On their Substack Trust The Evidence, Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson from the Oxford University Centre for Evidence Based Medicine debunked this weeks ago. They show, from the NHS’s own data, statin prescriptions never dropped and related consultations for heart conditions were back to normal no later than December 2021.

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Press Release 21.12.22 - Doctors For Patients UK


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: After I transcribed several of these in late December, I returned in January 2023 to find that the video had been uploaded again to the same link but missing the first testimony by Dr. Ayiesha Malik. A few days later, I found that the entire video and channel had been removed.



DR. AYIESHA MALIK: Hello. I'm Dr. Ayiesha Malik and I'm a GP in the Midlands. I'm recording this video as I've been concerned that so many patients have reported side effects since having an mRNA injection including the boosters. Patients are reporting many symptoms including myocarditis, which is a serious heart condition, and menstrual irregularities. I've discussed this with other GPs and medical specialists across the country who are also observing a similar pattern on a regular basis. Many doctors have spent years reassuring patients about the safety of vaccines, but in the case of the covid vaccines, there is something different. If you as a patient have developed new symptoms consider if and when you a vaccination or booster and when your symptoms started. This is also a question doctors should be asking. There is international concern amongst the medical profession and studies are also showing that there are more cases of adverse reactions than there should be. We want our patients to stay safe. When we became doctors we took an oath to do no harm and that oath needs to be honored. And that's why I, alongside other medical colleagues, are asking the government to halt the vaccination program and investigate these serious concerns.



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DR. ROS JONES: I'm Dr. Ros Jones. I'm a pediatrician and I've been speaking out against covid 19 vaccinations for children for the last 18 months. But we've got way beyond that now. There's an increased all cause mortality, there are increased side effects from the booster shots, and apart from anything else they're not effective against any of the current variants. It's simply time to stop the shots.



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Archive of articles by Dr. Ros Jones:


Dr. Ros Jones is a member of The Hart Group


Her bio reads:

"Ros is a retired Consultant Paediatrician with a special interest in neonatal intensive care and paediatric HIV. She has served on the Advisory Committee of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit and on the Education & Training committee of the RCPCH. An active member for many years in the British Perinatal Trials Group, she was also involved in reviewing NICE guidelines alongside some time editorial. Since retiring from the NHS, she has undertaken several tours teaching on SAFE Obstetrics courses in countries in Africa."

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DR. ROHAAN SETH: Hi, my name is Dr. Rohaan Seth. I'm a former GP. I relinquished my license to practice medicine in 2021 because I did not agree with many of the covid policies, the lockdowns, the masking, and primarily because of the vaccine rollout. I think these vaccines are unsafe, they're not effective, the rollout is unethical and unnecessary. It's unnecessary to vaccinate children for covid. It's unethical to vaccinate pregnant women without any long term studies. The harms being caused by these vaccines are quite apparent now. The excess deaths around the globe correlating with this vaccine rollout, the media are silent about this, the data is alarming, and the vaccines need to be stopped.



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PROFESSOR ANGUS DALGLEISH (ONCOLOGIST): I'm Angus Dalgleish, I'm professor of oncology at St. George's and a consultant medical oncologist and I have started to notice that several of my patients have melanoma who've been stable, stage IV disease, they've had very good immunotherapy or other treatments and I've been reviewing them from 5 to 20 years, I've noticed that I have now over 6, possibly 7, even an 8th yesterday, who've clearly relapsed following the booster vaccine. At first we didn't put the two together. But one patient said, I felt awful since the vaccine, I've just been drained. They describe symptoms of like a long covid, and the next thing we know, 2, 3 weeks, couple of months later, they've got clear evidence of relapse. And these relapses are quite aggressive. They're not a gentle relapse. They're relapses that are requiring systemic therapy, as opposed to a little nodule that requires a surgical excision.

But it's not just this. I'm now very much aware in my own circle of many people who are having, they haven't had melanoma but they've never had anything before, but they've got lumps and bumps and they're not feeling well. And two people I've interviewed at great length they all put it down to feeling awful after their booster. They were fine with the first two vaccines, or just had their shivers, flu, etcetera, but they've described being very tired, very fatigued, wanted to stay in bed, and this has dragged on to the point where they're going to the doctor and they've had blood counts and investigations. And I now know 7 of them. Two of them have leukemias and the others have lymphomas and one of them has a very bad myeloma which he is absolutely sure was instigated by the booster as he developed dreadful symptoms. So really I want to bring to everybody's attention that I think this does not look like a coincidence to me and we need to join forces and see if this is a real effect, and if it is, we must stop all the boosters immediately. Thank you.



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DR. FIONA MARTINDALE: My name is Fiona. I'm a GP and I'm really concerned about the deterioration I've seen in the health of many of my patients since the rollout of the covid 19 vaccinations and in particularly as people have accumulated more doses. The problems include several heart attacks in fit and healthy 40 and 50 year olds, neurasthmaic symptoms in adults with no previous diagnosis. People getting getting chronic fatigue type symptoms, shoulder pains and inflammation that are continuing months after their jab. I'm also concerned about the national and international safety data that suggests something may be terribly wrong with these vaccines and possibly may be causing changes to the immune and the vascular systems that could be long-standing. We're beginning to hear from oncologists and hematologists about unexpected and aggressive cancers and surgeons and pathologists are talking about multiple blood clotting issues. I believe it's time we stopped the vaccination program and give weight and consideration to the data. It's unethical for us to vaccinate people or indeed treat people with any medical intervention without being sure that the benefits outweigh the risks. At present I'm concerned that the risks of continuing this program greatly outweigh the benefits for the vast majority of patients. Thank you.



