When the scientists refuse to follow scientific principles of inquiry and testing and reporting.... very concerning for our future.

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What a joke. I mean Kirsch trying to pass himself off as a journalist. I'm sure the CDC had a good laugh before sending him its standard reply. Then filed it away.

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"My neurologist has been in practice for 11 years. She’s never had to report a single event to VAERS. With the COVID vaccines, she needs to make 1,000 reports. How do you explain this?" So sad and very revealing about the vaccine.

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I wonder how much it is for a plane message in Atlanta, GA.


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Defund the IRS....they are coming after all the people hustling for chump change next...all you self employed people put out of work for refusing the vaxx

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"Wake Up Kids"! Anti-Virus Guy Died Trying to Save You! https://jimychanga.substack.com/p/wake-up-kids-anti-virus-guy-died

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Excellent list of questions for the CDC, aka Center of Data Corruption. The non-willingness to be responsible to legitimate questions and VAERs requests is very sad, not for the people that have died due to the CDC, WHO (we know who Fauci & Birks), and the complicit Media and government cronies.

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Tired of gestapo like healthcare agencies controlling all aspects of our healthcare. Anyone who thinks this is not true is either not experienced OR in lalaland.

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It’s important for people to know about the endless evidence showing that Covid-19 is a fictitious virus. It’s also important to know that the government depends on the unwillingness of the people to believe that their government would intentionally harm or deceive them.

If Covid-19 doesn’t exist then what are people dying from?

For starters, the CDC created a “special” ICD code to report Covid deaths. The code allows ANY death to be recategorized & reported as a CV19 death- no evidence/test results necessary.

SOURCE: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/coronavirus/Alert-2-New-ICD-code-introduced-for-COVID-19-deaths.pdf

SOURCE: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/icd/Announcement-New-ICD-code-for-coronavirus-19-508.pdf.

In addition, in February of 2020, the drug Remdesivir was mandated as Covid treatment by Fauci, despite killing 53% of participants in an Ebola treatment study published in New England Journal of Medicine in 2019. Death by Remdesivir is blamed on Covid.

SOURCE: Ebola Study - New England Journal of Medicine https://www.nejm.org/na101/home/literatum/publisher/mms/journals/content/nejm/2020/nejm_2020.382.issue-19/nejmra1901594/20200501-01/images/img_xlarge/nejmra1901594_t1.jpeg

Despite evidence showing Remsdesivir’s deadly effects, in 2020 Fauci mandated that it be used as the primary Covid treatment in hospitals & nursing homes.

In early 2021, the National Institute of Health published research on Covid patients treated with Remdesivir & found that in many cases it caused the patient’s kidneys to shut down. The research concluded that “Kidney disorders, almost exclusively AKI, represent a serious, early, and potentially fatal adverse drug reaction of Remdesivir”.

SOURCE: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7907730/

Remdesivir is still being used to treat “Covid” patients today.

Ventilators were also mandated by Fauci to treat CV19. which is odd because they decrease oxygen in blood and put patients at significant risk of developing pneumonia. It seems countless people suffering from nothing more than a cold, flu, anxiety or panic attack were heavily sedated & placed on ventilators to die. Deaths caused by ventilator were also reported as CV19 death.

SOURCE: VENTILATOR MISUSE: https://www.endalldisease.com/covid-19-death-mechanical-ventilators-hh-inhalator/.

Long story short, for over a century the goal of trillionaire European bankers (Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, etc) & their billionaire puppets (Schwab, Gates, etc) was to create a one word communist government that controls the world’s population. In order for this to occur the global population would have to significantly decrease to a much more controllable size & that’s where the CV19 “vaccine” comes into play. The global elite/Deep State used a fraudulent PCR test & fictitious virus to create the illusion of a pandemic to justify roll-out of genocide jab.

