Yes: "INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO COVID-19 infections." This means they may include kids that fell from a tree, victims of drunk driving accidents, as well as someone suffering from a heart attack. The information in the body of this article does not support the claim in the headline.

Watch out for this tricky phrase. People use it in many other places besides propganda. For example, Reasons why a card holder may be assessed a monthly fee, or Grounds for disciplinary action against an employee or Situations for which an insurance claim may be denied or Items this food product may contain which are not edible, or Activities prohibited in this public space.

Read critically.

Also, it mentions "many who presented with unusual or unexpected health events". Can you define "unusual or unexpected health events"? We can ask 10 different people and get 12 different answers. Is that a toddler with an ulcer? A teenager with chicken pox? A skin blemmish that's hard to identify? We can never know with the lack of info in this article. So once again, the information in the body of this article does not support the claim in the headline.

This piece only serves to let the idiots who believe vaccines don't work feel a little better about themselves for being idiots. Read carefully, read critically.

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I have not been vaxxed. I have Multiple Myeloma and have had the stem cell transplant. Any information on what the vaccine can do to me with this condition would be appreciated greatly.

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Hello, I am in NY. I am very sick with infections, chronic fatigue and autoimmune already, and on disability, so have little money at all. My whole family and friends all want me to get vaxxed ASAP. I prefer not to. I do not know what to do. I have had bad medical treatment all my life, ineffective, useless and harmful, most of it has been, no one has listened or correctly daignosed the root causes for me to get actual help. Right now my jaw is still infected and I may lose my teeth. I am too young to lose my teeth. And just about never was I allowed informed consent, to consider the pros & cons for myself, the Dr.s just say the benefits outweigh the risks. I feel very helpless.

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If you are chronically sick with chronic fatigue and autoimmune, then I would think that you would be low in vitamin D3. It is easy to boost your levels of D and it is also easy to check your D level with blood test. Low D puts your body into hibernation mode waiting for spring to come before getting out of hibernation mode. When you are in hibernation mode you will be fatigued, get sick easily, and may have autoimmune issues going on. Most people would get vitamin D from the sun, but since you are sick I am thinking you don't spend much time outside in the sun. See more info about D here: https://taked3.com They cover what level D you should be at to recover. There is a link on that site where you can type in your issue and see results of others. Type in chronic fatigue and you will see the results. Link here: https://taked3.com/can-high-dose-vitamin-d3-cure-your-disease/

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If you have tooth and jaw problems you are probably deficient in nutrients. The top one would most likely be boron. Watch this video of Dr. Jorge Flechas where he explains it and talks about doses. And if you have tooth decay, then he points out that you most likely get osteoporosis in the near future... There are inexpensive ways to get boron which he explains as the poor man's boron.

"IAOMT - International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology,

Jorge Flechas, MD: Boron and Oral Health"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJp7SW1pY2I

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You can most likely fix your infected jaw and teeth using MMS. I have been using it for 15 years to treat a number of different problems including sore teeth. You can find more info here - https://jimhumble.co/. Buy and read the book "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook" before you start taking it. I don't get a commission. This is just friendly advice.

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thanks I have some MMS and have read some about it years ago. I just don't have time & energy & brain power to do much reading. But Thank You!! I will try to implement some of his oral care protocols!! Thank you! So hard to keep on a healing positive path!

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Julie, I have severe fibromyalgia. I understand something about living with an illness that changes ones life in ways most people couldn't imagine. I worked in engineering in my old life. I now work as a dad raising my seven year old. Yes, God does have His own idea for my life 🥳. I've heard all the people say "you're in the position I would recommend getting vaccinated ". I'm not an anti-vaccination type person, but you couldn't pay me to take this one for many reasons. I find it difficult to believe a person with moderate critical thinking skills don't see this for what it is. I have the *real*Ivermectin for if my cattle dewormer Ivermectin 1%injectable which at the correct dosage per weight fails. It's cheap and I have been swimming in people who later were found positive. I have yet to catch it in a yr and a half. Same with my wife. The kid isn't really at an age where he can be "high risk",but I would put him on Ivermectin in a minute if I thought he was ailing terribly from the vid. Ivermectin is as safe as aspirin. What we are witnessing here is criminal of the highest degree. ALL those who told me to get the vaccine has gotten sick. I have not. Hope it helps. On a side note: Life can be difficult. Try to find the joy in the simple things. Know that God has a purpose for your life. If you don't believe in God? start investigating and you will find the truth. Don't EVER give up! It's not your life to give up. We are fighters! One day we will understand why, but for now? Take time to smell the roses.

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12/03/21 1 in 44 American Children Has Autism, CDC Reports

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its latest prevalence estimates for autism, finding 1 in 44 or 2.27% of American 8-year-olds have an autism spectrum disorder. By Children's Health Defense!

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The only thing I need to know to convince me not to take the vaxx is that Pfizer is still hiding behind a liability shield despite the government's attempt to mandate it, and the Big Three vaxx producers are projected to make $60 billion in liability free profits this year alone. Except there's no liability shield for gross negligence, we've trace mortality to just 4% of the lots, and that implicates gross negligence in manufacturing safety. Busted. See ya in court to shake out those deep pockets for the victims of your scam Pfizer, Moderna and J & J.

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It drives me absolutely nuts that people seem to have forgotten that around 0% of vaccinated people of *any* age should be getting/dying of COVID!

Please remember this so you don't get confused or bamboozled by the apologists for these pharma products.

