Unjabbed since 2019 when I began to realise that devious and manipulative Big Pharma have no genuine interest in public health and wellbeing, but mercenarily create useless, sometimes deadly, concoctions for financial gain. MickFromHooe (UK).

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The teacher needs to dress professionally. He looks too much like Fetterman.

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Now with a rash of ‘autism is caused by Tylenol’ crap, people will think vaccinations are safe. What a scam!

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Unjabbed since 2019 when I began to realise that devious and manipulative Big Pharma have no interest in public health and wellbeing, but mercenarily create useless, sometimes deadly, concoctions for financial gain. MickFromHooe (UK).

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Tylenol is often taken to reduce inflammation. Why are the mothers taking it? Tylenol is a competitor of Bayer who is owned by Pfizer (used to own Monsanto) until they changed the name to Bayer. The lawyer up against Tylenol immediately blocked me for asking if they are looking into why the mothers were taking Tylenol.

So much for correlation does not equal causation.

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One Covid truth teller interviews another. RFK, Jr. might go down in history as a far more significant figure than his father and uncle.

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***FLASH, Pls. Bump And Share***** "EXCLUSIVE"****

'One Of The Best Youtube Video On the Whole Covid and Vax Agenda!'

"It is not a Vaccine it is a 'Prototype Counter Measure' under the Dept Of Defense, never properly Vetted!"

Make sure you are sitting down when you View it, many will be held Accountable! Going back to 2013.


BOMBSHELL docs reveal Covid-19 COVER-UP goes straight to the top | Redacted with Clayton Morris

267,372 views Jan 7, 2023 #redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris

A BOMBSHELL new report claims shows that the Department of Defense - meaning the Pentagon - controlled the COVID-19 Program from the very beginning. If true, it means that everything we were told was political theater, right down to the FDA vaccine approval process. Our guest today is the former executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization Sasha Latypova and she shows what she has found due to her searches based on instinct that the Covid vaccine was not exactly on the up and up.


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Debra! These rules/laws/standards were blatantly ignored by Big Pharma's Sales force = Gates, Trump, Biden, and all the others that must accept responsibility for the consequences? Mick from Hooe (UK).

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Thank you for all you are doing to get the truth out. I listened to all of your show it was great I shared it with others everyone deserves to know the truth no one in my family took the poison.

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Great work, to all of you!

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I stopped listening about five minutes into the questions from the audience, I really recommend listening to the interview from about minute 15 to minute 60. Some amazing stuff and very enlightening.

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Jan 8, 2023·edited Jan 8, 2023

Sorry Steve, but I can't get onboard with RFK Jr given he's ALL-IN on the WEFs climate change psyop, and even called for 'climate deniers' to be jailed. He's a traitor of highest order.



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Comment deleted
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He's a woke, climate terrorist, pure and simple. And regarding covid vaccines he's a total hypocrite as his Hollywood wife, Cheryl Hines, told guests to get vaccinated or tested before attending a holiday party at their home in late 2021. Jr's sheepish response: "I guess I'm not always the boss at my own house." Gimme a fucking break! He's arguably the most famous anti-vaxxer in the world and his wife sends out invites telling guests to be covid vaxxed or tested? Unbelievable.

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Jan 7, 2023·edited Jan 7, 2023

Steve or others, please provide a link to the government law about telling misinformation about the polio vaccination. Thanks!

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i did some research on this. It appears the regulation that RFK Jr refers to is somewhere in this pdf document of the Federal Registry, starting on page 251 which refers to the oral polio vaccination program


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Louisa is the truth bomb.

Yes ma'am

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Phenomenal interview I shall cross post

What struck me most.


The ending, the last couple minutes, dude says , how can we be injecting hacksxxxine Harmacide scamdemic injextions into young folks who are NOT at risk.


RFKjr, my hero , as well as SK, et al, . RFKjr relates his AA meetings after 40 years attended, he speaks of the doctor who injextioned and killed his brother-in-law, then someone else, but killed no more.

But his sister died of grief.

Stunning material, about forty three or more minutes into talk.

Love you all.

Rock on.

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Hi Steve,

You are making a difference. How come you never interviewed Karen Kingston? I am assuming you are subscribed to her Substack. Therefore you are aware of all the government and patent data she provided on bioweaponry tech. So you know. What conclusions should we begin to entertain keeping this in mind Steve? Karen is the lie detector test. Keep up the good work!

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Jan 7, 2023·edited Jan 8, 2023

describing the diagnostics as getting "better" is surely up for debate. So many children with ADHD and Asbergers would for sure thrive great in a less rigid and stressed out society (and would also never have been diagnosed 20 years ago). Instead the solution is drugs, to better performance. Not to say the drugs can´t be justified in some cases...but the bar for when drugs and diagnosis is a more or less automatic solution for sure have been lowered again and again in the same period as the vaccination has been increasing. The one thing does not exclude the other, but the picture has more nuance to it. And many clever highly intelligent kids are being diagnosed and put on drugs, because they just dont fit the norm of an alienated world.

