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Thank you Steve for this great article! I can tell you that my brother-in-law, who was double vaxxed but chose not to get the booster, did so because his wife who was double vaxxed ended up getting Delta. And he knew other people who were vaccinated but were getting infected. I heard him say "why get a booster when it doesn't even work?" I think that was his turning point.

His wife on the other hand, who ironically works at a pharmaceutical company, is buying the whole thing hook, line, and sinker and said that the vaccines are working because she barely got ill and no one in the house other than her got ill. I find that ironic because unless she can live parallel lives she doesn't know how she would have fared with the infection if she was not vaccinated. Overall she's a healthy person with no underlying conditions so she very well may have been mildly ill without the vaccine as she was with the vaccine.

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Can you please do an article exploring the theory of VAIDS? Are the effects of the vaccine on blood sexually transmissible? If they are then the whole population doesnt have to get vaccinated to spread the disease.

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Jul 17, 2022·edited Jul 17, 2022

According to Pfizer's forced-released documents,

"they only need to vaccinate 35% of the population who will

then infect the rest through the air they breathe and the touch

of their skin." This shedding according to them includes

"blood clots." I take Doctor's Best Nattokinase ( natural blood

thinner from soybeans) that prevents and heals them. This

one works for me. Swanson Vitamins' NAC will prevent

all Coronavirus'. It has for me since 2009. I post publicly on MeWe.



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How about conditional funding pools of crypto waiting for doctors and/or other relevant institutional players who step forward to negate any penalty keeping them from doing so already generated by a public eager for answers with no incentive to renege on their commitment in the event someone comes forward counting on their safety net? And then doing that multiple times

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Great idea - We set up a whistleblower protection fund. Any doctor who speaks out and is terminated or license revoked (much worse) can apply and receive funding in place of salary for continuing to speak out.

I'll put in $100 immediately. And I ain't rich.

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You could run commercials on Roku https://advertising.roku.com/ and put together a 1/2 hour segment of the testimonials like a paid infomercial.

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Dear Steve! For the first time since following your -by the way stellar + relentless- Covid work in the past two years, I beg to differ:

Beyond the negative fear factor, the key factor "positive" factor you're missing with CDC, FDA, and NIH are corrupt incentives (patents/profit share and funding for institution), same for doctors, whom you correctly identify as key to the population at large.

As your -excellent- work has shown, a major + robust share of the population is aware of vaccine injuries from their own social setting, and this includes the medical professions as well. Also whistleblower reports show time and again, the huge incidence of the main known side effects (neurological, cardiac, death) are by now obvious in most medical disciplines as well.

The latest booster uptake thus shows that the population at large does not need convincing or informing! I find this result hugely encouraging: Crowd intelligence works and people are voting with their feet.

The actual factor that's keeping the legacy media, government agencies and medical profession from officially recognising the biggest medical catastrophe in the history of mankind is the fact that these key groups are all compromised by their participation in the approval and administration of the worst vaccines ever.

In his diaries, Joseph Goebbels wrote (something along the lines of) 'we've committed too many crimes to stop now and the only way through this mess is forward' surprisingly early on (1932 or so), and that is pretty much the situation they/we're faced with now, and the Biden administration (much like the EU governments of more immediate relevance to my life) have indeed been acting accordingly, swiftly moving on to hugely dangerous military adventures. The collapsing financial architecture of old typically necessitates a major war, and that's precisely what is about to happen.

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Fantastically enlightening and reinforcing info in all the comments here. Now that the vaccinated are getting sick I've been trying to tell them how they, like me, can benefit from Ivermectin & HCQ. So far it's my health (at 70) and BMI that has most inspiring impact, however minimal!

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Another problem with the censorship is that the doctors aren't seeing any confirmation of things they do observe with their patients from other doctors. If they were to hear about other doctors seeing the same things, they would likely be more confident that their interpretation is correct. And, perhaps, more likely to do something about it. Knowing they will be punished if they are wrong and not getting strong confirmation that they are onto something puts them in a very difficult position.

