Gavin Newsom vax injury

Still pushing Vaccine Safety -

Article: Vaccines Not Tied to Immune-Mediated Neurological Events

Published in subscription service March 21, 2022 MPR Daily Dose


Article is Reviewing:



“No safety signal was observed between covid-19 vaccines and the immune mediated neurological events of Bell’s palsy, encephalomyelitis, Guillain- Barré syndrome, and transverse myelitis. An increased risk of Bell’s palsy, encephalomyelitis, and Guillain- Barré syndrome was, however, observed for people with SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

The only way there would be low or no reporting by the vaccinated would be when experiencing such events, the injured are yet again dismissed by their doctors so that there is no documented report of injury from the vaccines. There is no other way to explain the ‘findings’, eh?

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I think your instincts and deductions are right on this one. If you want to start advertising, I suggest the largest independent news clearinghouse in California.

Side bet: Why not offer the Newsoms $1M to declare their kids have taken the Covid vax? We'd wager you wouldn't lose any cash.

Check out the site. Gavin's people read it. They've sent a nasty email or two.


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concerning your opinion of jennifer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNjwZwZHCAQ

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Hi Steve,

Here in Australuia New South Wales we supposed to get freedom for the unvaccinated on December 15th 2021, playing golf is part of it. My golf club was allowing unvaccinated golfers to play with other unvaccinated members in groups of 2 players while the vaccinated could play in groups of 4 and can enter the club house however; since the roadmap was to open up on the 15th now the golf club is mandating only vaccinated members can play golf based on some research the evil people in charge of golf in Australia are circulating. Could you kindly look into this so called evidence and elaborate if possible.

Ooops...I can't attach files

But they referring to Doherty Modelling Report prepared for the national cabinet stating that fully vaccinated with AZ and Pfizer vaccines have an overall reduction in transmitting of 79% and 93% respectively.

Many thanks


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I heard, from a very credible source, that he was caught cheating on his wife yet again and that’s why he disappeared and was not allowed to travel overseas for the Summit. I believed it because I don’t believe any politician would ever get injected with that thing because they know what’s in it and I will stand by my contention. However, you absolutely present an incredibly persuasive set up here and I must admit I am nearly convinced that you are right.

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No, Jennifer Newsom is not a hero if she only covers up but doesn't speak up. She's only protecting her own children and possibly trying to protect her marriage. That's just self-interest, not heroism.

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Dr. Drew wants to know what is wrong with Newsom symptom wise, any info? Thanks Steve you rock!

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You sir, are my hero! Clearly, this isn’t you’re purpose. True, none the less.

You are awesome. A rock star. Gavin, what do you have to say?


Wonder, why?!?

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Jennifer Newsom s a person of high integrity? Excuse me while I vomit. She married that scumbag!

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"If Gavin ignores my offer, I will start billboard / newspaper/ online advertising." A waste of your money. Even if he confesses, they will come out with new lies. Remember, they got away with 9/11, and the scams so far; Newsom's face - or fate - is trivial.

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Just saw this article:

CA Governor Newsom Challenged With $5 Million Bet To Prove He Didn’t Lie About VAX Injury


Philanthropist Steve Kirsch Pledges to Fund Billboard and Online Ads if Newsom Fails to Respond

Palo Alto, CA — Steve Kirsch, a philanthropist who started the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation and the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, whose work was profiled on 60 Minutes, seems to have found a new pet cause; demanding the truth from California Governor Gavin Newsom.

After the bizarre disappearance of the Governor from public life immediately following the Governor’s vaccine booster shot, many suspected the disappearance might have something to do with his jab.

Enter Steve Kirsch. Not only did Kirsch become interested, but he also claimed to have multiple sources that all pointed to one answer – that the Governor was vaccine injured.

Kirsch is so confident that Newsom had sustained a vaccine injury, he has officially offered Newsom $5M if Newsom will give him a blank piece of paper.

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The tsunami of injuries in the next year will negate his insistance that he is fine, for he will probably continue to be a sick man for some time to come, and it will show.

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May I suggest deleting reason #13? Saying that there are twitter posts that suggest it is completely meaningless and takes away from general credibility in your reasoning

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My hypothesis is that as a high level political operative of the Cabal, he’s fully aware that the so-called vaccines and the booster are actually bioweapons, so he fully believed that he was being jabbed with a placebo. However, an unknown 5th columnist in his ranks replaced the placebo vial with the real deal.

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Also notable is Jennifer Siebol newsom's Tweet.....it clearly shouts of someone in deep conflict by projecting her most inner conflict with the Truth.....no wonder it was deleted:

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Steve, whether our illustrious lying Governor knows it or not, he's upped the anty from "The French Laundry Incident".....I guess if you lose one bet you double down on the next. Unfortunately, like everything else playing out in these times this is simply going to be another slow motion train wreck.

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