On one of Steve's substacks, someone wrote in to alert people to that Mercy Hospital/Allina in Coons MN was planning to remove the ventilator from Steve Quiner against his wife Anne's wishes. She had called into the Stew Peters show about it. Apparently the hospital was flooded with over 300,000 calls which saved her husband's life and she got him transferred to Texas:


The article includes two recorded conversations with doctors and hospital personnel.

"On Jan. 15, Scott was transferred out of Mercy Hospital and taken to an undisclosed hospital in Texas, where Holsten [attorney] said the doctors have reported Scott to be malnourished, having lost 30 pounds underweight, and dehydrated.

Both Holsten and Quiner said doctors in Texas were “horrified” by Scott’s condition when he arrived.

“One doctor said he didn’t know how Scott made it out of that hospital alive,” Quiner said. “He looked at his chart and said, ‘I can’t believe the heavy, sedating drugs they put him on.’”

The hospital was following a rigid late-treatment COVID protocol that has “very likely killed many people,” Holsten said."

Thank you to everyone who called. This case is helping to alert the public to the death traps that hospitals are becoming. Anne stood up for her husband's rights admirably and wasn't going to be cowed by "white coats." The doctor who blamed the lack of a a covid shot for her husband's condition is as laughably ignorant as Justice Sotomayor. A crying shame when a doctor is unable to think outside the box.

Interviews about financial incentives at hospitals:



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I know from personal experience that FB is a big partner in the Censorship campaign. I have been in FB jail almost more than I have been allowed to post things. I can post something that I found on someone else's page and is still up but the INSTANT I post the same thing I get jailed. I wish Trump would get his social media thing going. Not that I think Trump is a shining example of honesty...I despise him for fast tracking the so called vaccines. But I am hoping his site will allow actual Free Speech. Wouldn't that be refreshing.

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Jan 20, 2022·edited Jan 21, 2022

Very seldom I watch a 2-hour interview from the beginning to the end, but this one is special. These nurses are angels, and thank you all for doing this.

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I am watching the video and observing Steve often looking surprised and in disbelief. For instance, when the participants say that their messages are being intercepted by the FBI/police/other "law enforcement," it is difficult for one to believe unless one has experienced it himself/herself. Then, Steve says that he will make the video public so the participants do not have to worry. I just want to say that it is great when one has knowledge/finances/technologies to make it public. The so-called "government" simply do not allow the "little people" to say anything. All my writings, exposing corruption that I personally witnessed and have firsthand knowledge about have been removed or made "unsearchable" to the public. I cannot start a blog or a social media account. I cannot even leave any review on google, although there are different assortments of reviews there, sometimes very critical and negative. The purpose of this message is to simply remark on the fact that not everyone is allowed to even say something. Many people are literally get eliminated, gagged, and their speech is 100% suppressed and blocked, and "making [something] public" sounds like an unattainable luxury.

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This is a PHENOMENAL video. Fantastic to get all these nurses' perspectives. Fantastic to see how none of them are intimidated. Hard to hear the doctors feel like committing suicide when they wake up, but that is how sick the system is. The important thing is that they are waking, and are potential footsoldiers in our army. Thank you so so so much for doing this interview.

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What a phenomenal interview! Thanks so much. I, too, was inspired to donate, especially when they mentioned possibly not being able to afford the trip to DC to speak at the rally, and if they could get there, they'd be sleeping at the airport. These courageous women deserve far better than that!

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Steve, thanks for facilitating this insightful and casual discussion with frontline nurses. Honest and frank medical industry discussion is hard to find. I think the world was subtly hoodwinked by all the 'altruistic doctors in hospitals' tv series of the last few decades. Meanwhile, in reality, hospitals descended into this. Forget Wikipedia - it will be digital dust. History will look favourably on you.

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Another great article, Steve. I was mesmerized by there heroic women and learned even more about our terrible medical system of late.

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selfless women all. i set up a modest monthly donation to americanfrontlinenurses. hope you all will too. just a buck per month if thats what u've got.

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Chaga Tea for diabetes. My friend Leo, who had diabetes, started drinking Chaga Tea made with spring water (never tap water) and in ONE WEEK his diabetes went away!!!

Indian method to make tea: take 4 small 1" chunks of chaga, put in crock pot with 1/2 gallon or more spring water. Cook for 8 hours on low.

Drink 8oz a day.

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Nurses rule!

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I lived in China for 6 years. Listening to these women describe what happens to their communications (censored webex etc) is pretty chilling. It would seem far fetched except this is exactly what happens there. The US is borrowing these tactics?

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Steve: The book is Covid-19 and the Global Predators, We Are the Prey by Peter Breggin, MD.

And no these people (Gates is number one, Klaus Schwab, et al) do not think they are doing the right thing. This is The Great Reset. No one elected them, no one chose them, they just decided they know better than you do and they would create a Government with Corporation tie-in to rule the world. The idea began in 1971. "It is based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution—or 4-IR for short. The first, second, and third industrial revolutions were the mechanical, electrical, and digital revolutions. The 4-IR marks the convergence of existing and emerging fields, including Big Data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics."

This is what the vaccine is all about. Promoting this Reset/4-IR.

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interesting women! More than doctors

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Incredible work as always Mr. Kirsch. What these hospitals are doing is horrible, and is only happening because of the Federal government giving incentive's for such unethical behavior. I watched the entire video, and it only confirms the information and data I have been reading since all of this started.

I personally can confirm the corruption, as my grandmother was "tested" for COVID and was "positive" this week. My grandfather's geriatric Doctor told him she would need to go to the hospital for just one hour to receive monoclonal anti-bodies. I told my grandfather that I read up on these monoclonals and they are not what everyone is making them out to be.

The source of information as to the anti-bodies comes from Dr. Carrie Madej. She stated that the antibodies use the same HEK-293 fetal cell line that the vaccines use. So the vaccines that my grandparents have been trying to avoid since the start and have done so. Would be tricked into taking these monoclonals that have the same cell line as the vaccines. You should read up more, start with Madej as a source. Steve I'm sure you can find out more as well, you are extremely resourceful.

When I got a hold of the Doctor on the phone, (he didn't know my grandfather had a grandson), he told me my grandmother has to go to the hospital for 5 days, alone. We can't go with her.

He told my grandpa who sees his doctor alone without me, that he would just go to the hospital for "one hour, or just a little more to make sure she gets no adverse reaction to the monoclonal." Then he tells me over the phone 5 days, alone. I told him "No way DOC, not on my watch!" He bold faced lied to my grandfather to trick him into bringing my grandmother to the hospital. I know what the hospitals have been doing to people, and I will not allow that to happen.

We wanted Ivermectin, or hydrochloroquine. He only told my grandfather of the monoclonals. The doctor said he used Ivermectin and hydro in the beginning before vaccines. But now only prescribes this monoclonal that has not been approved and properly researched (like the vaccines). The Doctor admitted this very fact when I asked him if monoclonoals are new and not researched.

I asked him many questions, and asked him if he was aware of all of the things going on with vaccines, the CDC (lies), what happens at nursing homes and hospitals. He did not dispute anything I said and with each statement he responded "I know this", "yes I am aware".

But he told me the vaccines are "doing their part" and that "I can sleep at night, I am saving lives." Why did he feel the need to tell me he could sleep at night? He was full of contradictions, it was a stunning and revealing conversation I will never forget.

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