Covid-19 Test Is Fraudulent

The CV19 PCR test is incapable of detecting a virus. Outside of test box states, “Not to be used for diagnostic purposes”. The test was deceitfully designed to detect a sequence of matter that can be found in any human being. This was an effective way to drum-up fraudulent Covid cases to maintain illusion of a pandemic & to justify tyrannical mandates.

SOURCE: Tyrannical mandates based on fraudulent PCR test results.: https://www.bitchute.com/video/o84w4LV6aHSG/

SOURCE: https://uncoverdc.com/2020/04/07/was-the-covid-19-test-meant-to-detect-a-virus/

IF YOU FOLLOW THE MONEY it will help you discern which sources can & cannot be trusted.

Those who push virus propaganda, vaccine mandates & treatment for “virus” have a financial stake in the game (Fauci, Gates, CDC, NIH, hospitals, doctors, universities & MSM). CDC/NAID have partnerships with vaccine/drug manufacturers. They make billions from sales of vaccines. Why is Fauci’s agency, NAID co-owner of Moderna vaccine?

In addition, MSM is funded by Gates/China/CDC/NIH/Big Pharma to ensure that the medical mafia/Deep State narrative is reported to the people.

Universities receive massive grants from CDC/NIH/Bill Gates/Fauci.

Hospitals receive large payouts based on # of CV19 diagnoses/deaths & use of Remdesivir & ventilators.

On flip side, those who oppose existence of CV19 have NO financial stake in the game - They have NO motive to lie. In fact, docs, nurses & independent sources who speak out against the validity of the virus/vaccine have everything to lose, including their jobs, colleagues, license to practice medicine & in many cases their safety.

SOURCE: Hospital incentives: https://thespectator.info/2020/04/09/hospitals-get-paid-more-to-list-patients-as-covid-19-and-three-times-as-much-if-the-patient-goes-on-ventilator-video/

SOURCE: Increased medicare payment incentives:: https://www.aha.org/advisory/2020-04-16-coronavirus-update-cms-releases-guidance-implementing-cares-act-provisions

Before dismissing claim that CV19 is fictitious, please note that the MSM was paid billions by our government to promote validity of CV19 virus, the vaccine & to launch massive 24/7 fear campaign to petrify people into compliance. Also keep in mind that the MSM & FDA are funded by Big Pharma. In addition, often times CDC/Pfizer/Modern & NAID have their own scientists perform studies to ensure that the results support their agenda. Fauci, Gates & Big Pharma's backgrounds are riddled with scientific fraud & crimes against humanity. That said, why would anyone believe a word they say or trust that they have the public’s best interest at heart.

SOURCE: 2009, Pfizer charged w/largest health care fraud settlement in history - $2.3 billion for fraudulent marketing. Why hasn’t Pfizer been shutdown? https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-announces-largest-health-care-fraud-settlement-its-history-

SOURCE: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2022/03/no_author/the-lies-of-pfizer-the-billion-dollar-cash-payment-from-biden-to-media/ - Biden paid media to promote vaccines.

SOURCE: https://www.bitchute.com/embed/zoPDeKdGcwIG/ - Dr. Cowan -140 health agencies around the world (including CDC) admit in writing that they have NO record/evidence that CV19 exists.

SOURCE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/qECF3fVChJmh/ - Scientists who “identified” CV19 admit NO virus isolation.

If Covid-19 exists, why can’t any scientist or health agency in the world produce a sample of the isolated virus?

SOURCE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/WI5iqFSgStE9/ Dr Andrew Kaufman -False science & CV19.

SOURCE: https://greatreject.org/laboratories-cant-find-covid-19-in-positive-tests/ - CDC sued by Stanford & other universities for fraud, as 1,500 positive Covid tests all showed that it was the flu.

SOURCE: :https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/68-health-science-institutions-globally-all-failed-to-cite-even-1-record-of-sars-cov-2-purification-by-anyone-anywhere-ever/ -No scientific evidence that Covid exists.