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Personal experience always brings home Steve’s Substacks. My GP knows me very well so he had no problem being honest recognizing that I would not betray him. I was going on a trip out of the country and asked him for an Ivermectin prescription that I could use prophylacticly and also if I caught Covid while on the trip.

He told me that he had been prescribing Ivermectin to many patients with good results but he received a letter from the largest Health Insurance company in the state threatening him that if he continued to prescribe Ivermectin they would report him to the state Medical Board.

I ordered and received a large supply from India. You know, that poverty stricken country with an amazingly low death statistic from Covid, especially in Uddar Pradesh where it was used prior to catching Covid.

Steve’s Substack is right on the target today, as usual.

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Some of us are speaking out. My patients generally trust me, but a few people got the shot, even though I did not recommend it. Early, I recommended it for high risk people, but once I started seeing Delta in vaccinated people (pretty severe), I stopped recommending it. I'm able to say what I want to say, because I am self employed and I practice Direct Care (I don't bill insurance). I'm covid recovered (November 2020) and didn't have symptoms, likely b/c I took HCQ early. I've been exposed numerous times since then. I'm planning a Global Covid Summit here in Kentucky this fall. Email me if you are interested in joining us.

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I just finished reading The Vaccine Court 2.0 by Wayne Rohde. I am stunned at how evil our government (and others) are towards the vaccine injured. I’m not much of an idea man but I’m a good worker bee. I want to help turn this around…

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Jul 20, 2022·edited Jul 20, 2022

How about doing the reverse? Ask them for good reasons why everybody else should take it. Then show how they constantly contradict to themselves.

Looking at the data, who should be persuaded. Those who didn't take it, likely never will. Those who wanted the 4th shot, already took it. The % is going down with each shot. The current message should be "don't give it to your baby" and "don't give a booster to your child".

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Oops wrong thread.

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Send to every person who has a booking to fly anywhere and any time in the next 18 months an e-mail with clear statements by Pilots about their beliefs on the safety of flying with vaccinated, untested Pilots.

Pilots need not fear company reprisals because all of those people who plan to put their lives in the hands of the Pilots will want to know if Pilots are properly tested and accompanied by un-vaxxed, tested co-pilots.

Therefore we request that Pilots speak up, speak the truth of their experience and conviction, and understand that, when prospective passengers become aware of the danger, they will make sure the airlines will keep them safe by doing pre-flight Covid-19 testing.

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I believe you need the mothers. Mothers who are critical thinkers, who have experience or exposure in detail in one way or another to science or medicine, and who have noted the red flags.

That is, you need educated, well-reasoned, rational, well-spoken mothers who have had questions and sought answers in pursuit of their children's well being.

For example, I am a non-practicing attorney. Based on my own personal medical experience as a breast cancer survivor and somebody with a history (personal and family) of autoimmune disease, I did not just accept the official expert narrative.

My reasons were based on the failings of those authorities previously in my medical care. Therefore, I was more open to asking questions and seeking answers on my own. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! That is my motto these days in medical matters....even more so given the way the pandemic has been handled.

The other reason I have seen through the chaos since the beginning is that I was already experienced in recognizing the influence of predatory philanthropists like Bill Gates in our state. Prior to and up to the pandemic, a grass roots effort (largely fueled by mothers seeking answers) to push back Gates agenda in digitizing education in our state. Not hard to see now how that agenda fits into the larger agenda of the NWO/WEF goals. But I digress.