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DR. DAVID CARTLAND: My name is Dr. David Cartland. As a GP and a father I'm astounded and angry this vaccine has been rolled out to younger and younger cohorts and has recently been authorized for use in the 6 month old baby to 5 year old child category. The adverse events data is unprecedented and stacking up week by week in systems that are likely underreported such as the VAER system and Yellow Card system. Medicine is all about safety and given the huge safety signals of the mRNA injections are giving off we need to stop these shots immediately pending urgent investigation for the sake of our next generation and children.




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You're wrong about two things.

1. Unfortunately there are still many people in the UK who are fooled.

2. Your annotated worldwide death records are probably not proof of much - I would remove that from the article - or at least acknowledge the weaknesses. You frequently over-state your case and it weakens your argument in the eyes of many casual readers. There's a reasonable chance that people who know someone who dies shortly after vaccination are more likely to become readers of your substack. There are lots of other potentially confounding factors too. Trying to unconfound them all is probably impossible.

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Hi Steve,

It's so obvious these mRNA covaxxines/boosters are being used with intent to harm and to 'cull' world pop plus use them to be able to turn on a kill or sicken switch remotely or to download what thoughts and feelings we are allowed to have , and to control fertility as well.

Thusly, as they , the elites, own the media, they are using the media to attack anyone who is critical of and questions these faux vaccines.

So these federal agencies have mostly been co-opted and corrupted by the elites.

Thank you for all you're doing.

In case the entire substack gets pulled, is there some other non internet resource we can connect to?

In case of a global internet outage?

Is there a BBS old fashioned resource we could dial-up via phone? Even if there is just an informational short message of hi this is SK, keep the faith, this too shall pass. Etc.

Thank you

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Thanks for writing this, important we have the tools and reasoning to refute these smoke screen articles!

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State Moves to Revoke Dr. Ryan Cole’s License for Prescribing Ivermectin, COVID-19 Vaccine Comments


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8 year old child ends with THREE strokes after taking his Pfizer vaccines...


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OK we know what's going on with the death rates. What about the birth rates? Have birth rates too started "outperforming" amongst the vaccinated population ?

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The Daily Telegraph I’d just as complicit.

They published this earlier re “ inflammation”


As far as I know the best way to avoid inflammation is avoid the covid vax.

I read this as yet more diversionary nudging Ie propaganda.

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Antony Fauci had concerns about the safety of an AIDS vaccine in 1999:

A vaccine against AIDS may be impossible to make and too dangerous to test:

"You take it and a year goes by, and everybody's is fine. You say, ok that's good, now let's give it to 500 people. A year goes by, and everybody's is fine. You say now let's give it to a 1000 people. And then you find out that it takes 12 years for all hell to break lose. So then what have you done?


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Being American you probably don't know this - most Brits don't either.

The BBC (and anyone else who operates under OFCOM rules but that is slightly different) are actually obliged to broadcast whatever the Government wants them to in their charter when requested to do so by a UK Government minister.

Here’s a couple of posts I have written on the subject:



This is the latest BBC Charter issued in 2016 is a Framework Agreement.


Included within this Framework Agreement 2016 is section “67. Defence and Emergency Arrangements."

This states:

"67.Defence and Emergency Arrangements

(1) Any UK Government Minister-(a) may request that the BBC broadcast or otherwise distribute any announcement; and(b) may, if that Minister has requested that the announcement be broadcast or otherwise distributed on television or by means of an online service, request that the BBC accompany that announcement with a visual image (moving or still) of anything mentioned in the announcement.(2) If it appears to any UK Government Minister that an emergency has arisen, that Minister may request that the BBC broadcast or otherwise distribute any announcement or other programme.

(3) A request under paragraph (1) or (2) must be made in writing, and the BBC-(a) must comply with the request in the timescales specified by the Minister;(b) mustmeet the cost of doing so itself; and(c) may, when broadcasting or distributing the announcement or other programme, announce that it is doing so pursuant to such a request

(4) The Secretary of State may give the BBC a direction in writing that the BBC must not broadcast or otherwise distribute any matter, or class of matter, specified in the direction, whether at a time or times so specified or at any time.

(5) The BBC may, if it wishes, announce that such a direction has been given, varied or revoked"

And from OFCOM notice to broadcasters 23rd March 2020:



"we remind all broadcasters of the significant potential harm that can be caused by material relating to the Coronavirus.

This could include:

• Health claims related to the virus which may be harmful.

• Medical advice which may be harmful.

• Accuracy or material misleadingness in programmes in relation to the virus or public policy regarding it.

We will be prioritising our enforcement of broadcast standards in relation to the above issues. In these cases, it may be necessary for Ofcom to act quickly to determine the outcome in a proportionate and transparent manner, and broadcasters should be prepared to engage with Ofcom on short timescales.

Ofcom will consider any breach arising from harmful Coronavirus-related programming to be potentially serious and will consider taking appropriate regulatory action, which could include the imposition of a statutory sanction."

All these documents can be downloaded as a pdf from the various official websites.

Hope this helps your understanding of how and more importantly why the BBC are doing what they are doing.

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I thought people loved money, apparently not enough to take on Steve. Chicken Shits.

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Its up to all of us to call out this BS for what it is to everyone we know. Same sort of article came out today in Australia too. We can't let the gaslighting work.

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