Thanks for featuring my video, Steve! Also, someone commented on my rumble channel that Dr. Mike Yeadon told them to watch Lethal by Design, but I haven’t been able to find where he mentioned it. Does anyone know?

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The first 3 videos that should be on Truth Social are not found. Wonder why... Anyone else have the same problem? Were they taken down?

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Surprised? No, never, not anymore.

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Criminal...all of it...I can't wait to watch tribunals.

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The video was on truth social. To access I must give them my cell phone number. I refuse, so no soup for me.

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Thank you all for sharing your eloquent messages. Here is one I am working on for my Government Officials. No stories, but excellent videos and slide decks Steve provided from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance. I hope readers will find this worthy.

Dear Government Official:


Please see the incontrovertible evidence and conclusions from Canadian Covid Care Alliance in the videos and slide decks linked below.

Summary & Conclusions:

1. Pfizer — and the agencies overseeing their trials — failed to follow established, high quality safety and efficacy protocols from the beginning.

2. Level 1 (Randomized Controlled Trial) evidence from Pfizer’s own trial data showed harm.

3. Any government that approved or mandated these inoculations *** knew or should have known *** from the available data that harm would be caused to its citizens.

4. Any government that approved this medical intervention for its citizens should have ensured that the trial had used the appropriate clinical endpoints and high quality safety science.

5. Any government official who possesses this evidence and continues to allow its citizens to be inoculated with a toxic agent is, at the very least, negligent.

References: Canadian Covid Care Alliance Videos and Slide Decks (courtesy of Steve Kirsch: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/excellent-short-educational-videos):

1. Stop the Shots video and slide deck (15 min): https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/fr/media-resources/stop-the-shots/

2. More Harm than Good video (39 min): https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/fr/media-resources/the-pfizer-inoculations-for-covid-19-more-harm-than-good-2/

3. More Harm than Good slide deck (51 page PDF): https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/The-COVID-19-Inoculations-More-Harm-Than-Good-REV-Dec-16-2021.pdf

Thank you, in advance, for addressing this urgent issue URGENTLY.

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We have a friend and neighbour whose bonny healthy 21 year old daughter has come down with multiple auto-immune problems and a flesh-eating necrosis post vax.

I know there are protocols out there for helping with Covid vaccine damage, but am damned if I can find them.

Can you help?

Please email me at jeremypoynton@pm.me if you or anyone here can help.


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None of the links opened in Truth Social.

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Well done 5 part series...scary is the truth

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The CDC doesn't want you to know how these shots work. You can't trust them anymore.

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So glad I avoid so many toxins- but they sneak in and one must remain so hypervigilant. Label reading...making own products, avoiding synthetics whenever possible. Back to nature as much as possible seems to be the best way......still gotta watch though! (It is easy to make one's own detergent...even from plants) Thanks Susan for your on depth summary!

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Thanks Steve. Those are some well done videos!!

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None of these videos mentioned that mRNA vaccines cause endogenous carbon monoxide poisoning. They do this by boosting the level.of heme oxygenase-1, the Universal Stress Enzyme that (when catalyzed by 3 oxygen and 2 NADPH) breaks down heme proteins into equal parts CO, bilirubin ferritin plus 1 part H2 and 3 parts water.

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Good to hear this is coming out on Truth Social. When are we going to hear Trump apologize for Warp Speed?

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The Canadian slide deck and corresponding video are masterful. The presenter strikes the perfect balance between data, interpretation, and commentary. Some presidential hopeful should start relentlessly pounding the main points in simple terms everybody can understand because it's the gateway to exposing the Administrative State, and the Globalist/CCP Agenda. These are topics that we need to start becoming household words.

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