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Next step: wait for the famous pollster to do this poll which a lot of other key questions. They are highly respected. When that poll is released, it will be impossible to ignore.

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At the very start I felt something was very wrong when all the governments & media around the world started pushing so hard for all to get a jab for something most people have a better than %98.98 chance of full recovery if you get it & at the same time saying you might have the rona & not even know it, So get this experimental jab that we don't know any long term effects of. I'm not getting it even with a gun at my head.

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True. Did half the country take the vaccine? We can't trust their numbers but if half didn't and many of those that did were forced and add those that were injured and those that have said never again........Absolutely the majority is on the same side and that is "we don't trust it and what is going on?" We are so prepared for their next con or whatever "monkey business" on their agenda.

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Hi Steve…I’ve been censored by AT&T and locked out of my e-mail account…PERMANENTLY so had to get a new e-mail address to continue to access your sub stack! My old e-mail address was larryclarry@sbcglobal.net Also I purchased your sub stack this time and hope I can get the Dissenter back also for free! I’m not able to sign in because you recognize me under my old e-mail address and say I already have a free account! Could you couple my new account with the old one and send me a way to sign in? Thank you! Can you believe a no-body like me has been militated against simply for accessing truth on line and spreading it around???? Anyway thank you for your web-sight and all you do to inform us and for helping me with this problem! God bless!

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Steve, two points: Your survey results will be more persuasive to open minds if the methodology is sound and explicit. Unless I missed it, there is no statement about how those sampled were reached and screened, and no check on the sincerity or accuracy of their responses. Even the term (“that you personally know”) in the key question “Which has killed more people that you personally know?” is undefined. Some of your post suggests that it echoes a self-selected sample from those who follow your excellent sub-stack, but whatever may be its virtues, its readership is not representative of the US population as a whole. To be clear—my own ad hoc straw poll of the small number of people I know is entirely consistent with and supportive of these results but can hardly count as compelling evidence of anything. To be even clearer: your work is fun, clear, brilliant and creative and absolutely persuasive to those who are already on board the correct narrative.

The title of this post “GAME OVER. WE WON,” is both premature and mistaken. I don’t want to take you off topic, but you could profit from the long comment by Another Worldview is Possible (the one in which he addresses Afghanistan). The author of that post and I have been through the truther-wars and know that understanding these PSY-OPS requires drastically rethinking your view of the power structures of the world we live in, and sad to say, a good deal of human nature itself (e.g., the kind of stuff you rightfully poke fun at as barriers to seeing the truth, especially clinging to a false secular world-view as though it were sacred religious text).

The Big Lies—the ones that make a difference—that nobody can be sued or punished for, and in support of which some evidence is routinely generated and other ignored by the CIA-organized media include the following:

1) Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK, and did so because of his communist ideology.

2) Malcolm X was assassinated by killers under the sway of the Nation of Islam.

3) James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King, and did so from racial animus.

4) Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and did so because of the latter’s support for Israel.

5) The Iran-Contra scandal.

6) Islamic terrorists used a made-from-piss urea bomb to bomb the WTC in 1993.

7) Timothy McVeigh brought down the OKC Murrah Federal Building with an ANFO truck bomb, and did so to avenge the death of Randy Weaver’s wife at Ruby Ridge at the hands of the FBI.

8) 9/11 was an attack on America and its freedoms by Islamic terrorists.

9) George W. Bush won the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.

10) COVID-19 is a deadly disease that has forced the shutdown much of the world economy and imposed horrendous hardships upon people from almost every county in order to protect them from this plague.

The history of every major PSY-OP in U.S. history is that each group of its truth-researchers wins the battles, wins them conclusively and repeatedly, and just as conclusively loses the war for public consensus and effective political action. We are in the midst of the first major global PSY-OP in world history and it faces precisely the same prospects. I am not ignoring or denigrating the amazing work that you have done and continue to do, but even if your survey can prove conclusively that there has been a tectonic shift in public opinion towards recognizing the lethality of COVID vaccines, that is much more than a country mile away from influencing policy, let alone exposing the who ( including WHO) and how and why of this came to be so, and bringing the very alive-and-well perpetrators to justice (forget that) or dismantling their apparatus of power. Public opinion is routinely ignored by the powerful when deemed necessary or advisable. We have a better chance of success in some of the smaller battles such as alerting the public and medical community to the danger and clinical futility of the gene therapies masquerading as vaccines, but success in even that task requires methodological care and caution and candor. So please tighten up and publicize the methodology of that survey. Below is an example of the simplest, clearest and most compelling exposure of the major domestic covert operation—a PSY-OPS—that came to naught.

http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/green/DomesticCovertOps.html (I would revise some of what was written 12 years ago, but the central part is hauntingly clear: Chandler’s public exposure of monumental fraud by NIST to conceal the controlled demolition of WTC7 (the Salomon Building). This remarkable and almost unique event on the history of covert operations not only failed to move mountains, but was entirely feckless when confronted by the machinery of propaganda and media control, but that’s not the worst of it. Far, far worse is the fact that even Richard Gage using it and similar data, has been unable to persuade, let alone to mobilize, the STEM community to whom he—and all of us who get it—can present a clear and compelling 15-minute proof of controlled demolition. That difficulty of persuasion is what stands between us and even an approximation of political freedom and autonomy. To jump to the meat, skim for “Chandler” and start reading.)

