One man sharing the exact clot from his legs. Perhaps it has begun but I suspect this will become normalized.


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The other idiots saying ...oh look at the Spanish flu...uhmm it was neither Spanish nor a flu. I can barely handle this shit anymore. The dumbest of dumb think they know everything...meanwhile they havnt the slightest bloody clue in hell ...most listen to CNN etc...which was made specifically as a propagandist tool by the nazi af CIA. The friggin television was only created to brainwash and sway ones thinking in a bunch of ways lol. Get me tf off this "planet" ...no one has been to fake space either ...ever. painful being surrounded by bloody idiots. I don't like being around anyone but my highly intelligent 8 year old. He laughs his ass off at msm when he ever happens to see it...here's a headline from the BBC... he thought amusing and scary how bloody retarded ppl are ... "SLOW WALKERS MORE LIKELY TO DIE FROM COVID" 😃...ya ...and he laughs at the cartoon space crap ...he could create a better image with zero experience as a child. Apparent "adults" watching fuct up cartoons they buy are real. And in actuality lol...fast walkers in masks lol...(or not) in a breath restricting death device of compliant enslavement are more likely tf to die from bloody graphene slicing their organs to shit.

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Aug 7, 2022·edited Aug 7, 2022

one word


fear of being murdered

fear of loss of job

fear of being deregistered

fear of consequences for honesty

that is the world we now live in

we now live in a world where people are all slaves to the money lender - by design.

That slavery buys compliance.

clearly i am wired very differently

take a look at the government issued ins numbers

EXCESS DEATHS - it what should be by far the quietest period of death rate

Now 18.5% above 5 year average.

Soon they won't be able to hide the bodies...


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One of the hardest things to accept is that some people would just not believe me.

But let me tell you this if you keep taking these experimental gene therapies you will get sick and you will die that is 100% certain you will either die from what you think it’s Covid as your immune system is decimated or you will die suddenly from heart failure as your arterial system is slowly blocked with a thick rubbery white growth

I honestly do not care what you think of me, i care that an unprecedented number of young innocent people who have been lied to, coerced and blackmailed to take a poison. have died .

as for fame - if you honestly think i want this kind of notoriety then clearly you are mentally imbalanced

you come to my funeral home and I will show you exactly what I am pulling out of jab recipients

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This was so important about the blood clots yet it also went nowhere.

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I just have to thank you again!! Thank you! I can’t put into words how much I appreciate you and others like you taking a stand and trying everything you can in every way possible to bring attention to this and put an end to it! You all are true hero’s!

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On one hand, we have embalmers saying they've never seen these before. On the other, as I look up a description of post mortem blood clots...they sound very similar to these: they are said to be yellow or red, taking on the form of the blood vessel they are in, and are described as "rubbery". The composition of these clots is "Fibrin" which is a protein substance. To me, that description seems very close to these things.

I have no experience in this area, but it would be interesting to see how many embalmers or pathologists we could get on record to say these are different. Has there been any lab analysis done?

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Aunque intenten demostrar tantas evidencias del caso, simplemente lo pasarán como inadvertidos. A ellos les interesa seguir engañando al mundo para ir desapareciendo a la humanidad hasta llegar al número deseado. Sólo Dios les dará o les permitirá hacer esta maldad para luego enfrentarse cara a cara con Él. (fin del mundo o 2da.venida de Jesús) y está muy pronto. Preparemonos para esperat ese día, que no falta mucho.

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FYI, Steve, Stew Peters says that a lot of people are giving him ‘warning offs’ about you. And Dr. Ruby says that you are running ‘interference’, where she says that she’s suspicious of those who say that they were formally of the left and have now ‘come around.’ You came up when they started talking about whether or not the tissue that embalmers have been finding in the veins of the deceased have been analyzed @13:00 https://rumble.com/v1706qm-ask-dr-jane-pureblood-dating-dangers-embalmers-findings-and-monkeypox.html

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Gracias por compartir sus evidencias respecto a las personas fallecidas por las vacunas COVID. Pena por tanta gente que se vacunaron creyendo en su efectividad contra el COVID. Dios tenga misericordia y proteja a aquellos que buscan y evidencian lo malo de estas vacunas.

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No it's not natural.. they know it's not. Stfu ...the embalmers are doing a good thing...trying tf to to save others lives for crying out loud ..thank you Steve Kirsch🙏💯💜💫💜🙏

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What part of that highlighted VIDEO presented as some kind of evidence shows the never-before-seen phenomenon? I can tell you - it’s the unethical behavior of the embalmers who filmed the groin of a deceadent entrusted to their care and posted the dissection of its contents on public forums claiming that the findings are the result of vaccines when in truth they are sensationalizing the ordinary artifacts of the layering of blood after death which can be found in most any deceased animal which died for any number of reasons. If I were the family of that unfortunate person I would sue those embalmers and their funeral home, and have their licenses revoked.

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Apr 25, 2022·edited Apr 25, 2022

as a funeral director myself i saw things happening in january of 2021, the moment needles went into arms masses started dying - not at all before , 2020 was a totally normal death rate. What we are seeing is of biblical proportion, its is devils at work.

My own embalmer has been saying the same thing for 18 months now, that those vaccianted he struggles to embalm, they are blocked up with clots - we have complained to the chief coroenr of england and even sat with sir graham brady - they all know it is a cull

They all ignore it and they are all complicit, more bothered with their own direct debits than the lives of the innocent

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Sudden unexplained cases of death don’t simply show up at embalmer’s tables where ah-ha moments are made - they go for investigation by medical professionals whose job it is to investigate them in order to assign a cause and manner of death. The highlighted video of an embalmer finding blood that has congealed after death is misleading at least and overly sensationalized and deceptive at worst. If a person with a genetic predisposition to forming blood clots during life were to die of a true thromboembolism, the cause and manner of death would have a very high likelihood of being found by medical investigators such as forensic pathologists during investigation and not simply occur as an unexpected discovery on an embalming table. The pictured clots are postmortem artifacts. They occur in many decedents who died for all types of reasons.

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That video is horrific!

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