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From my 10+ years of researching health (mostly how to use holistic health to heal), I've found that the problem is that society (thanks to marketing, brainwashing, lack of critical thinking, etc) has been fooled into thinking that they need drugs to survive and to overcome illness which many are created by the toxins in the environments, lack of nutrients in most foods especially non organic and gmo [thank you rockefellers (see below piece from this article link) : http://www.williamengdahl.com/englishNEO26Mar2017.php ]. The body is capable of overcoming illness/toxins when one is given the right tools to do so. More drugs isn't the answer to drugs/vaccines having caused the problem. But that's how these industrial complexes keep going. They are just covering up the actual problem and not eliminating the source which is often heavy metals, parasites, mold, flouride and a slew of other toxins that the body can't handle or detox on it's own properly based on many factors including genetics and chronic stress. Babies born in the past 15 years or more at this point are born with over 200 toxins already in their bodies. Then, they are pumped with more toxic chemical combinations (vaccines) that have never been tested properly for safety alone or mixed together. Yet, doctors and parents keep allowing this to happen. And, those that don't are labeled as heretics. It's pure insanity and goes against science and nature which is the basis of most science.

ADHD and autism are related to the toxic overload of copper and most probably other heavy metals. An autopsy done on a 14 year child with autism showed their brain was full of aluminum. How sick is that? That poor child had no chance.

Copper Toxicity (this can be caused by many sources - IUDs, copper pots/pans, copper pipes, non organic foods through xenoestrogens, etc. then passed to a fetus epigenetically):


"Others that respond amazingly well to balancing copper include epilepsy, ADD, ADHD, autism, delayed mental or emotional development and many others."

GMO info:

The Rockefeller Foundation created the entire field of genetic manipulation through its ownership of Monsanto Corporation and financing of university biology research to create the “gene cannon” and other techniques to artificially alter gene expression of a given plant. The aim of GMO, since Rockefeller sponsored the disastrous Philippine Golden Rice project, has been to use GMO to control the human and animal food chain. Today more than 90% of all soybeans grown in USA are GMO and more than 80% all corn and cotton. Yet it is not labelled.

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Jan 8, 2023·edited Jan 8, 2023

I agree, and thanks for the info!

My point is just though "vaccines equals the rise in autism" is not correct in my view.

They might very well contribute to autistic developments, caused by chemicals.

But If you look at the history of DSM (psychiatric diagnostic manual and look at the criteria for Autism and ADHD) you will see how much it has changed the last 20 years.

Its obvious that if you had 35 key markers for diagnosing ADHD or autism 20 years ago and 15 of those (in the heavy end) have been deleted - that leaves you with a different amount of diagnoses. So that is also a part of the picture. Some will say this is because they have gotten better at diagnosing. I´d say the criteria have become so far out rigid, that a looot of kids with high intelligence are put in this box, medicated and gotten part of the statistics.

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Great to see/hear the exponential increased occurrence of Autism caused is in correlation with increased VAX use is finally being 'aired' in public!

RE; questioning Vaccine Safety and Efficacy: 'LAWS' condemning thoughts or suggestions that ANY INJECTION' (called VACCINE) might be unsafe or in any way 'suspect' are unethical and, in reality unlawful, in that they deny FREE SPEECH, THOUGHTS and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Even to utter an opposing, but well considered, OPINION is now 'ILLEGAL'!! No doubt this draconian attitude already applies to the DEADLY Covid Vax because raising the matter of PROVEN POST VAX HEART ISSUES, creates even more distrust in Experimental Injections which are part of the WEF's 'New World Order's' Depopulation Program. Big Pharma will not allow Governments or media to spread proven negative facts regarding their 'Golden Goose' fortune making enterprises = The CULL of Humanity!!

Referring to the German Doctor that received a 2.5 year prison sentence for prescribing Mask Wearing Exemption Certificates; this 'unbelievable overreach of authority' must be backed by the WEF's New World Order in their quest for their world domination program - Don't get in the WEF's way or question their actions or you'll end up in jail, be marginalised and permanently ruined financially!

Why do Big Pharma continually deny ALL LIABILITY for any/all consequences that follow the use of their injected POISONS, be corrected by Governments and Law Enforcement Organisations?

Why do Governments not question the THOUSANDS of Adverse REACTIONS and DEATHS that follow the "SAFE & EFFECTIVE" Covid injections?

Why do I suspect the injections are serving another purpose that has been created by those that mean us harm by depopulating and restructuring our planet and the FREE lives of the non-Elite? (= The New World Order ) = The World Economic Forum?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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Regarding "safe and effective", you might want to take a look at this substack by The Last American Vagabond. It was very interesting to learn that their "safe and effective" mantra is totally illegal by their own creation yet they keep violating their own law. It's really hard to make ALL this crap up:

FDA Policy Change Accidentally Exposes EUA Deception and Fraud


"To date, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) has included the following condition in the Letter of Authorization for COVID-19 therapeutics relating to “Printed Matter, Advertising, and Promotional Materials”:

No descriptive printed matter, advertising, or promotional materials relating to the use of Drug X under this authorization may represent or suggest that Drug X is safe or effective when used for <<authorized use>>."

"It is very clear that anyone, this entire time, that has been promoting these injections as “safe and effective” has violated the law. This includes government agencies, politicians, media outlets and the manufacturers themselves. Will there be any accountability for the people who have violated this policy? We shall see."

I would add to this list of those who have said it's "safe and effective", hospitals, doctors, clergy people, all corporations including sports organization (who've been paid to promote it, too) who have mandated it for their employees, actors who have been paid to promote this, state and local government officials, etc. Basically, anyone who has promoted this on any platform.

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Thanks Debra! Have downloaded your recommended Substack video for viewing at a later time! Cheers! Mick.

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