Wall Street Journal had a article last week about excess non Covid deaths, basically said that it was about deferred medical treatments and excessive drugs and alcohol abuse during lockdowns.

The cognitive dissonance is off the charts.

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Fact checkers are in reality Fact Blockers

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For months I have been saying this: We need a truth publication that is 100% dedicated to debunking the fact checkers. The problem is that whenever someone researches any concerns that run contrary to the COVID/MASK/VACCINE narrative it is censored and/or fact checked. Your average person considers the concern as case-closed and completely debunked and only but a few of us talk about anymore. We are considered the fringe minority. Aside from you, Steve, I don't of too many who even bring-up the checkers. Imagine if these Fact Check hit pieces were challenged directly, deliberately, and scientifically every time they come up. Imagine if everyone of these fact checked articles were deliberately challenged every time they appeared on social media outlets. This would be the closest thing to a public debate on the Science that we have ever had. The way it is now, Politifact is never challenged. Their crap gets pasted on Facebook and then all is forgotten.

We need an anti-fact check organization that is 100% dedicated to challenging every single scientific truth that gets fact-checked. I have neither the time, resources, intelligence or writing skills to found such an organization myself. Do you know of anyone who can? I think the impact would be huge. If nothing else, it would be fun to frustrate and make the jobs of the fact checkers miserable. That would be one pleasant side-effect of such a publication, but it might also make some people think twice or even convince them they are on the wrong side of Science.

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I've proposed the creation of a news website that focusses entirely on investigations that are taboo and are not being performed. This site would have one or two staffers who did nothing but fact check all the bogus fact checkers. This would probably be one of the funnest and most popular features of this proposed site.

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Catching up to this post late, but I like this idea. How are your organizational skills? That's my week point. I should probably take all my facts, links, receipts as they say on twitter, and put them in a database, like the one at HereIsTheEvidence.com. Or the one at ivmmeta.com.

The others can use it too, and we can build on it.

I've got to imagine a few have already started one, and at least one of them is already good enough for the job.

I have been saving my sometimes QUITE lengthy comments, replies, tweets (oops, not my tweets, I better grab them soon before i get a time out or ban, that will be a chore!) on various social media, and throwing them in a text file, with plans to put them in a book, and show people "you can change the world even in the comments on the internet!"

I am retired, disabled (very), a night owl especially during the summer, I don't go anywhere..

(4 or 5 times in 3.5 years now?) and my brain is all that I have left that "mostly" works,

so I have been working on election data to uncover the fraud,

uncovering pharma bias/missteps/collusion/coverup/fraud to get through their "no liability shield" which opens them up to accountability and prosecution,

reading every Ivermectin study as soon as I can and keeping an eye on any other notable or notorious treatments,

monitoring and sharing VAERS data via openVAERS (much easier for non database people, main system seems purposefully cumbersome and tiresome even to experienced database admins) but they have been messing with the data keeping it artificially low EVEN when you multiply by 100 instead of a more conservative 40ish! Started to feel futile because the fraud must be called out, instead of letting them coverup more of the deaths, disabilities, and other serious adverse events from the vaccines.

Imagine, how many of these were blamed Covid-19 that were actually from the vaccines, especially early on? And how many symptoms didn't show up until they started trials?

We have some of the best doctors in the world who were able to be doctors and treat their patients and save MOST, if not all, of their patients. Dr Chetty and Dr DeMello come to mind, as well as the FLCCC group of Marik/Perry/Varon/Mobeen.. Hopefully they have a list of symptoms from before the vaccines started trials and can track down any "late" entries to double check.

Steve has been covering this, but their suppressing data, ignoring data, deleting data, misclassifying data, is a much bigger story that needs more light of day, and along with the data we got from FOIA about the malfeasance/misfeasance of the initial trials and ignoring results

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Thanks for the links. My problem is organization too. We have all the data. We need to be able to use it too systematically debunk every fact check organization on every article. Also, need to have someone posting the links and rebuttals on social media. It will require someone with much better writing talent and resources than me. It’s a full time job or organization who has tge money to hire full time writers.

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This is the basic journalist who fact checked you. https://naseemspeaks.wordpress.com/about/.

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after a brief vetting, it seems "basic journalist" is more than she appears.

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Instantly banned for 30 days from Facebook for posting a link to this page. :)

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Comment deleted
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Thanks, I guess. This will be the 7th 30 day ban in the last 12 months :)

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They must like you if not perm banned by now, or you are telling the truth, and they don't to draw attention to that with a ban.

Mentioning you read something at Steve Kirsch's newsletter you found interesting with the full title of this page without the link is one way to get around the censors.

I'm surprised I have not been banned yet from any social media, but I've certainly been shadow banned (per the analytics mentioning any taboo anti-narrative truths) and feel like I'm in a bubble with not many listening, compared to a similar looking post about something trivial reaching 4 to 6 times the number of people.

But sharing the truth in a nice enough manner to reach people through the fog of war, is our most important mission at the moment, as well as uncovering the stealth traitors who have been flying under the radar. It sure feels like WW3 is on the digital battlefield and began over 2 years ago. Obama has been at it for at least 5 years since out of office? I used to be well connected in the tech industry in my younger days, and wish I had those resources to work with now in my disabled retirement.

I was beginning to think the swamp was bottomless, but I think we are seeing the bottom now in some places after tagging the clear traitors and RINOs, as we run across more people who are getting harder to tell if they are establishment sellouts or walking both sides of the lines or biding their time. We do need to trim ALL the fat down the road, but right now we have to be careful not to trim so much that we undercut that Red Wave in the midterms.

The corruption is very DEEP and definitely on BOTH sides (all sides) and presents the problem "can we balance this equation currently?"

