"If we want to see if the MMR vaccine causes autism, the best and simplest way to do that is simply to plot every autism case relative to the closest MMR vaccination date of that child. The date is the date when the parent or expert observer first noticed telltale ASD behaviors (and not when a clinical diagnosis is made which could be years later). "

Your assertions are not just wrong, they are absurd.

1. If MMR causes autism, then kids vaccinated with MMR must have a higher risk for autism.

Madsen's methods are correct and your argument fails basic logic.

2. There is ~100 years of works in statistics that demonstrate that your proposed approach will yield incorrect results.

3. There is data going back 20+ years exactly testing parental ability to observe the first signs of ASD and exactly like statisticians told us...parents are wrong and systematically biased.

It is a fact Steve, you just don't have even a basic understanding of the science.

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Study quoted as defective in book "Turtles all the way down"

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Please don't forget about all the other vaccines that have NOT been studied for links to autism. They have looked at one vaccine, MMR, and one ingredient (thimerosal) and declared vaccines don't cause autism. What about diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccines? The IOM was asked in 1991 to evaluate the evidence for pertussis vaccine and autism association. Still have not studied it

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"I asked to see the source data for the study. The author blocked me."


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upon this earth- esp. (and always) @ this time , no great fortune is amassed - without the commensurate crime...

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Thanks Steve. "Flaws"? Or just deliberate bullshitery?

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Way more than .0003% have awakened. I do a lot of reading and see the polls on the internet. Those who have not awakened- are those who have had their thinking apparatus wiped out by these vaccines. My own brother is one of them...he raves about all the boosters he has taken. Another brother who took them...is gone.

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I feel certain that the Madsen study was quite flawed as you say, Steve, and that the so-called vaccines do cause Autism, Alzheimer's, dementia and cancers.

The inclusion of toxic aluminum in the injecticides is the cause.

See the hypocrisy and corruption of the CDC.


Excerpt: "Aluminum salts, such as aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum potassium sulfate have been used safely for more than 70 years."

Here are some contradictions to the malicious CDC history. https://thinklovehealthy.com/2017/06/22/aluminum-in-vaccines-history-and-toxicity/


Sodium Fluoride (SF), the toxic waste product from the manufacture of aluminum, has been put into public water systems since the end of WW2, the government knowing explicitly the dangers of SF. From that point, Alzheimer's and Autism took a dramatic upswing since then.

Thank you, Steve, for all the good work you do for the people.

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That Temple Ealey story breaks my heart

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Thanks for filling in the details...I read so much that i didn't remember where the info came from...It may have been in Judy Mikovitz's Plague of Corruption or perhaps, The Real Anthony Fauci by JFKennedy, Jr. The information about this rotten industry has ben available for some time. The vaccine and drug industry are totally corrupt. When and if they do testing, poor results are always hidden. The one good thing about this entire fiasco...people are waking up to the fact that these industries have been taking them for a ride for years.

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It's sad. The great vaccine fraud is planned population reduction by death or by removing productive members of society by disabling them.

A minuscule subset of the population is driving this this to serve their desires, and people driven by greed or fear enable it. The more people who give in to the cabal, the stronger they get. Each time a person violates their conscience for money or fear, a piece of their soul dies until it's dead. Once dead, they become heartless souls incapable of empathy.

People who are confronted with these choices need stand their moral ground and have faith that keeping your character is more precious than money, jobs, or careers.

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Since a lot of this is quite old (including many of the critiques) I might be recalling this wrong, but I though even Madsen or one of the subsequent study leaders themselves admitted the early studies were too weak to yield those conclusions.

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Appreciate your investigations on this topic!!

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It seems that Covid jab is proving to be a retrograde step for human well-being. There are so many diseases that are caused or/and exacerbated following the accepted use of such useless injections.

DEADLY 'Experimental' injection makers accept NO LIABILITY for health-related issues that follow the jabs. Why or how can this continue?

The manufacturers have falsified pseudo trial findings, minimised, lied, manipulated data or hidden this important evidence from public view since well before Covid was first modified with bio-weapon techniques (GoF), for maximum human impact, by those with financial interests in 'supposedly curing' this man-enhanced disease!

“Many (medics) don’t want anything to do with curing illnesses because it threatens their income. If one understands that 'cures' interfere with one's income you are going to deliberately ignore it.

'Do No Harm' used to be a Doctor's oath - this included notifying patients of all aspects of medical treatment - including 'Adverse Reactions and DEATHS related to those supposed 'CURES'.

I've not heard of ONE vax recipient that was given proper details regarding the UNSAFE and INEFFECTIVE, 'EXPERIMENTAL' injections BEFORE having the poison administered.

“Many (MEDICS) oncologists don’t want anything to do with medical remedies because it threatens their income. If you understand (REALISE) something might interfere with your income you are not going to (pretend to) understand it at all.

No LIABILITY for VAX MAKERS must be re-introduced before anyone can start to trust the medical profiteers!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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My best friend’s cousin was 18 months old when she had her vaccines that were age appropriate at the time. She went from being a normal toddler to immediately changing over night. She has been severely autistic her entire life. She is in her 40’s and still lives with her parents. That was the first case that started waking me up. I refused to allow my daughter to get my grandson vaccinated. He had the Hep vax they give at birth and maybe his first set before she woke up. He is 10 months old and NEVER been sick. Both my girls have had various illnesses since about 4 months.

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