Finally and sadly, I can speak to the adverse effects and nastiness of this vaccine. My mom died on January 6th. What I feared was a serious risk for myself (why I did not take the vaccine knowing my autoimmune history) happened to my mother. That is, her immune system went into overdrive following a flu shot/booster combo. My mom was already on immunosuppressive drugs for an autoimmune condition. The upshot is that she suffered the extremely elevated and then erratic blood pressure, elevated triponins, fainting and dizziness spells, difficulty breathing, etc. This was attributed to her heart despite no damage shown to the heart. And perhaps, given she had some heart disease history, this would have been considered an acceptable diagnosis for an 82 year old. But what then happened was slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, etc. Given her age, they thought stroke, but yet no evidence of such. And in the end, the symptoms came and went. It was me, who had been following the research from the beginning, listening to Malone, McCullough, the others and keeping an open mind that diagnoses my mother. Four hospitalizations and many medical providers in the mix, and it was ME.....reviewing VAERS cases and having a pretty broad understanding of the vaccine and its impact that insisted that a neurologist see my mother. I believed and was proven right that my mother was suffering from a sudden onset of Mysathenia Gravis. She had never been diagnosed with that illness. Unfortunately, because the doctors did not even have on radar the possibililty that she might be having an autoimmune response to the vaccine they simply ignored her symptoms---even when the symptoms did not fit the diagnosis they were working with. To make matters worse, because the medical professionals are so busy wringing their hands over COVID and waiting for everyone to develop COVID, we were blocked out of the hospital and not able to advocate for my mother who did not get the care promised. Sadly, after approximately a week with little food and water (due to their wrong diagnosis) she had lost too much strength to hand on to get the needed treatment for MG. But hey, they swabbed her for COVID as she lay dying.

Here's the thing, I am already in a class action suit against big pharma for the cancer causing breast implants that were placed as part of my breast cancer treatment. It was me who educated my plastic surgeon about the harm. In his words, my case changed his practice. As a lawyer, I fully understand how the FDA, CDC and other regulatory agencies have been captured. I learned real fast how our Maine Department of Education is beholden to Apple Computers and Bill Gates. It is sickening.

Most people do not have the bandwidth to understand the complexity of the issues or how the infiltration has occurred via our political system, etc. I am so pleased that Dr. Malone and you folks understand the breadth of the issues----this goes well beyond the healthcare sector. The battle has been on in education for some time. And we know that the push is on in the energy sector, etc.

You need to engage the mothers. You need to get their attention. The way the likes of Fauci and big pharma have made headway is because they have appealed to people to "protect" others. Time to make people understand that we must protect the next generation. The likes of Gates and others are hell bent on engineering mankind's future. We've always seen children as our future. Some of the researchers I follow have long said it is the children they are after.

I would love to speak with you about my ideas on how you push the narrative of mothers....mothers who are asking questions in order to ensure that their children are happy, healthy and prepared for life.

Most recently, I submitted what looked almost like a legal brief to my pediatrician's office seeking an exemption for my daughter---she will be attending a state university this fall that mandates vaccination. Knowing the vaccine killed my mother, how can I agree to have her vaccinated? She shares my genetic profile? The exemption was granted....but I wonder if in part it was because the doctor is a woman and has young children herself.

I am in touch with nurses who will not vaccinate their children. I am in touch with a science teacher who will not vaccinate her children. We are not wing nuts, we are informed, smart, educated and reasonable individuals who have also had the strength to stand up to the virtue signaling masses.

You need a few people like them to go on Joe Rogan and explain their choices in layman's terms and explain why they went down the rabbit hole!

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Please reach out to me at rita@fltjllp.com if you are interested in volunteering with us to fight college mandates and get mothers activated.

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In saw a comment by a Tour de France rider yesterday who could not continue due to low oxygen levels. He remarked that many riders were complaining of the same concern.

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I think this is a very good idea. If we had a group of maybe 12 doctors, who would be able and willing to stand up against this system and expose the truth. Seems it's not just livelihood at risk it's also safety of themselves and their families, as some have been threatened? But the medical doctor group to communicate the message is a very good idea. Pam Popper is working through the court systems to fight this. she says it's been building for decades, until we've got to here where we are with this situation. She says it will equally take a long, slow process to break it down. Once she said it's like a dinosaur dying. It's big and messy and isn't quick. But I think if a group of MDs could be found to convey the anti-vax messages, that would really help to move things forward.