We definitely must remove/block/injuction the machines,

need to BLITZ the fraud evidence info that is enough to flip the election many times over, .. and i had more to say but because of a lengthy security breach distraction, I might be back later!

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Is it okay to question the "effectiveness" of the flu vaccines? I don't think it is, but I did anyway with this article. I do wonder if more people or journalists HAD questioned the narrative that everyone should get "their" flu vaccines, if perhaps fewer people would have lined up to get their COVID vaccines.


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Next years flu V’s will probably be sitting on shelves expiring leaving pharmacists with nothing to inject. Oh no! We’re finally saying NO to your hoax recommendations

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Athletes who are vaxxed are taking anti heart attack med as a prophylactic; like the russian skater Kamika Valieva, who took Trimetazidine. Of course the media conveniently ignore that and play it off as a steroid, but it is anti coronary.(look it up)

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Steve, if you're feeling discouraged, consider a tidbit of wisdom I figured out some years ago. Back when teaching tai chi, I used to have to say to the class -- about 100 times an hour (or so it seemed!) -- "shoulders down." It took a LOT of repetition for that important bit of info to hit home for each of them, individually. When a student -- on suddenly 'getting it' -- would exclaim that "Gee! WHY didn't you tell me that?" I would answer:

"I have. I say it multiple times every class because I can see shoulders rising up. But I have to say it a gazillion times because you cannot even HEAR it until I've said it 20 times... That means if I don't say it 19 times first -- you'll NEVER hear it."

Same here for you. It may feel to you as if the AMAZING info you are providing seems not to "move the needle" but does not mean you're not laying the groundwork to move the needle; it means (alas) there are a couple MILLION needles, all independently anchored.

And to jump metaphors: like a school of fish -- your *every* word is causing a single or a couple or a lot of fish to change their direction; and it is those small movements on the part of multiple fish -- each movement small and sometimes barely visible in the entire school, you ARE changing the direction of an entire school of fish!

Hang in there -- you ARE saving lives! Love your work!

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Well said thank you!

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That’s what I was thinking. The fact checkers neither deny or explain the observations. They only state not proven to be vaccine which is exactly the same claim you have made. It certainly should be examined & explained though.

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Really, as always, we need many more brave whistleblowers. In the movies such people are celebrated. In the real world, they are often vilified. As an independent journalist, I can report on the number of would-be whistleblowers who were terrified when I called them.

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And there is a good reason.

Assange must be freed, or Free Speech will take a huge hit, same for whistleblowers coming forward.

And, our government in the US, although it has clear whistleblower PROTECTIONS (aren't they coded into law?) has been ignoring them and indeed, focusing on the whistleblower instead of the problem, to the point of no one wants to come forward.

Project Veritas has a decent system of setting up GiveSendGo (or similar) campaigns for those whistleblowers who don't remain anonymous, but I'm not sure how many that system can handle, and we KNOW there should soon be Thousands to Tens of Thousands of whistleblowers coming forward when they know it's safe. The sooner we can make it a "safety in numbers" situation, the sooner we can expose the rampant fraud EVERYWHERE.

Congress and corporations via lobbying, pharma and gov via false science, manslaughter, global elites via hedge funds "top 4" investing in (everything hurting us right now), placing judges and AGs and SoS for that as well as limiting judgements for liability, but at least 1 of those top hedge funds, State Street Capital, involves current and previous politicians making deals with #CCP based Chinese and election companies before the election in 2020.

If free speech and journalism wasn't threatened as it is now, you would think there would be a clear money trail to follow, that could not be defended. Who brought us the Pandora papers and can they through censors and the shell companies to expose this? It seems they weren't careful enough this time and I'm not even positive shell companies are in the way!

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5G ?????

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Add her name to the list of those to be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity as defined by the Nuremberg Code. A partial list has already been compiled by Steve and is presented here: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/dhs-here-is-a-list-of-top-covid-misinformation

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Vaccination status is not on death certificate and embalmers can't get medical history unless it is approved for an autopsy. Also 100,000 people die yearly from blot clots yearly naturally so where is that factored in? I'm assuming that most embalmers are doing there job and not looking for cause of deaths.

The assumption that people are dying from COVID vs with COVID is false. It is a contributing factor that leads to other causes. People don't die from high blood pressure, they die from stroke and heart attack etc. Its a contributing factor that leads to other medical issues, and is also one of the highest medical conditions that leads to death worldwide. High blood pressure is not on death certificates along with other illness such as ALS (respiratory failure would be on death certificate, not ALS).

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Feb 14, 2022·edited Feb 14, 2022

CDC Twitter for Superbowl - they are getting ready for the excuses and recognizing their is a problem (just not admitting its the jab) - 'It’s game day! Whether you’re an #athlete, #coach, or a #fan, don’t let a blood clot ruin game day. Jump, cheer, and stretch between plays, and learn more about preventing blood clots for yourself, your team, and your friends and family.' #SuperBowl https://bit.ly/31bneIA


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Have you seen the WSJ today 🙄

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Thanks for your comments on the PolitiFact piece. It wasn't too hard to predict what the piece was going to include given that I was transparent with Richard regarding all my findings and who I was approaching and what their answers were. I did so not only to be transparent, but to see if he had anything to refute. If you were in touch with him, as it appears based on what you've written, then you knew from him the direction of the piece and my rationale. So these aren't quite predictions, but thanks again for your input. In the piece we are clear in saying there's no strong evidence to link the vaccine to the strange clots. And that's true as of now. I am happy to look into this further if something changes and there's medical or scientific evidence to back up a claim. I am open to hearing more on this and thank you again for your input. - Naseem

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