ALL us Godless deletional group thinkers should thrust the [5 billion in fruad fines] "medicine" has Killed 12,500,000, to 40,000,000 [in the last 50 years] [not counting Big Pharma's Coved kills! See the Johns Hopkins [low-ball] iatrogenic study vs. the well cited book, Death by Medicine! i.e. More much more death & missuery than ALL the wars USA has ever been in! It's to teach us, "Death is the wages of sin, vs the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our lord." [Romans 6:23]

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GOD can and has in the past , changed timelines of events.

IMO, as vicegerents upon earth, we have failed in our duty to GOD and He has called forth for accountability.

Every human faces the same trial right now.

The vaccines are part of this universal trial He has put every single human under.

Who other than GOD can ultimately protect us from harm or death?

Every one of us has a time appointed. But our free on this choice to take the vaccine or not will affect the appointed time we have here.

Taking a vaccine other than trusting in GOD is a free will choice.

Those that have the strongest of faith and that understand this will refuse the vaccines even under the most difficult of situations.

People that say they are forced to keep their jobs, still have a free will choice, and if they choose the vaccine, then they have trusted in man and not GOD to protect and provide for them.

It is the same for most other situations as well although some of them are life and death choices in medical complications.

Right now, GOD is choosing HIs army to fight and to give us one more chance to make right what we have allowed wrong.

The process of the trial continues and will tighten up severely for the PUREBLOODS.

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Typical psychopathic non-speak that is so common in these mendacious times. Example: "Statements that imply that reports of deaths to VAERS following vaccination equate to deaths caused by vaccination are scientifically inaccurate, misleading, and irresponsible. " VAERS was (mendaciously) designed to capture a correlation between vaccination and adverse events. Theoretically correlation would signal the need for review. As we know, the signal here is something analogous to a nuclear explosion even when compared to the variety of unsafe vaccines currently being promulgated. One would also suppose that since this is not actually approved, i.e. the Emergency Use Authorization, they would be more alert regarding safety since SAFETY HAS NOT BEEN ESTABLISHED through even the minimum acceptable standards cuz, muh, emergency. But no, cannot help the silent scream in this "response" of what have they found if they have reviewed the adverse events. Not minimally credible.

VAERS correlations are not supposed to be causation, they are a signal. A HUGE signal. They are designed to "imply" that deaths following vaccination may be caused by it. When I see this sort of liar talk it just makes me want to strangle somebody. We cannot function as a society at this level of lies, especially about literal issues of life and death. G*damn I hate these people.

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They Karine-JeanPierre-d your attempt. Matthew 10:16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves."

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Dec 6, 2022·edited Dec 6, 2022

You failed to ask them what source they trust for their safety signal. Matthew 10:16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves." Your strike was KarineJeanPierre-d.

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This word “robust” seems to be the word of the decade. Who ever heard “robust” used so much before? Now everything the government or its agencies do is supported by “robust” systems or “robust” something else. Certainly if something is “robust,” we can trust them with it …. Can’t we? ;)

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GOD bless you Steve for being a true TRUTH Warrior. I will never stop speaking TRUTH to tyranny. We are under attack from our own gov't - Truth is simple - deception is convoluted. The CDC's response is full of corrupt lies, however, like you shared, they are now on record. The Truth is on our side & so is GOD. Thank you Steve for you give me HOPE ...

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Awesome photo, Steve!

I have been printing out your substacks and going to pharmacies and health departments.

Today I was at the health department of the little town we live in, talked to the nurse manager. Provided the information. I truly believe if we all start talking to the pharmacists, health departments, on the local level, we can shift the thinking and stop the injection.

Imagine if pharmacists in CVS would hear from 20 people a day, coming and telling about the side effects of the shots, the pharmacists will be less likely to pick up a needle and inject. They would start having a moral dilemma.

it does not take long, just a few mins while you are shopping in Target, etc.

let's all do it!

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So they stated ..."VAERS is designed to collect data, detect potential safety signals, and generate hypotheses."

Then how can they come to this conclusion?? ..."Around 90% of reports to VAERS after COVID-19 vaccination have been non-serious. "

I'm no expert, but this doesn't sound right.

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They lied and misled and betrayed the trust of the wrong guy! Keep up your relentless pursuit for truth! You got the tiger by the tail! God Bless You Steve!

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"But you can rest assured that the CDC is monitoring VAERS for safety signals!" -- I feel safer already ;-)

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Well wasn’t that response to the doc nothing more than a long winded gaslighting extravaganza of erudite wording that in content and context amounts to a stinking pile of Ca Ca.

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Lately I have been looking at data pulled from the following 2 CDC sites:



these 2 sites have MMWR data back to Jan 2014 for each week since then untill early Nov. ( their posts take a couple of weeks to upload). I'm not sure how to post a png of the plot plot here, but let me describe what I did to create it:

1. from the above addresses I downloaded data for the following categories:

all-cause natural-cause sept neoplasm diabetes alzheimers pneumo respiratory nephrosis abnormal heart cerebro

for each week beginning in 2014.

