drug or medical equipment safety violation" "controlled substances act violation" "consumer protection violation"...Needless to say i could go on all day, so why does Steve think Big Pharma should exist at all?

These Drug manufactures are criminal organizations and are allowed to exist so they can do what they do with the results that we all see including Steve........ so what more needs to be known to the point that people see and realize that these Drug Manufactures need put out of business, liquidated to play claims and prosecute anyone that has so much as a shred of assistng this Covid scam???

Should Steve not be trying to topple this beast known as Big Pharma?

Freeing the people from the clutches of Big Pharma's agenda that everybody needs vaccinated....blah....blah....blah and yet Big Pharma/Medical Industrial Complex has paid off the officals (government) to help it push drugs, run cover, give protection, launder money...etc....etc.... and Big Pharma/MIC want to push vaccinations on EVERYONE and people actually think this is legitimate?

Either Steve does not see the urgency in ridding manKIND of these parasites who use deception (pharmakeia) to make people, euthanize themselves, make themselves sterile among other things..

An exemption in Mississippi just means you do not own yourself, it means another court could say otherwise and this game will just go on and on and on and on and on and on while the covid narrative is implemted by the various governments, corporations, banks and all other segments of society. The people resisting will die off, the young will be born into it and never know any different.

Thus there is two choices keep the system in totality or rid it completely.

Court ruiling are a joke, they reinforce the system regardles of the so called 'ruiling'

History shows little or big court battle change nothing in the long run, if so we the people would NEVER be in the desperate situation we commoners find ourselves in today....That being governed by a system that is born of corruption that utilizes 'en FORCE ment' to collectivize people and make them comply to the words of other men of deciet whom they have no obligation to.

This religious exemption matters non at all, at the end of the day the machinery is still in place....

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https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2023/04/18/period-kate-clancy-coronavirus-vaccines-menstruation/ Why reports of period weirdness after covid shots were ignored

By Kate Clancy

>>>"... Here it is important to emphasize: Without a doubt, vaccines save lives; and the coronavirus vaccines reduce severity and the risk of long covid. I continue to advocate for greater access to boosters, and global vaccine equity, alongside measures that reduce transmission, such as masking..."<<<

Please tell me people like her being stupid (low IQ) rather than being oversocialized conformists submitting to ideological brainwashing and subversion.

The often not so sharp immigrants worshipping a certain Allah where were telling each other the jab would make them gay btw and abstained. Poisonshot survivors or dodgers will be left with the ruling subclinical psychopaths and the "jab turns you homo" people. Dark future.

People prone to believe in fairytales, submitting to religious rituals, kneeling before priests get slack, got it. BLM believers of course excempted from the excemption.

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I would like to alert readers to the following substack essay.


Scroll down to the foot of the page, the list of interventions and documentaries is placed at the end of the essay.

It details US military interventions to remove democratically elected governments around the world. The techniques employed can be studied.

The list is divided (somewhat arbitrarily) into

A What have the US or CIA been up to?

B Corruption, and Erosion of Rights

C Finance and Economics

We are currently in a soft coup (so far without overt military force) but the psyops, propaganda and terror are familiar.

The UN and WHO are organisations that have been taken over by US/western plutocrats and are not acting independently. The US and its backers are running the show.

I recommend watching the documentary included in the website on the invasion of Panama. George Bush senior ran that atrocity just in 1989, not long ago.


The "pandemic" is a more sophisticated act of war, against allies and the people of the US. Understanding US military interventions in the past help us to understand clearly what is being done to us now.

After watching this I realise that none of this has been by chance. The injections must have been planned well in advance, to weaken target populations and enable a smooth transition to full dominance. This article makes you realise this.



This is a group of drug pushers extorting money with menaces.

When there is a large organisation executing a drug-pushing programme, they often have another purpose in mind besides the obvious lucrative benefit: they are destroying - or at least handicapping - that society. Witness the Opium Wars that Britain waged on China; the CIA and “Freeway” Ricky Ross programme in LA; giving alcohol to Native Americans in the seventeenth or eighteenth century; heroin in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

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Investigative journalist and author of "One Nation Under Blackmail" Whitney Webb joins Mark on Bombthrower TV to discuss her book, the merger between organized crime and global intelligence agencies, the World Economic Forum - take control over your own mind and the battle for the fate of humanity.


At 45 mins Webb refers to the BIS as an unconventional arm of US power (quoted from CIA)

So the bankers, even the BIS are US/corporate/cartel controlled

Looking for a hierarchy of power is futile. We face an attack from an interlocking group of US/Western based fascists (including their financiers) who have decided to dispense with democracy.

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