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Steve, I listened to Conrad's interview, and heard her say that she was fired due to not getting vaxxed, as required by the hospital. That's just a small correction, but the rest is true, and listening to the recording of her conversation with her boss tells you that these hospitals, etc are not interested in patient health, only "getting everyone vaxxed"

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It took nearly a minute to find. 65-74 are 99% vaccinated, 75+ are 89% vaccinated. Other age groups are 60-70%+. I'm not sure how the number of vaccinated old people dying of all causes would be less than 9x or what brain disease would make one think that's odd or indicates a problem with the vaccines.

Israeli numbers showing unvaccinated old people dying in droves are here: https://datadashboard.health.gov.il/COVID-19/general

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he was talking about finding the age data on the people admitted to the hospital.

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Look Brainiac-7, the people who are the sickest are the most likely to get the the shot in the first place. Of course it's 90% in a 50% town. There is no sky.

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Yeah but if you think they are VACCINES (remember what that means?), it should be around 0%.

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Go to the entrance of the rabbit hole. Informed consent. Not providing it is a crime raising to the level of genocide as the numbers are stacking up.

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50% of deaths occur within 24 hours of receiving the shot, and 80% of deaths occur within one week of receiving it. Defining vaxxed as being more than 2 weeks after having received the second shot, throws 80% of adverse reactions into the unvaxxed group. This sleight of hand definition heavily skews reported adverse reaction data.

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Time to lay blame where blame belongs.

The modern human is thy own worst enemy.

The "Father of Modern Medicine", Hippocrates, reportedly wrote:

"Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food".

Most all natural antibiotics, natural antivirals, natural vitamins, and other beneficial compounds (including Ivermectin) come from microbes (like bacteria & fungi), as they interact with enzymes, secondary metabolites, and other compounds.

Plants use & take up those beneficial compounds.

So-called phytochemicals actually originate from those processes involving those microbes, enzymes, secondary metabolites, and such.

Plants pass on those beneficial natural compounds as humans consume those plants.

Creating greater natural health.

Hippocrates knew that a well-balanced, wholesome, holistic diet, one that included plenty of natural herbs, spices, flavorings and such was a key to naturally good health.

Those herbs, spices & other such plants contain polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenoids, and other beneficial compounds (like natural antibiotics, antivirals, vitamins, etc.).

They are far more useful than for just flavoring.

Thymol (often derived from Thyme, and many other plants), for example, is recognized as an absolutely effective natural antibiotic & antiviral.

There are natural disinfectants, that are just as effective as Lysol, that contain Thymol rather than synthetic compounds, at destroying most all bacteria & viruses.

And those natural compounds do not result in antibiotic resistance (thanks to Nature's reliance on natural evolution, i.e. genetic mutations) the way synthetic antibiotics do (humans have not been able to replicate Nature's ability to respond to bacterial mutations & resistance).

Now imagine if more humans simply engaged in better dietary habits.

If they included more herbs, like Thyme, in their daily meals & menus.

Consuming more natural compounds like Thymol (among hundreds of others).

But the modern human diet is largely composed of synthetic garbage.

Synthetic flavorings, or highly-refined & highly-processed, bastardized foods, that are mostly stripped of those beneficial natural compounds.

Even synthetic "vitamins", that are largely a product of the mining & oil refining processes (consider that synthetic "vitamin" D3 is recognized as a highly-effective rodent poison).

Thus people really have no on to blame but themselves.

The answers are right in front of their eyes & noses.

But they have become too blind & ignorant to see.

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Its a bit disingenuous to clam D3 is rat poison when its effectiveness on rats hinges on a fundamental difference in biology.


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I worked in the software industry in the mid-1990's.

I was present when Executives at Microsoft decided they needed to start releasing more "upgrades" more frequently, to sustain & grow corporate profits (which had been experiencing peaks & valleys).

Many of those "upgrades" were just bug fixes & windows dressing (pun intended), i.e. superficial razzmatazz.

Subsequent "upgrades" were absolute buggy-laden messes.

Each needing more & more frequent "upgrades" themselves.

That schema is what built an empire.

Today, the same schema is being done to medicine what Microsoft did to software.

Back in 2018 Goldman Sachs published a report titled The Genome Revolution.

It outlined the dangers to sustained profits that true cures, via real medical breakthroughs, would present to investors.

One chapter of that report is titled "Sustainability and pricing... ", and covers the danger to revenue growth in true curative therapies.

It states:

"In the face of exhaustion of prevalent and incident patient pools, companies require further innovation to sustain revenue growth. Where an incident pool remains stable (eg, in cancer) the potential for a cure poses less risk to the sustainability of a franchise."

But their version of "innovation" is not true curative therapy, but profit sustainability.

And that is how the economy in a truly feudal society works.

But I seriously wonder what the human version of the BSOD will look like?

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It's a thankless job but you're doing God's work Steve! Thank you for your efforts brother💪🙏

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The following news is not getting any media coverage. But it is very concerning...



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On August 2 this year CNN ran the following headline:-

About 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans have not had a deadly Covid-19 breakthrough case, CDC data shows.

That in itself is interesting because if one applied the same lens on the placebo arm of the infamous Phizer BNT162b2 Covid-19 trial then one could say that 93.7% placebo (unvaccinated) of did not get infected by the Covid-19 virus. Furthermore “No deaths were considered by the investigators to be related to the vaccine or placebo”. In other words 100% of trial participants in the placebo arm did not have a deadly case of Covid -19.

Now according to the same CNN article based on CDC data 94.7% of breakthrough cases amongst the fully vaccinated resulted in hospitalisation !!

Deadly breakthrough cases in this cohort of patients amounted to 19%


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