You make no sense

I’ll repeat myself soybean was never meant for human consumption

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Yes and yes you are just slightly misinformed and I’m trying to give you information to come out of your ignorance on certain subjects

My age is irrelevant and I’m not sure if asking if I’m on drugs makes you look very sober 🤔

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Insurance Analyst Finds a 7% Increase In Aggregate Mortality for Each C19 Dose Received

Josh Stirling: "The more doses ... you have in a [US] region ... the bigger increase in mortality ..."

"If you're over the age of 50, and you took all 5 doses, that'd be a 35% increase."…


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I used to think that only Covid and Vaccines are resulting in "Mass Formation." Guess what? Mass formation is alive and well, forming itself around colonscopies. Don't worry about them despite a recent article in New England Journal of Medicine that reported a very large randomized study where half of the subjects received colonoscopies to diagnose and treat colon cancer--and half did not. The death rate from cancer was identical.


The study marks the first time colonoscopies have been compared head-to-head to no cancer screening in a randomized trial. The study found only meager benefits for the group of people invited to get the procedure: an 18% lower risk of getting colorectal cancer, and no significant reduction in the risk of cancer death. It was published Sunday in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Europe immediately stopped recommending colonoscopies--but U.S. being a more advanced country vowed that it made sense to continue using them. Dr. John McDougall gave a lecture on YouTube presenting information critical of colonoscopies and favoring a less dangerous procedure, sigmoidoscopy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN0lmWUnXVU&list=TLPQMTIwMzIwMjP6ZP5w4jXJdA&index=2

Immediately fierce attacks occurred explaining why

1) Outcome would have been so much worse if he hadn't had a colonoscopy!

2) It couldn't possibly be the colonscopies!

3) I have a dear friend who died of colon cancer because she postponed her colonoscopy until it was too late to treat. I tried to indicate that she might have died even with a colonoscopy, but, no, I am heartless.

4) I have another "friend" (she probably will cancel me now) Especially since I sent her a link to an article on exercise by Dr. Mercola that led her instead to a criticism of vaccines (a risk you need to accept reading his posts.) She denounced me and tole me never to send any anti vaxx propaganda again.

Other fierce critics give examples of friends and relatives who died from colonoscopies.

My conclusion: Any expensive medical procedure can be celebrated despite zero evidence that it works.

And beware of criticizing vaccines, drugs, or procedures! Oh ye of little faith!

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My brother has a blood clotting disorder. He is homozygous for Leiden V and almost died from blood clots in his legs after a long airplane flight. Still he got fully vaccinated and boosted and even advised me to do the same. Around 2 years ago he started complaining of weird neurological problems. An essential hand tremor that wouldn't go away. Shooting pains occurring throughout his body. Trouble thinking. Trouble remembering. He had numerous neurological consultations hoping for resolution. The neurologists agreed that, yes, his brain did seem impaired (CAT scans, MRI scans)--but they had no diagnosis, no treatment, no idea what caused his problem. I am the black sheep of my family. Everybody mocks me for blaming vaccines on everything. I saw him last August, and he was noticeably impaired (he was 74). He stumbled, he seemed mildly depressed and unable to think quickly. He had trouble finding the restaurant where we agreed to meet. My brother. Retired CEO of a large company. Successful artist in Texas after his retirement. Can't paint any more due to hand problems. During the last 2 months everyone noticed a precipitous decline (his wife hoping it was all temporary). He couldn't remember or keep his appointments. He kept repeating himself. He didn't return any of my calls. February 10th he shot himself--4 days after his 75th birthday. He gave no indication he was planning suicide. He left no note. I wrote a long letter describing my memory of his gradual decline and wondering how he could have killed himself. I ended the email with my speculation: "Wouldn't it be ironic if the very medical procedure he accepted to save his life (mRNA vaccines) actually ended up destroying it? Unfortunately we cannot know." Several people immediately replied: There is NO association between vaccines and dementia.! DON'T GO THERE. The firsit diagnosis offered is "It can't be the vaccines!" If you wake up any mainstream doctor out of a deep sleep, he will proclaim, "It's never the vaccines. Vaccines are safe and effective. We know this because Fauci and the FDA have told us so!" My hearat aches. I feel like yelling and cursing. I have another friend whose cousin has taken a rapid downhill slide into dementia. Hey! I'm offering drinks for everyone--plus complementary boosters. Dementia is optional!

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I’m so sorry. My mom In similar situation with dementia.. 😢. ..

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What I realize really distresses me is that there is never any money to follow up on these problems. What is the rate difference in dementia for vaccineated vs unvaccinated.?

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Most alzheimers is caused by the mercury ☿ in vaccines. I'm sure the graphene hydroxide in the depopulation injection 💉 will do the same

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Processsed foods, popcorn and grains are not the way to go for good health. I checked out the fiber foods on the Internet. The reommendations are poor.; as someone who has been in nutrition research for generations of time...I know.

I made up a list...and intend to print it on my substack : barbaracharis.substack.com

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For a long period, I took no supplements, but I was in the sun a lot and was eating 100% right. However, it is getting harder and harder to find the foods that I need...so I supplement. When I get daily sunshine in the summer I forego Vit D. However now I use Solgar Vit D drops 5000 IU. I also use Solgar high B Complex 100. I have been using it for years.. I think this is one of the reasons my hair has not turned 100% gray. It is also great for keeping mentally stable. I also use 500 mg of calcium and 600 mg of Magnesium. The rest: Calcium citrate 500 mg, magnesium asportate 600 mg, Vitamin C Bioflavonoid Complex 5,000 mg, Lutein 20 mg, Zeaxathin 5 mg, Bio zinc and iodine 150 mcg kelp tablet. I also have an oz of raw spirulina in a glass of mulberry juice. I like the juice, because it has 4 g of fiber. I try to get as much fiber as possible daily. I don't think the standard 25 g is sufficient. I try to get 40 g at least. I have read our ancestors ingested 100 g of fiber daily??? It appears this would be very difficult to get unless one were eating every waking moment.