Just as an aside, coming from the holocaust that's been perpetrated through antidepressant use, I think that because we didn't stand up against them stronger due to all the illness, deaths and lives destroyed in that arena, we allowed them to bring this globally. It's all quite depressing.

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Jul 19, 2022·edited Jul 19, 2022

#8 Hospital CEOs won't speak out because they were effectively bribed with thousands of dollars from the federal government for every COVID Dx, for every patient only treated exactly without deviation from the federal protocol, for Remdesivir Rx, for ventilation, and for COVID death cause.

Because of ObamaCare requiring unaffordable EPIC computer system for ALL medical professionals who would get reimbursed for Medicare/Medicaid, almost all small independent medical clinics were forced to close, and these were the clinics with the doctors who could have remained independent and could have tried to continue to put their hospitalized patients first, but MDs working only from hospital clinics now had employers. If ObamaCare had not been put into place prior to this Plandemic, it would have been harder for the mass psychosis of propagandized narrative to become so widespread. Every doctor who remained independent and not under the control of an employer may very likely have done individualized treatment and people would have been comparing and contrasting how the different doctors treated different patients differently. Had people been able to have such social interaction (also cut off by lockdowns) about treatments of independent doctors, this discourse would have raised a lot of questions that were suppressed by "all the ducks being lined up in a row" "through 100 levels of pre-planned depth."

These huge bureaucratic employers in university teaching medical clinics and in large branded medical clinics with only patient services somehow sent messages to the doctors under their employ that the federal protocols were top priority over individualizing patient care as well as messages that any writing of religious or medical exemptions would likely trigger oversight complications for them. This extended into vaccine injuries. Sometimes, patients were mandated to have COVID vaccines in order to have life-saving surgeries.

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#5 Today's news proves that President Trump had an insubordination problem with Dr. Deborah Birx that just broke as news today which she admitted in her newly released book. She should never be trusted to work for government again as deception was more important than following the employer's oversight instructions.

Trump's White House COVID TaskForce Dr. Deborah Birx in her new book admitted how she altered and deceived the Trump Administration's weekly mandatory approval of the COVID information written by her as Reports to the Governors. The Trump Administration heavily edited everything Birx wrote for it to comply with the President's understandings. When she resubmitted it for a second and final approval, they didn't catch that she worked her deleted recommendations back into the report with strategic sleight of hand. She devised a work-around to get her recommendations to the Governors Reports in a way that was not so obvious after her report received extensive cross-outs in the approval process. Then she'd independently on her own re-insert their objections but put the recommendations in a different location within the reports. she reordered and restructured what the administration opposed the most. She wrote, submitted, re-wrote and hid, and resubmitted. She disregarded what the Trump Administration wanted with strategic sleight of hand.

In this way, did an employee of the President recommend to Governors of States executive branch policies that undermined the top executive branch of this nation--POTUS itself????? This is the unthinkable. This is a major betrayal. This is major insubordination. This may be treason at this level.

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I’m a retired physician who volunteered to help vaccine roll out and over 6 months Jan 2020 to July did about 4 thousand it’s and second doses and trained others.Speaking to second doses patients became aware of any dis turning accounts of clot related. Illness severe headache for months,swollen testicle,menstrual problems and became aware of official data showing little protection and finally when uk authorities went against. There own JCVI advice smelled a rat and re sighned.Looked at yellow card,vaers data and was astonished at no action by authorities.Saw how big pharma funds bodies who are supposed to regulate them.Saw GMC threatening docs who tell the truth.

Family and friends think I’m mad and shrug my concerns away.I have nothing to lose speaking out but little I can do alone.I had 2 doses and not have more despite travel disruption.

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