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As a market research professional for more years than I want to recognize, I appreciate that you conducted this survey/analysis. I don't know what firm you are using for the "official" survey but having a methodology/data/analysis that is undisputable will help silence at least some of the vapid arguments. I appreciate this personally because I just lost my fiancé 2 weeks ago due to complications from this jab and I am angry as hell. I've been trying to tell people about the dangers for over a year but, denial is very powerful. God bless you for fighting the bastards who have and are continuing to commit premeditated murder.

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Doctors are monsters. Medical error is the 3rd largest cause of death in America. They have a self-righteous, and rigid myopia, then is instilled in med school, which leads to tragedy. And as an aside.......... no this is not over, round 2 is coming this fall and winter just in time for the elections, and the much of the world will lock down again. They will never let the truth escape, because, to do so, puts the Davos crowd lives' in danger.

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"Why can’t we let doctors be doctors?"

The MD is a dying breed as far as the practice of the art of healing. They are now called clinicians (think assembly line mechanics) operating under the State's Malpractice.

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Sorry, we haven't won anything but maybe the first half of the first inning. Big pharma has been lying to us for the last 70 years. It began with the polio crisis, opiates and the idea that cholesterol causes heart disease. All of it nonsense. That is why they were so successful with the fake vaccine program (mRNA gene therapy injections) because hardly anybody has questioned big pharma drugs and previous vaccines. The medical indoctrination is instilled extremely deeply.

The entire medical complex is based on FEAR. It is not based on finding the problems in your body and curing them and making you whole again. No, it is a continuing process where you are given drugs, vaccines and now mRNA injections. How many times times has your doctor told you that you will be taking your drug prescriptions for life? Does that sound like they care about making you well or just well enough to keep going so they can prescribe more and more useless drugs?

Until parts of big pharma come under the gun, are dismantled and people are tried for crimes and either hang or go to prison, nothing will change. Until the FDA, CDC and AMA are abolished and replaced, the corruption will never end. The next gate's sponsored fake pandemic and fake vaccine parade is only a heartbeat away...feel your heart beating faster as they promote more fear and death from a non-existent virus.

Most people are still glued to whatever their doctor and big pharma says. Nothing is gonna change in the aggregate, maybe only on the fringes where the last 30% who refused the extermination injections as they try to hold the line and save humanity.

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I want to help more on the ensuing legal battles and I agree with you going after AGs as well as David Martin looking at patents as those exclusive intellectual property fall after R&D and can make or break profiteers. Where are we at with Tennessee and going after Vanderbilt's Virologist/inventor Mark Denison?


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"Why can’t we let doctors be doctors?"

They ARE "being doctors.". Their religion & faith is their profession, their god is the AMA/FDC/CDC/GOV'T/etc. Ultimately it's Satan whether they care to admit it or not. It's ALL sponsored by the sons of hell, who also just happen to own the financial system.

While people are busy "suing them," they're in the process of starving everyone out and making energy & living unaffordable for the masses. "We'll own nothing," remember?

It's no joke to them. Meanwhilee, and despite the fact that the forthcoming deliberate inflation (developing) is going to make the inflation of the Carter years look like a very mild recession, even many "red-pilled" people foolishly think that this is simply another economic/business cycle.

So very few actually understand who is behind this all enough to affect any kind of difference. It's the same ilk that perpetrated 9-11, and had we forced the "too big to fail" financial system to fail in 2008, we wouldn't be where we are today. If that statement renders you incredulous, LOL, good luck here soon.

They're playing chess, the masses, which are addicted to TV/electronics, are playing tiddlywinks while being foolishly and naively entirely unaware of the epochal tidal wave of evil that's cresting before us.

Enjoy what's left of this summer, the gates of hell are starting to open likely fully open this fall/winter.

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They don't care that we know they are deliberately killing us now. In fact I would say those in control are laughing at our puny efforts for justice and recognition. It's a war against human beings and a dirty war at that. Something else has to occur to stop this now.

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Sorry but i don't see how these polls are going to help us? i would love for that to be true but.....Are we hoping the results break through the mass psychosis?

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Some folks are waking up for sure. Had everyone blindly agreed to take the clot shots without question or hesitation. I don't think we would have ever heard the words "vaccine mandates." Too many side effects, injuries, newly acquired autoimmune diseases, deaths, etc. for anyone with a working brain to ever again believe anything that comes out of the mouths of pharmaceutical reps, executives, mainstream media or government mis-representatives. Add to that list useful idiots from other walks of life, who may very well have blood on their hands for participating in the lies, delusions and deceptions about covid and everything else.

When a person has lost numerous family members with reversible diseases before they reached 40 years old. There is no way under heaven to expect those people to place any trust in most conventional medical practices. So the only thing left for fascists and tyrants to carry out is vaccine and/or medical mandates and lockdowns, etc. Basically a form of extortion which is illegal in a sane society. Mandating or forcing someone to take a biological weapon (in any form) is akin to mandating that a person put a loaded gun to their head and pull the trigger. Or ordering that a person stand before a firing squad.

Medical mandates can also be compared to lethal injections, or the electric chair executions given to prisoners on death row. I'm not pro slavery in any sense of the word. However, all policies that psychopathic transhumanist individuals are dying to force on everyone else (always excluding themselves), are worse than everything I've ever heard about physical slavery my entire life.

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FDA public comment portal is open for a week (that's where they have to at least pretend to read what you write to them): https://www.regulations.gov/commenton/FDA-2022-N-0904-0001

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Stev do you know of any women reporting unusual mammogram such as unexplained hematomas?

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