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Try looking up the F- fibre diet books if yo can still find them.

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One explanation for so much dementia in the elderly is that they are ingesting

so many pharmaceuticals that harm (destroy?) the brain! For them Fauci's

Ouchies can be "the icing on the cake" to finish them off! This fact is very plain to

me now, it can be very DANGEROUS to go to AMA doctors! SURVIVE AND STAY

WELL NATURALLY! I post publicly and freely on MeWe. A very helpful natural

healing site with personal testimonies is EarthClinic.com.


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I've seen elderly people with carrier bags full of prescription drugs doctors are pimps for the appalling criminal big pharma. Dementia is rife

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SO TRUE! I recently went to Urgent Care because a friend asked me to.

That doctor told me to go to the Emergency Room and get an ultra

sound and go on the drug blood thinner Coumadin (which is in rat

poison!) When I told her I was taking Nattokinase, a natural Japanese

blood thinner, she totally dismissed it! My health problem is actually

much better now because of my use of natural healers like the positive

side of strong magnets. Skin color is now almost normal in that foot.

When I asked her if (IF!) there were any natural things I can do,

she replied, "No, you can't! You are in danger of losing


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I'm well aware pediatricians got kickbacks for promoting vaccines. The higher the percentage of patients who use them...the bigger the bonus. The same goes for using chemo. Doctors get bonuses for using it. Chemo is poison ...and it is a fact using poison kills; not heals. It breaks down the immune system. I got rid of tumors twice years ago by simply not feeding the foods that contribute to their growth; excess protein, fat and carbs. Nothing grows without a fuel. In 1976 I was told by two doctors that if I didn't have have immediate surgery I would be given no guarantees. I opted for prayer...and was guided to stop a certain food which contained lots of protein and fat. Two and a half months later I went back to the second doctor and paid for the visit; jist to show him the tumor was gone. He did not ask one question and just said "spontaneous remission." He did not want to know what I did; he lost an operation! This was in 1976. In 1988 I developed another tumor. This time it was right above my right breast. It was nasty looking with spikes coming out of it. I did not even bother going to a doctor. My children panicked, when they saw it. I told them that I got rid of the first one. I am sure I can do the same with this one. I examined what I was eating...and saw a culprit. A food loaded with carbs. I removed it and with the same time frame as before...it was gone. There was only a little pink spot on my chest. It eventually disappeared. Afer this, no more problems with tumors.

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MaryLS I would recommend The 80-10-10 Diet book...it is loaded with information The only crritique would be the recipes. Every person is unique...and even the wrong fruit or vegetable could affect one's internal organs negatively. This is why it is good to use a food journal...I have done this for years to make sure that I don't wind up with problems...in the journal I note any kind of a reaction I might experience. The wrong food can cause the nose to run, give one a headache, cause one to feel lethargic, it can even affect one's emotions. People have no idea how the wrong foods wipes out nutrients their bodies and brains need. Most don't even think about what they eat. They let their taste buds do their thinking for them.

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Clicked on your link...we feel the same way. I was very naive and trusting, before my eyes were opened in 1961. However, someone handed me some books to read...and I kind of scoffed, when he said that I was listening to the wrong people. I can't resist reading, so I opened the first book...and never stopped reading on the subject of health, since. Much of what i read for about 12 years was propaganda coming from "authorities." Some was valid, but much of it was erroneous. I ran into problems by following it at first. Then I came across valid information and it brought me results. At 47 I was in the best condition of my life. It really took devoting time to my health and not working full time. I found that most of the health/nutrition books available are less than 20% valid, but there are some books, which are very valid. By following info in them I have had great results. At 89 I have no physical problems. Its very important to eat the right foods! The wrong foods create health problems. No food is a good food, if it is not right for your body. I learned to avoid the ones that weren't good for me. i did consultations for 30 years...and told people to keep food journals and write down every food they ate daily; and note any kind of reaction they would have.

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WOW! Congratulations! That's a MIRACULOUS age to be when you are in great health.! May I ask? Are you taking any food enhancements (natural supplements.?)

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What book do you recommend to get started?

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The isolation and lack of stimulation I'm sure didn't help.

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The question is whether people actually died of a dementia caused or accelerated by COVID or the Vaccine. Or was it just an easy diagnosis to apply to people who died from neglect or side effects. Put dementia on the death certificate, and no alarm bells go off.

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It's difficult call. In the case of my father. He developed acute confusion and memory loss 24 hours after his first covid shot. He rapidly deteriorated and never recovered.

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Steve, did you see Josh Stirling's regression analysis comparing booster rates v. excess deaths by region? Seems legit. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1632413781023244292

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Murder with midazolam and morphine and similar types of drug. They tried it with my mother with the very same "anticipatory drugs" to be used when she looked ill. I had them sent back. I know of others in the care home who didn't have them sent back and they were used against the relatives' wishes and this person took 2 hours to die. Dementia doesn't normally kill you, other things do. Used to be called the "Liverpool Pathway", has been stopped and then used under different guises for the last five years and was the source of the original outbreak of "Covid" in 2020.

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Bizarrely or not under the circumstances "Liverpool Pathway" is an anagram of 'allopathy ow viper'.

All big pharma drugs are at best pointless when there are safer cheaper alternatives. But most drugs are neuro-toxic with varying levels of neuro-toxicity.


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