SOURCE: False science & CV19 https://www.bitchute.com/video/WI5iqFSgStE9/ Dr Andrew Kaufman.

The Two Events Noted Below Are Further Evidence That The CV19 Virus Doesn’t Exist & That the Pandemic was Premeditated.

Johns Hopkins Held a Fictional Pandemic Exercise (Clade X) - May 15, 2018, in Washington, DC.

The Clade X VIRUS SIMULATION event was a training exercise for public health & gov officials to ensure preparedness in event of a global pandemic. The event included government officials playing the role of the “President’s Pandemic Advisory Task Force”. It also included video of fictional news networks & their broadcasting of the fictional pandemic to give health/gov officials & MSM instruction on how the “deadly virus” would be presented to the public.

Event 201- A Simulation Exercise of a Global Pandemic

Bill Gates, John Hopkins & World Economic Forum hosted Event 201 in NYC three months prior to Covid-19 making its big debut in January 2020. The event involved a live simulation of a global corona virus pandemic.

Event 201 was attended by government officials from around the world. It included an in depth presentation of how countries worldwide would respond in the event of a corona virus pandemic.

There are multiple Event 201 videos available on Bitchute that contain irrefutable evidence that the pandemic was premeditated by multiple countries & that every aspect of their response to the pandemic was coordinated with the intent to destroy economies, oust Trump & roll-out harmful vaccine. It seems that fear & vaccines are the Deep State’s weapons of choice to depopulate the world in order to usher in their New World Order/One World Communist Government.

Global organizations such as WHO, World Economic Forum, UN & NATO are all fronts created by Deep State Global elites to launder money to help fund their New World Order plan. These organizations have NO interest in world peace. Creating a one world government is their main goal. Bill Gates is the WHO’s largest donor.

Lastly, if you believe Covid-19 exists, then you also have to believe that flu cases in US went from 38 million in 2019 to 1,822 in 2020. This statistic alone should have been MASSIVE red flag to everyone (especially docs/nurses) that CV19 was a scam. Unfortunately MSM/Google/Twitter/FB are tools used by gov/global elites to censor & control the flow of information to the people. Therefore, the majority of info that comes from these sources is a lie, so most people don’t have a clue about the evil that government continues to perpetrate on the American people.

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"Direct Evidence now Proves the US Govt, NIH, other's, CCP developed Covid and Gain Of Function!"

Time for the US Govt to Stand Up to the Plate and 'Compensate for those Terminated by Mandates, plus Injury's and Deaths!, plus from Vaxx'



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Has anyone looked into the increase in ICD and pacemakers fitted since the V program began? I personally have 2 friends in 40’s and 50’s who were athlete level fitness who had unexplained cardiac arrests and now have ICD’s

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CDC - yet another useless, massively over populated and far too powerful governmental agency, whose are business partners with criminal pharma.

1-Why did they change the death certificate process in March 2020 across the world in which no medical proof is needed of death? Granny with 4 cancers dies and Rona gets listed on the cert as well.

2-How much money was paid to Dr Baffled and Nurse Confused for every single Rona event including death and stabbing?

3-Why did the oldies die in March-April 2020 only, in old age homes and 'hospitals' ? What else was going on behind closed doors with say Midazolam or morphine?

4-Why were people like me sick with Rona in Jan 2020, long before lockdowns, which indicates it was released from the lab in Sept 2020 or so?

5-Why was pandemic redefined to be 'cases' based on fraudulent tests?

6-Why did the death rate not change in 2020/2021 vs the previous 10 years if a pandemic?

7-Why are 90% or more of the current sick, dead and injured from Rona stabbed if the poisons were effective?


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Small piece of good news: CA AB 2098 (re doctors spreading "misinformation" about Covid & vaccines) has been on Gov. Newsom's desk since Sept. 12, and he hasn't signed it. Does it contain disprovable "facts"...? https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=202120220AB2098

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the CDC is even more corrupt than congress

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