This has been examined. The results have blown this thing wide open, for anyone who wants to know.


Now, all we have to do is get this info into the right hands.

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ok, i agree that the vak-seen is causing all manner of health problems but spike protein acting like a prion? Please. If there is anything dumber than the virus myth, it's the prion myth. I'm sure this person is very nice, intelligent, well intended, but tell her to drop the nonsense on stilts and learn some real biology before she sputters any more of this baloney.

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From 2017...

"What I've done is I've created a stroking agent....this is one of things that has been entertained and examined to some extent by my colleagues in NATO and to those working on the use of neuro- biological sciences to create populational disruptions...either as hemorrhagic and vascular disruptors or actual neural network disruptors."


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The theory is the same, but the molecule is different! In work that has been conducted by Profs Kell (UK) and Pretorius (SA), on the spikeopathy in Long Covid (and by analogy in Cov2 'Vaccine' injury), The S 1 subunit of the spike protein has been found to cause abnormal Beta-sheet (or amyloid) folding of the FIBRIN molecule, which is the basic structural protein in blood clots. The result is a fibrous amyloid blood clot (which the researchers have termed 'fibrinaloid'), which is highly resistant to fibrinolysis and anticoagulants (i.e. it accumulates). Since this anomalous form of clot is self assembling, clot size is variable. Although so far observed and identified as microclots in living subjects, following virus infection, it is highly probable that it continues to self-assemble and grow to the lengths observed by the embalmers, due to prolonged m-RNA 'vaccine' spike production. For further info:



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This is why the NIH is not doing a study on blood clotting from the spike proteins. They already published one in October 2021.


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This sounds premeditated to me. Sick sick sick.

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Logic: We already know how to break down Amyloid proteins. A hallmark of Alzheimer's is Amyloid proteins and there are treatments for it.

Experienced medical professionals, in my opinion, need to develop a protocol based on this or tell people like me who lack broad knowledge why this is not an option.

Even if you can show me such a reason, I would ask you why it couldn't it be pulled out and then prevented from developing a second time.

While I'm waiting, I am going to list the ways we already deal with such:

1. Here is Dr. Robert Rowen, one of the nations leading experts on Ozone therapy. Look near the end of the article.https://drrowen.substack.com/p/alzheimers-approaches

2. https://www.naturaleyecare.com/blog/breaking-amyloid-beta-plaque/

3. https://news.weill.cornell.edu/news/2018/01/enzyme-digests-amyloid-beta-associated-with-alzheimer%E2%80%99s-disease

These are just what I found initially. I imagine there's many more.

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Has anyone heard about these clots from an embalmer they know or any embalmer? I know a guy who works part time in the funeral home business but he won't even talk about this subject with me. He will neither confirm nor deny. Strange. I wonder if it's because he got jabbed for his main job and just doesn't want to think about what may be inside him. What a disgusting, horrible and criminal situation we are in with everything related to covid.

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Can it cause other types of blood disease? I know an elderly person who was otherwise healthy not on any medication, went out walking a mile and half everyday, got 2 shots, months later got this weird problem of having to have blood transfusion every 2 - 3 weeks. Docs have no clue and found nothing wrong with the bone marrow.

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"Why isn’t the NIH funding a study looking at blood parameters before/after vaccination?"

30 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. The U.S. financial system is on the verge of collapse due to printing money. Their answer is to erase the debts they created by erasing human lives.

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Does a normal Ddimer test suggest a person is safe from future adverse spike events? How reliable is this test? If it is - I’m thinking a lot of investment quietly being done to ensure they are ready to make it available to the vaxEd when all is revealed.

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It may prove difficult to find volunteers. We, also,, may need to consult a pharmacy that gives the vax and the legal framework involved could be tricky.

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If this is the case, then a study needs to be done on breaking them down using plasmalogens.


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Steve I recall this video too of clots being removed from a decaesed vaxxed.


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My question is why aren't there more? No one I know personally had any trouble with the shot. I didn't take it but it would be a lot more believable if more people were having these reaction?

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Jessica's explanation is excellent, however I'd like to take it further.

Here I show that the clots are "stretchy" (described as the consistency of Calamari) because of the nature of the vasculature they are stripping off to form the amyloid clots.

It's not just the RBCs and the heme as Jessica describes that cause the fibrils, it's the collagen and other parts of the vasculature of the endothelium itself which are the "muscles" of that organ, which make the clots "rubbery."

The outer layer of the endothelium/epitheliuam are cells that control blood flow and pressure in the vessels. Essentially the spike and autoimmune reaction to it strips these off, they reform in the center of the vessels with added fibrin from the amyloid clotting mechanism.

I.e. it's like you are stripping the top layer of a rubberband off and reforming a new one, next to and attached to the original rubber band.

The clots form long fibrils, which are anchored to the vessel wall as described by Sucharit Bhakti, by the embalmers and by the cutting edge research team of Resia Pretorious and Douglas B. Kell.

This team is from South Africa and is studying micro clots and Long Covid.

The fibrils form quickly and all along the vessels, which are transfected by the spike protein. Probably everywhere, simultaneously. The person lives with them as they form, as they flutter in the center of the vessel. The blood flows around them. Eventually the person has more and more pain and shortness of breath and trouble exercising. The vasculature ages quickly. The clots break off or stop the blood flow completely or the tiniest parts of the vessels, like capillaries, are destroyed, and a thrombosis occurs. Douglas Kell who follows my research said he found this theory "interesting."


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