Soooo, I go to read the Kostov article and it’s been RETRACTED!! No reason given!🤬

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… my 12 year old son asked the question’ Dad how many kids went to hospital with COVID?’ After I said good question , I said he could find out for himself on the NZ Ministry of Health COVID website. When the site came up, I asked him if he could see the data for 10-19 year olds, and asked him how many kids went to hospital. He read the data, and said “18. ‘ when he looked at the Medsafe Safety Alert graph showing 28 kids in the same age group had myocarditis after vaccine, my son said “ That’s bad , don’t do it. ( ie get a Pfizer injection). That’s more than the kids who went to hospital with COVID.”

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Clarification : nz background rate for same age group , myocarditis 2018 is 4.7 per million( global vaccine data network was referred to in Medsafe Safety Alert Myocarditis document, and referenced the background rate for whole population. )

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For Robert Malone : NZ : Medsafe(NzFDA) issues Safety Alert 20 Dec 2021 on post Vaccine Myocarditis , including graphs, tables , age groups etc. on qty of events and temporal days post Vaccine; Age 10-19 Myocarditis events 28 kids; Approx 420000 kids 12-19 VAcc.;approx 68 per million; nz background rate myocarditis 2018 is 4.7 per million( global vaccine data network); Nz Vaccine Safety Monitoring Board also on 20 dec 2021 issued a statement regarding three deaths post Vaccine with myocarditis a 26 yr old male confirmed caused by myocarditis, a 13 year old girl myocarditis , tho still investigating , and a 60 year old male. On NZ COVID Ministry health website on same day the data/quantity published for 10-19 year old age group hospitalisations -for the same period of time as 12 yr old plus adolescent vaccinations -from Aug 2021-dec 2021 was 18 kids . Ie . 28 kids 12-19 post Vaccine myocarditis temporally proximal Risk versus 18 kids 10-19 years old hospitalised. …with a background rate in 2018 of myocarditis for same age group of 4.7 per million .(28 kids per 420k or approx 68 per million ). I note Peter Mc culloughs reference to an article-pre COVID- on Myocarditis management stating myocarditis is not mild but extreme with 13% having permanent heart damage, and a further 32% struggling to regain normal function.

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For Robert Malone: Kaiser Permanente Myocarditis study by Katie Sharif; myocarditis rate from actual health charges :379-577 per million.

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I linked to this well documented report by Steve Kirsch on my Twitter account with the following statement -

#Myocarditis is real. Due diligence before taking any experimential substance into your body and certainly before deciding to give an experimental substance to a healthy child. #Covid19

The next day my account was suspended for 24 hours for violating Twitter's "rules".

This shit is getting real. Stay strong. Stay focused. Stay happy.

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Dec 30, 2021·edited Dec 30, 2021

I checked this link “Six Month Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine through 6 Months." I have the NEJM pages from the Nov 4, 2021 publication . I checked the disclosures of authors. Have to go to internet for that information. Almost every one has Pfizer interest. There are 33 pages that I printed to show to someone because of my disagreement with the study that was printed in NEJM. You can all check it out for yourself. Pfizer cooks the trial/book results. Should I trust the "science" of these "independent" researchers? With or without intent the bias is to make Pfizer spike shot look safe and effective.

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Steve, Have you checked the Brownstone Institute ?https://brownstone.org/

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Checkout https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8538446/. The spike inhibits DNA repair mechanisms that prevent cancer. For kids this is a terrible prospect.

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Dec 29, 2021·edited Dec 30, 2021

I filled an rx last night from Childrens Mercy Hospital for a 4 yo female in KS. Rx was very high dose of prednisolone 75mg child weight = 19+ kilos so I called to verify, asked did she have Covid was it a Covid tx / dose related to new Covid protocol (no) Child had thrombocytopenia. I asked was she immunized (no answer). Dose was recommended by haemotologist to treat her (clearly immune related) thrombocytopenia. For what it’s worth. In 36 years of working in a pharmacy in one capacity or another it was my first outpatient thrombocytopenia tx of a child.

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I have a friend whose 12 yo son was vacc in June. Over the last 2-3 months he is having uncontrollable nose bleeds. Never had one before then.... sound like an issue??? I’m very concerned!!!

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Hopefully she is too!! I’d make sure she takes him to a pediatric specialist to have him evaluated for this. Minimally he needs a cbc to check his cell counts and verify he can still clot! I’ve read cases of adults who have had severe thrombocytopenia which did not resolve with platelets bc they would disappear within a day or so. And clearly this can happen to children too. Good luck to him I will keep him in my prayers.

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Thank you! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

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A major Japanese medical bulletin called Med Check warned that the risk of dying from the COVID-19 vaccine for people in their 20s is 40 times higher than the disease itself. Med Check is a bimonthly bulletin published by the Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance (NOPJIP) and the institute is a member of the International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB). Moreover, the Med Check editors noted the death toll could potentially be higher, partly because the Japanese government only requires reports of suspected injuries within 28 days of the vaccination. https://www.npojip.org/english/MedCheck/Med%20Check%20Tip-20-2021-08&12.pdf

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Dec 29, 2021·edited Dec 29, 2021

My own research: (posted it before)

How the Covid experimental "vaccines" cause damage by design


I follow the process as described by Dr Bakdhi. I mainly show how the damage can be caused, and how the damage can be tested. Like the D-Dimer. immune-cell counting, etc.

With each injection these tests should be used for quality control (before, right after, and after a few weeks).

Why are big airplanes safer than cars?

Logically it would be far more dangerous. There are many measures to make them safe.

Many of them have to do with very good quality control. Pilots are well trained, rigid checks, good maintenance, good and tested protocols in conflicts, independent investigations of air-crashes, even of small safety problems.

What quality assurances do the new experimental "vaccines" have?

- None at the factory.

- None at the injection site.

- No checking of the patients.

- No feedback of problems.

- Extreme censorship of actual problems.

It is like the equivalent of:

"There are some rumors that we lost some airplanes, we do not know for certain what happened. But do not worry, just step in this airplane"

- "But it is rusty and the engines are smoking."

"You are an anti-airplaner! We will force you to take the airplane."

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I offer my cache of medical papers and articles, here - https://www.mediafire.com/folder/guovnglxuj5xf/Documents - been collecting them since February of this year. A number have direct reference to children's health in the title of the paper/article. 132 refer to "children" in the text of the documents.

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Did you miss my post I sent you yesterday at https://boblphd.substack.com/p/studies-pertaining-to-risks-to-children -

I have included the key excerpts for each one on the substack and it is also formatted in this document at http://authintel.com/covidresources/VaxChildRiskStudiesBobLeithiser.docx

I think at least a few of these are relevant that aren't in your latest list, the excerpts are in the word doc and the substack link, Substack comment length max prevents me from posting the excerpts here:

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