2. for each of the 52 weeks of each year I calclulated the average (of the years 2014 to 2019) to get the estimate mean number of deaths per million population for each . Also the Std. Dev. for each week (based only on the 6 years available)

3 . For each week starting in 2014 calculate the Z-score using the mean and Std.Dev. from step 2. and the number of deaths in each category (above), scaled by the estimated population for that week.

Once all that is done, plotting the data is easy... The most interesting plot is for the Z-score of the deaths due to 'Heart'. The z-score for death due to heart problems is nicely constraint from 2014 thru 2021. but beyond 2021, the Z-score increases to more than 100 (Std.Dev.) - if ever there was a signal, this wuld be it, IMHO.

I can upload or email the data and/or the .png plots and even the raku (perl6) code I used to download and process the data if you are interested.

Note that this is not VAERS data, but from the CDC website. MMWR ( Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report).

Tom Morgan

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Nov 25, 2022·edited Nov 25, 2022

Does anyone hate reading the lies coming out of the CDC as much as I do? It's sickening.

Wow, this just takes the cake!

"CDC was not involved with the work you mentioned in your correspondence, *** which used limited information from a publicly accessible VAERS database" ***

Should we take this as a confession?

We know thanks to Albert Benavides that they've been busy deleting vaccine deaths since the first month of vaccine distribution. We also know that doctors are threatened with losing their jobs/licenses for reporting to VAERS. We also know they are calling post vaccine deaths any but what they are, including calling them death by COVID-19.

Yeah, we know they have more data, the question is, why are they concealing it from the public?

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Typical lies and manoeuvring by a devious Government Dept that knows it's hiding the truth from the public. The reasons can only be surmised but it ain't good!

We know the truth! There are more of us than they think!

'LIABILITY' for the makers of dangerous experimental injected meds (ridiculously called 'VACCINE') would see the problem disappear! That's why the 'establishment' had to change the meaning of VACCINE TWICE since 2010.

Covid vax does nothing for recipients but can KILL or MAIN you!

'LIABILITY’ must be reintroduced for Vax makers then they will have to stop the mayhem and pay massive compensation = Hopefully resulting in LIQUIDATION!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I read the small print that Pfizer chose to remove.

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Reading the CDC response is a case study in double talk, straw man arguments, blame shifting, obfuscation, euphemisms, and bald face lies. Below I list some of the key passages with my comments.

"CDC was not involved with the work you mentioned. Please see the disclaimer "

Comment: Immediately the CDC shifts the blame for the non-reporting of the death safety signal to some undefined 3rd party.

“Statements that imply that reports of deaths to VAERS following vaccination equate to deaths caused by vaccination are scientifically inaccurate, misleading, and irresponsible.”

Comment: This is Classic Misdirection that implies some undefined higher scientific standard is required to prove a death is caused by the vaccine even though the whole purpose of VAERS is to document cases where a patient dies or is injured shortly after the vaccine is administered. Yet the reality is, even here, the CDC falls on their own sword as they are not interested in a higher scientific standard such as postmortem tissue analysis like Dr. Ryan Cole recommends that would prove with certainty if the vaccine caused the death. They know the results would destroy their lies. It's all bs.

"Authorized and approved COVID-19 vaccines are being administered under the most comprehensive and intensive vaccine safety monitoring effort in U.S. history."

Comment: What can you say about this other than it is a bald face, provable lie.  

"Robust systems and processes are in place"

Comment: Anytime I hear euphuisms like "Robust" I know immediately I am being played and that the writer is grasping for terms to give the impression of something being positive when the exact opposite is true. Words like "Robust", "Competitive", "Successfully", "Leverage" are all classic Weasel Words that are used to mislead.  

"VAERS is designed to collect data, detect potential safety signals, and generate hypotheses."

Comment: Yet they ignore their own safety signals and blame another party for not reporting the death signal.  One then is left to wonder why the CDC doesn't take direct responsibility of the VAERS reporting system and run it themselves since they claim they rely on VAERS to detect safety signals. Yet they would rather cast doubt on VAERS rather than owning it. This is classic double talk.   

"vaccines are required under the provider agreements for the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program and Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to report certain serious adverse events, like deaths, to VAERS regardless of whether the reporter thinks the vaccine caused the adverse event. This required reporting is one reason why many reports to VAERS do not represent adverse events caused by the vaccine."

Comment: This is more misdirection and meaningless babble particularly the last sentence. The CDC seems to suggest that required reporting of adverse events somehow bizarrely means adverse events are not caused by the vaccine. Huh? This is a completely nonsensical statement and, as we know, doctors and nurses are pressured NOT to report adverse events. Doing so can lead to adverse events in their career.  The CDC then states they are legally required to reports events like death to VAERS but then unnecessarily add - even if the reporter thinks the vaccine is not the cause.  They then follow on by implying that most of the reporters (doctors, nurses) do not think the vaccines cause injury in most cases which is yet another totally unfounded, unsupported claim meant to deceive.  

"Through these methods, FDA and CDC have successfully identified various rare safety signals related to COVID-19 vaccines FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it is unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem."

Comment:  Here we have more weasel words like "successfully" when we all know their mission is to obfuscate all data that is damning to the vaccine makers.  On that the CDC is highly successful.  They follow on with more needless shilling for Big Phama by again stating that even though they rely on VAERS we should not take it seriously because, you know, vaccines are safe and effective. What double talk rubbish. 

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