I fixed the link to the fluvoxamine article. sorry about that. I wanted to get the article out before my flight left.

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How can we get fluvoxamine? Do they sell it anywhere?

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The system is rigged.

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If as you clearly say, "The reason is pure corruption," do you know the root source of the corruption emanating from the FDA?

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The global health mafia and central bankers can't allow there to be an alternative to the quackzines because they need to get it on the childhood vaccine schedule to complete the takeover. If most of the children remain unpoisoned and they can't sell covid to the masses anymore, they will have failed to get the needed underpinning for their social credit scoring digital-currency-backed financial system in place. They need those children jabbed. All of them. Even the babies. They are in a race against time before the jig is up. People grow tired of this game and have experienced too much loss to continue with the booster for the booster. Or the booster for the booster for the booster. Time is running out against the successful completion of this global takeover plan.

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Pharmaceutical companies need a new stream of revenue (enter mRNA injections) since most conventional drugs are now off patent and children already have 70 doses of required vaccines. They can’t keep reinventing the same drugs over and over for the same chronic diseases indefinitely, although they are doing a pretty decent job so far. But the end of that business model is near. They are now working quite successfully with government, big tech and corporate media to require/mandate frequent adult vaccines moving forward. How many billions did they make this past year? With no research investment of their own and complete liability protection?

It’s brilliant, if hoards of money is the only goal. It’s evil, if the well being of society is the ultimate goal. Brandy Vaughn warmed that this was what big pharma was after just before her untimely, mysterious death.

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Tell your Doctor you are anxious or depressed and that you need Prozac to feel better.

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Yet these corrupt bastards authorized boosters for 5-11 today. What do we do sir? Aside from pitchforks and rope, I’m about out of ideas.

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I think there's enough evidence from examined vaccine vials to conclude it's worth considering the blood clotting is caused by graphene oxides. With that said, it seems like a good idea to start searching ways of removing it. Like perhaps, this.


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My brother-in-law by marriage just passed the other day. The story with him and his wife (still living but declining) is that as residence of a nursing facility that at the time they were accepted, indicated that the shot was not a mandated condition. During their 3-year stay always resisted staff trying to vax them. One incident occurred where a staff member came with a shot, she said was a flue inoculation. After the incident both started a rapid decline. Arther passed and the Dr. said his liver decline was a pretty sure indicator of a covid shot. The family was outraged a requested the records of all meds given, which the facility refused to allow. Kathy is declining now. Family too sue? Or request a state attorney investigate? Somehow the question is of concern for the family, Perhaps they could put a hesitation on their illegal activity with a raised level of exposure.... Sad times with medical personal making end of life decisions for we elderly.

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FDA hides the very bad impact of SUGAR on our immunity ( 1/4th cup in each soda ! ).

E.G., See : https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/05/220511104941.htm

My previous post about this, on your Page, Steve :


JungianINTP6 hr ago

Steve Kirsch,

Let’s always pursue ROOT causes

of why people get sick with colds,

cancer, or flu-bugs ( see P.S.—been

preaching this for several decades;

and, yes, I have a weakness for the

heroin-like poison, S U G A R!—but I

know how to kill its bad effects within

ten minutes of giving in to my addiction ) :

Forwarded Message :


You are on the wrong track, re Big Pharma's Medical Mafia and its

touting of the snake-oil, “EGIs” = Experimental Gene Injections :

Death By Vaccines—30 Years of Deaths, Charted :




“Have a Coke get a cold and/or flu!”

is the strongest clue as to why folks

get sick with flu bugs and cancer :

S U G A R !

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The FDA knew if they authorized any existing licensed products, rule 4 would kick in and end or prohibit the EU's for the COVID gene therapy injections. And that, according to Peter Daszak in a 2015, statement, and indicated by a Fauci 2019 video statement was the goal all along.

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We need regulations to prevent these health agencies from receiving funds from big pharmaceutical companies, otherwise the corruption well just get worse and worse.

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No way to search your site? Trying to find statistics on infections after 1,2,3 jabs?

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May 17, 2022·edited May 17, 2022

Friends, there's a new variant or at least something going around. Sore throat + headpressure is unreal. Lots of people on twtr complaining of this. Toothache. Temp under <100.4 but I felt like my brain was being cooked last night. breathing is fine but my spo2 went down briefly to 94%, which never happens. Be careful. I lost a ton of weight overnight. Still sick. Haven't been sick in 2 years since I got the original covid so this sucks. Tension/sinus pressure. HR over 100.

The fun part = I was at home for more than 10 days. Only got deliveries etc,


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Exactly - and cheap.

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