My mistake, it was an older interview. She simply removed my comment. I thought I watched it from her listing on Rumble, I must have did a search for Steve and watched it that way.

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It appears that Kim took the interview down from Rumble. I am sure she was getting blasted. I stated what a poor journalist she is, like so many, because she ignored the Vaxxed documentaries.

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Kim should start by explaining what makes the shots a vaccine.

Secondly, why would Pfizer as for 75 years to release their Vaccine study data.

And why Vaers only reports 1 to 3% adverse effects.

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The shots are full of 20 snake venoms and 16 snail and shelllfish venoms. Don't take any of them. Don't take any more if you did..

Here's what you can take to help remove the venoms and begin to heal:

1.) Chew Nicotine gum. Nicotine blocks the nicotine receptor on the brain stem from the venom. Chew for a few seconds, then remove to avoid nausea. Repeat several times per day.

2.) Zinc - prevents venom from entering the brain through the Zinc receptor in the brain stem.

3.) NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) - prevents clotting and microclotting. Do not take aspirin for this.

4.) Bromelain - helps remove

5.) Reservatol and EDTA - removes venoms

6.) Glutathione - strengthens immune system

7.) Vitamin C - strengthens immune system

8.) Aloe Vera tablets - reduces inflammation

As per Dr. Bryan Ardis, Take the standard doses daily of all these for a few weeks and you should be better and feel better. Don't get any more shots of anything. Don't get any more tests for "Covid".

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The brown snake causes paralysis. Actually its about 23 snake venoms and 1 shellfish toxin.

Frankenshots are real.

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you talked about a detox for some other vaccines, where can I find this info ?

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I believe Kim's parents or grandparents got the shots and I suspect that at the time she was for it... I think the reason she wants to say that the shots are good for some is because she does not want to face her part in them getting the shots.. Kim has been against the shots in soooooooo many ways.

Just my guess

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I thought you did a great job and I am continually amazed at your persistence and hard work. Truly appreciate your efforts, you are a hero

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Hi Steve! I know it’s common among scientists to say “show me the data”, but data is easily manipulated and/or misinterpreted. Instead, I approach it with, “show me the logic”! In other words show me things like the mechanism of action, the biology, the chemistry, etc., that makes a position reasonable. The basic logic with the mRNA shots is that the “message” of the messenger RNA is to instruct the ribosomes of the cells to produce the spike protein, the most dangerous part of this virus. (Having that system in place is like having fire near dynamite.) THEN look at what’s occurring. Let the data support that logic rather than relying on data alone. Educate first. Show supporting information (data) next.

I appreciate the work you have done and continue to do!! Bob

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You were well spoken and your data was very clear during the interview, WooHoo 🥳.

I believe that Kim has enough information/data to know the truth about the jabs. I don’t believe she’s being honest and my best guess is she doesn’t want to lose subscribers that believe the jab is safe and effective. If that’s the case then she has zero integrity although I don’t know her at all so I maybe too hard on her.

I read through a lot of the comments and her subs we’re trying desperately to educate her also, it was evident that you rocked this interview by the overwhelming support you received!!

Humanity needs more fearless activists like you!!

Thanks for all you’re doing to save lives ♥️

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Dont comply and never give up!

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Steve - I think this is the CDC data that Kim may be viewing that is keeping her blue pill. Odd thing is the huge Delta/Omicron Hospitalization spike in Jan 2022 they show between vax/un-Vax is 4x larger than a different chart they show by age regardless of vax status. Hmmmmm.

Check it out.

Vax/Unvax MONTHLY totals: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#covidnet-hospitalizations-vaccination

Hospitalization by Age WEEKLY totals (Add up Jan weeks to compare with above) https://gis.cdc.gov/grasp/COVIDNet/COVID19_3.html

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41:17 She’s not there yet on thinking the vaccines are killing more older people than it’s saving. She asks is it possible the older people are dying from COVID itself.

Good answer by Steve. But I would suggest that the reaction of shaking your head ‘NO’ before she finishes talking is not a good idea as it creates the perception you are losing confidence in your ability to respond.

Following Steve's response she narrows the field down to the vaccine helping some elderly for a short period of time. Steve rightly concedes that there may be a short term effect, I suspect due to T cell activation. But as time goes on the T cells get depleted in a hopeless battle of keeping up with the constant proliferation of synthetic proteins. This also taxes vitamin D and zinc supplies, which are typically low in the elderly to begin with. With inadequate levels, the T cells lose the ability to distinguish between the foreign proteins and the self proteins, initiating autoimmune cytokine storms.

54:00 re: Natural Immunity. Mucosal immunity is the front line.

I think it would be really helpful if we add to Mucosal immunity the association between vitamin D and zinc deficiency and bad COVID-19 outcomes, and how ironically, it is well known the elderly tend to be deficient in those nutrients.

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Missed opportunities in that interview with Kim. When she said she's not convinced. Wow! Thoughtless thought spoken aloud. I know if you you describe her remark like that, to her, it would not be taken well. Hence when she spoke about the "waining vaccine" , I would have asked her. So why doesn't the vaccine leave the immune system with a form of immunity as after exposure to the claimed infections? Because she isn't thinking. She gives more credence to officials positions with no data and contradictory assertions than ACM death rates, adverse events and most notable, the same reaction to real data by the same institutions who wanted everyone to take actions known to do harm on a projection of data that never happened.

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