Hi Steve - Regarding number 3 - After I had COVID I went to a Live Blood Analyst. In real time he showed me the effects of the disease on the blood. And then some slides showing post-vaccine coagulation. See links inside his site here: https://australianawakenings.wordpress.com/ In addition to focusing on the vaccine vials, the effect on the blood is direct evidence of vaccine damage. Please have a look! It may be the best and most transparent evidence of vaccine damage we can get.

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Hi Steve. I don't know if you'd be interested in speaking to PJH Law in the UK. They won cases for 2 Doctors who were separately suspended by the GMC for speaking out against the Covid narrative. PJH Law are also involved in bringing an official criminal investigation into the vaccines. They are up against it here and I bet they would love to speak with you.

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I only know of a lawyer here in Reno, Nv. He is fighting the cause (lawsuits) for Nevada and is also on the board of American Frontline doctors. His name is Joey Gilbert. He is also running for governor.

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Steve, do you know about the independent Spanish researchers being translated through Orwell.City? The have been studying the Actual Contents Of The Injections. Link: https://www.orwell.city/2022/01/complex-microtechnology.html

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Regarding 3. (Vaccine vial analysis expert needed), the patents themselves might be a gold mine of information, for someone who understands them. The 248 page Moderna patent for the WHO Covid-19 Vaccines is : https://www.modernatx.com/sites/default/files/US10703789.pdf

Karen Kingston (mentioned by others here) also provided these links with regard to the same (horrifying if true):

Nanodiscs: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/25/ce/6d/84cb16adb713b2/US20100216804A1.pdf

Nanomagnets: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/d1/d5/03/2cb5028a1e528c/US20120265001A1.pdf

Single-walled carbon nanotubeles (SWNCTs) Graphene oxide: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/9e/bc/82/52d2a8e8c97ac2/US20130251618A1.pdf

Nanospheres: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/fe/a6/eb/8f54ba8800d73b/US20120201859A1.pdf

QuantumDot: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/e6/9d/c3/787a071bfff162/US20120228565A1.pdf

IOT/SocialismPlatform: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/e6/9d/c3/787a071bfff162/US20120228565A1.pdf

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Jimmy faircloth 318-619-7755. Alexandria Louisiana

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Luis Ewing in Lewis County, Washington.


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In this site are 2 videos, one with 3 German doctors, and another with a French doctor. They discuss the changes in the blood of patients injected with the Covid mRNA injections. Comparing, side by side, images photographed through their microscopes of blood from patients before and after injection, these images graphically show extreme changes in behavior and structure of blood cells. The platelets after injection change magnetic charge, clump together or form long “strings” of cells, and some cells radically change shape.

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Black woman registers for the Moderna shots as a white woman, told she cannot take a white person’s “vaccine”. Interviewer in Harlem is told that 3 people in one family in Harlem died of the C shots. And that mortality there is relatively high. Some of you folks have asked for this link; I found it in Uncut News, a site I previously recommended. It comes out of Switzerland, and it has good articles in German and in English translation, and also videos in both languages. This video is about Covid bioweapon racism. Judging from what happened to this woman, some batches of the “vaccine” are meant for some groups, not for others. I have posted, as have other people here, evidence that the Covid shots are being made in different batches, some lethal, some very damaging, some harmless. This is being done with full knowledge and intention by the Pharma companies, Pfizer, Moderna, Jansen, Astra Zeneca. It amounts to cold-blooded experimentation on innocent people, with malice aforethought. It is intentional murder, using patients as lab animals.

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The Nebraska AG Peterson wrote a well-footnoted legal opinion regarding early/alternative treatment options at the request of his state's CEO of DHHS; now NE doctors are freed from the risk of medical censure. It's a really thorough analysis, worth reading. Perhaps he would appear on camera to sum up his conclusions?

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Jeff Childers is an attorney in Alachua County (Gainesville) FL who has done some litigation with covid. If you haven’t already been in touch with him, he may be a resource for you.

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Dr. Carrie Madej for what/how to evaluate what is in the vials, cuz she's already done/doing that.

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Hi Steve, you should talk to Drs. Tom Cowan and Andy Kaufman. What they have researched and cited is the truth about viruses and virology. When the actual truth is finally know it blows everything else away. Just study it and ask your self what if? What if what they say is the truth? Wow, no words can hardly describe and it is almost impossible to wrap your brain around what the real truth is but after almost 2 years of study and research on my part, the more I learn the truer it becomes.

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Hi Steve I think I can help with 2 items, Nr2) Name of a lawyer who is still demanding medical boards etc. Julio Razona, his TW @juliorazona email: 20119908095@notificaciones.scba.gov.ar and Nr 5) here's a list of Mds: Dr. Bruce Boros (305) 294-0011

Janice A. Dennis, FNP, APRRN (561) 847-0573 (call or text) janiceicurn@bellsouth.net

Dr. Bernard Garcia (954) 771-2111

Jessica Ham, ARNP (850) 444-8857

Dr. Peter H. Hibberd (561) 655-4477; 561-725-2356 (text)

Dr. Michael M. Jacobs (850) 912-2000

Dr. Nabeel Kouka (305) 280-0505 info@salus.md www.salus.md

Dr. Jasen Kobobel (321) 636-0005 (appointments only with patients already established with his practice)

Dr. Chad Lee (954)-289-2845 cnlmedicalgroup@gmail.com www.cnlmed.com

Dr. Angeli Maun Akey FIRRIMupDoctors@gmail.com (telemedicine)

Dr. William Nields . HeadwatersHealthJax@gmail.com

Dr. Ben Marble (850) 776-5555

Dr. Juliana Rajter (954) 906-6000

Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter (954) 906-6000

Dr. Tara A. Solomon (954) 984-8892 Ext 1 www.drtarasolomon.com

Dr. Juan Pascal Suarez-Lopez (407) 843-0151

Dr. Andres Felipe Velasco (386) 574-1423

Brian Weinstein, NP (888) 329-0120

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I am a psychotherapist who specializes in treating people with unpopular opinions (unvaxed, anti CRT). I am also one of the few who treat mass formation www.kevinkervick.com.

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**For Vial Analysis**

Steve, I know you say you have someone to help advise with vial analysis, but I was watching La Quinta Columna’s video posted this am (1.2.22 https://t.me/OrwellCity/307 ) and Ricardo Delgado Martin was requesting to be called on to testify in courts. I’m sure you’re aware of the microscopy work they’ve been doing; if you haven’t connected with them, they could well be a great resource.

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