Maybe I missed it, but is there a way to read the stories (with

ID's redacted)? Thanks.

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I asked nearly 300 people at the CDC if they wanted to contact any of the doctors who are afraid to speak publicly

I even asked Rochelle Walensky. You'll never guess who I heard back from...

Yup. You guessed it! Nobody from the CDC was interested in following up. Not a single person. I can’t say I was surprised.

Steve, do these people at the CDC not realise that they WILL be held accountable for all those that have died from the bio weapon jab and the millions inflicted with adverse effects.

Do they really think that they are untouchable?

I want to see every last one of them brought to justice, as they are ALL complicit in genocide.

There must be a reckoning, there has to be.

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Senator Malcom Roberts: Covid Inquiry Rev 2.0


Witness a competent government inquiry - PART 3.



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Fantastic! Senator Johnson is IMO the most outstanding Senator we have today. His A Second Opinion Hearing was absolutely masterful. For anyone who hasn't had a chance to watch it (it is five hours long and worth every second of your time)


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As a WI resident, I am a proud supporter of Sen. Johnson! Why is he the only one calling attention to this? I have encouraged friends in other states to ASK their Senators what they are doing with re: to vaccine injury? Why aren't they addressing it?! The voting here in WI in Nov. for Senator is key...we need to keep Johnson in!

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The two most powerful people in the world in charge of vaccination policy are Bill Gates and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the WHO. Bill and Tedros are good buddies.

They are not physicians and do not understand vaccines. Both are eugenicists and are on public record claiming that overpopulation is the greatest threat to humanity.

Draw your own conclusions on this.

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Is it not time to ask the hard questions:

"Of all licensed medical doctors, what percent are sociopaths across the board?", and,

"Which specialties and sub-specialties have the greatest number of sociopaths?"


Do you want truth, proof, that sociopathic licensed doctors walk amongst us?

https://www.bitchute.com/video/xxeSv821Pjog/ 170,000 views in 1 day.

Should we be afraid or have other trepidation to investigate and answer these questions?

Are sociopathic medical doctors stepping aside to allow mass murder (culling) of humanity?

For benefit of future generations do we have the right to not thoroughly investigate these questions?

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No one wants to hear the the truth of the disgusting lies they facilitated and it’s not a lack of a light to expose a problem to be resolved. Things are as they are groomed to be- only about the shoveling in insatiable amounts of cash all ANY cost- to you.

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I just donated to Ron Johnson.

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Maybe, or maybe they think everyone is a sheep, so they don't even differentiate the bright from the dull.

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Check-out this Epoch Times article posted 8/25/22. A door may be opening to pursue legal action against Pfizer!!!


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I remember that drill in 1st & 2nd grade. The local doctor who had 10 kids had built an underground bunker in the front yard. It was the talk of our tiny town. It remained until the fall of Berlin Wall.

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This is what I am talking about when I lambast doctors for cowering and discarding their Hippocratic oath. I am not blind to the pressures but we have all faced those pressures from work, friends, family, internet trolls and we didn’t have an oath or ethical guidelines to adhere to, just a moral compass and innate sense of right and wrong, and let’s be clear, this Covid policy, and indeed all woke policy is just wrong. So for any doctors reading this who think we don’t understand, we do, we’ve also lost jobs, livelihoods, friend, and more recently people we care about who died. We expect more from you. Frankly I’d you don’t join your brave colleagues who have already stood up against tyranny then you need never ask the question, how could the German people stand by while the Nazis committed their atrocities. But if you don’t want to hear it from me then what about two giants of the medical and scientific profession...


Please do the right thing, despite the risks, and help us end this now.

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It's so absurdly obvious these creatures are cowards ...of course not one will answer when commiting democide ...and it's democide not genocide as everyone is a target ...not one group or type of individual...I can't believe the evidence that's come out to this point and the crimes continuously commited by the ever so benevolent "health care workers" and philanthropic do gooders such as kind and charming ...lovely Bill Gates ...the big thinkers such as Tedros..Shwab...talented and oh so medically qualified Mr. Tam...and our lady of grace miss Trudeau. All literal pieces of garbage sub human if ever even were at all human insidious disease upon all of humanity ...where's the cdc to take care of this spreading global threat 😃... aaaah busy concocting the next pathetic af lie and hoax...scam ..murder plot...as we sit around dying. Cool..

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