Fauci and Slow Joe Biden are the two biggest superspreaders of misinformation in the country.

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He got harassed so much for the last decade (worst since Covid). He’s definitely a superspreader…..of truth, health, integrity, empathy, passion and more. ❤️🫡

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Second of the worstest is still pretty good.

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I find the word "super spreader" is used on purpose since the vaccinated are the real super spreaders causing variants and more dangerous mutations. Many knew that flu shots also caused the spread of "super bugs". Weird how no one is talking about this or the antibiotic resistant microbes that developed after antibiotic use. Antibiotic resistant mutations are the leading cause of death worldwide and the CDC knows but some doctors still insist that antibiotics are harmless.

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Wonder if the folks returning to Plato's cave, with stories of light and freedom above were called the ancient greek equivalent of "superspreaders"?

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I did not watch the airing of the show, as I seldom watch TV.

I’ve been dabbling on the herbal side of things for about 18 years, and absolutely fell in love after I healed my own heart arrhythmia of three years strictly by taking magnesium, my own painful rash with coconut oil ( after using a very dangerous prescription cream),and after healing my terrible neck pain with ginger capsules and a neck pillow.

I’ve been following DR Mercola and many others for a very long time.

I’ve been anti pharmaceutical, and vaccine free since I was a child.

I rarely ever am sick.

When I saw the poor nurse faint on live TV getting her Covid shot, it sent shivers down my spine and I’ve been reading up on, and watching the horrific censorship ever since. I’ve been watching the demon eyed politicians, and paid off celebrities ,and hospital types, degrade, embarrass, and dismiss anyone who dared to question the holy vaccine makers.

Anyways I’m extremely passionate about not being forced to inject a foreign substance in to my body and I’ve been equally passionate about gently trying to instill this into my more gullible husband.

By a lucky series of events my husband’s job has not mandated it, and about half of 100 guys he works with? fell for the scam and took it.

At least one guy had to be hospitalized directly due to the vaccine for months.

I really don’t know much about the others.

My husband has been a little red pilled since Covid started ,but is definitely not passionate like I am, and he thinks I spend too much time learning on this subject etc.

Anyways last night he watched the docu, and I kept hearing all of my favorite people’s names, and quickly saw it was an hour of propaganda.

My husband doesn’t know any of these named people.

At the end he had been brainwashed into thinking DR Mercola is a snake oil salesman.

So they did a wonderful job psychologically on the less knowledgeable people.

I need to definitely sit and watch it, but I am heartbroken at how effective the smear campaign was on him.

I would not stay married to my love of 30 years if he decided to get this shot, especially because he refuse to learn about it.

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Sorry for your loss.

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I listened early to some superspreaders and am thankful: through Michel Chossudovsky's globalresearch.ca I found the messages of Dr. Bakhdi and Dr, Luc Montagnier. Dr Montaigner won a Nobel prize and he said that all of the animals in the trials died. I listened to Dr Yeadon too, who talks about dose range finding which is probably why more humans haven't died so far.

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Luckily, I've been reading Dr. Mercola's articles for 15 or 20 years and I've seen that he has been ahead of most doctors by years (so you still have time to catch up). :) So when he wrote about the jabs and the Great Reset etc , even though it sounded insane, I took it seriously. And the more I read from other people as well, the more serious I took it.

I do think he is being targeted because so many people have trusted his advice for so many years. We aren't going to stop trusting him because of some hit piece by a paid shill.

I would like to know which Big Pharma Co. owns/ controls the NYT? That is who is pulling the strings.

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It’s ok we still love you Steve

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There is something big about to hit. Children's Health Defense taken down from SM today. Mercola hit today. Infowars bankrupt over free speech, .... Steven Crowder removed .... By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes.

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Dr. Mercola doesn't have to worry about their lies at all,.....he has been help for 1000's of people all through the pandemic. He's the one to taught us to use DILUTED Hydrogen Peroxide in a Nebulizer to help to kill the virus in your lungs. It is amazing how well that worked. He's full of good sensible advice to help us live good sensible lives. No worries at all.

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Wow! 🤣

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By the way Steve in case you did not see this here is some interesting data from the insurance companies. This data is directly reporting the number of claims from people who have been damaged by the ‘vaccine’ and the numbers demonstrate how the official figures from government health departments are under reporting.


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Steve, some of my audience members skimmed your article and actually believed it. 🤣 now they want to know about those deep connections at the times. I assured them that all the negative articles that they’ve written about any of us are no special connections. They’re just listening to their overlords : big tech, big Pharma and big oil who funds them. Keep up the great work. You can both be number one :-)  Ee

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For information and as a result of your friend Dr Mercola’s recent post on his site I have written the following email letter to the NYT:

Kind attention:

Mr Joe Kahn

The Executive Editor

New York Times

Dear Mr Kahn

The New York Times was once a paper to respect as a source of news. Now it is a source of propaganda. The propaganda subject I refer to today is COVID-19.

You have published a story about Dr Joseph Mercola being a misinformation spreader because as a doctor and medical expert he has said things which do not agree with the accepted COVID-19 narrative. In response to his claims you have published an article which contains the following quote:

In an August 5, 2022, TV review, Alex Reif writes:2

"News can spread like a virus. In our fast-paced world, it doesn't take long for either to spread around, which is why it's so important to get your information from a good source.

In the latest installment of the FX series The New York Times Presents, viewers will get a perfect example of this with 'Superspreader,' which takes a look at one doctor with a massive following, who is credited as being the top spreader of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 and vaccine in the wellness industry ...

One of the pre-credit notes at the end of the documentary states that FDA Commissioner Robert Califf considers misinformation to be the leading cause of death in the country and because of this ...

[A]nother highlight of the film is an interview with Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Encountering Digital Hate who ranked Mercola at the top of 'The Disinformation Dozen,' a numbers-based list of the twelve most influential people leading the COVID-19 anti-vaccination effort.

We also see how Mercola was de-platformed by several social media companies and how that hasn't done all that much to stop the spread of misinformation.

At face value, The New York Times Presents 'Superspreader' is about Dr. Joseph Mercola, the empire he built, and the people who believe everything he says without question. But what viewers ultimately walk away with is a reminder that if something seems too good to be true, it most surely is."

End quote.

Dr Mercola has a large following all over the world built over 25 years of consistent good well researched advice. People trust him with good reason. A growing number of people around the world are waking up to the truth and reality of the COVID-19 jabs. The truth is that millions of people have had their health damaged and have been killed by this poison which does not perform any of the claims made by the manufacturers. It does not support the immune system nor does it prevent spread or infection. Recent infection of Biden and his wife, supposedly jabbed and boosted, is ample high profile evidence of that.

So in light of this truth the NYT is making a complete destruction of its reputation by claiming otherwise and censoring world acclaimed medical practitioners of which Dr Mercola is one of many. America’s most renowned cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough has spoken out in similar ways and has received the same treatment. The truth is coming out and you cannot stop it even with your censorship. To do so only makes you look stupid and foolish but worse, since the truth is out there evidenced by actual numbers on VAERS and other databases, you are knowingly contributing to genocide.

The jury of human race is out and their final verdict will be harsh. Your continued, let’s be honest, pathetically desperate censorship behaviour does not add value to your reputation or that of your publication which has taken several generations to build now to be destroyed by ignorance and malfeasance.

If you even get to see this message you will no doubt ignore it because, if you have any conscience at all, it will give you sleepless nights.

Good day to you...I look forward to seeing you and all your fellow editors in the dock before too long !

P.S. The FDA is not a credible institution to be quoting as a source of truth. On the contrary the FDA is a major source of misinformation and needs to be investigated.

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