Please share my reports. Thank you. I went to Sacramento to advocate for me and the others in VAERS being ignored. We are even being ignored by people like Steve who won't let us share our stories. We, the victims, are being USED by everyone who thinks they are smarter than those of us INSIDE VAERS. Are you in VAERS Steve? What are your batch #'s for your vaccine? Let me look up the INDIVIDUAL reports for your people who are injured and killed by THE SAME POISON AS YOU TOOK! IT WILL MAKE IT MORE PERSONAL FOR YOU. PFIZER OR MODERNA? WHAT BATCH? IF YOU ARE MODERNA 041L20A California declared that an official problem batch. Can you check your vaccination card??


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Mr. Kirsch, did I miss it, or did you not mention Dr. Patmas, the frequently fallacious-appeal-to-authority positer, who called you out on his Substack? It seems as if he is a Branch Covidian who deserves an honorable mention. 🙂

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UK Government and authorities avoiding looking at the deaths as well:


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I used to respect and utilize health recommendations given by Dr. Gabe Mirkin.

He has come to consistently advise the taking the injections. Here is his most current reason he gives to continue to recommend it and the Studies he references. Does anyone more knowledgeable than I know if these particular studies are credible, and if so what to make of them?

Thank you.


Pat Baum



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Steve, here's another "debunker", Katelyn Jetelina, an epidemiologist. Would be great if you can get her to debate you. https://substack.com/inbox/post/95071657

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And the CDC incompetence (or deliberate appearance of such) is designed to delay the inevitable facts and evidence of collusion that many of us have suspected since March 2020.

The world is BLIND to the impending 'Gates - WHO world take-over' under the smoke screen of World Health, so we must refute all WHO initiatives that supersede personal and National Sovereignty.

Since Gates became the WHO biggest benefactor (INFLUENCER) the WHO have become corrupt and no longer function in the interests of World Health - they now operate as another of Gates's Vax marketing divisions. Vax = DEPOPULATION! Apparently,

Apparently, Bill Gates said this in 2011; "............if you just do a GOOD JOB with VACCINES we can REDUCE the population by 10 - 15%." He then backpedalled by suggesting "......women from poorer countries would be less likely to OVERPRODUCE if their children had a longer life expectancy".

Join the dots after factoring in these new phenomena (since 2021) =

'SADS', 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome'.

'SIDS', 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome'.

"died suddenly",


'never seen before, inexplicably large multiple blood clots',

'athletes dying mysteriously', 'unparalleled excess deaths'

These topics have since been covered up and vehemently denied by the 'establishment'.

Join the dots and reach your own conclusions.

Mick from Hooe (Unjabbed because I joined the dots!)

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The CDC operates as a troll farm. Their comments are pejorative but have no substance. Just like Twitter on issues like J6. This situation reflects the ongoing passive-aggressive DOJ that takes no action on criminal activity such as fiat approval of drugs that kill people. As long as the WH is happy with it, the arrangement is permanent. The back and forth goes nowhere ... for now.

This documentation is very important for the day when the US investigates the DOJ. And of course HHS is itself a Christmas tree with needles all over the floor and bulbs needing replacement. Let’s put the whole thing out on the curb and get a new tree.

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Good German "Fake News" rap. (Brush up your rusty highschool Deutsche!) See if you can verstehen:)


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At this point, it seems that the key people have been bought, threatened, or blackmailed. Now the criminality is in the open and the WEF is doubling/ tripling down. Because, who will stop them???

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Documentation that CDC and FDA and pfizer are Fraudulent and seldom put out accumate data or documentation- www.myflcv.com/CDCFDAPF.html

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The CDC, FDA, and WEF are genocide-suicide cults. They keep pushing the clot shots and setting themselves up for legal prosecution. They are committing professional suicide and eventually much worse. Read an explanation of what the WEF is doing and how you can expose and oppose this cult.


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All these must sadly lead to one conclusion Steve. Any who claim to "debunk" but don't directly address the issues raised is deliberately dishonest for whatever reason at best or even completely corrupt, whether they themselves realise that truth (benefit of a very grave doubt for some) or not. End of story...

All academic and scientific credibility goes up in smoke, fueled completely by their own craven actions, and the "pronouncements" of such dishonest "experts" can no longer but trusted on ANY subject... period. They had better hope their overlords keep paying them instead of unloading them like a used tissue when they have outlived their usefulness, because anyone with integrity will no longer give them a dime...

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I Mark Crispin is starting to use anecdotal stories. If all the damning data can't change people's minds maybe humans (if they're alive to do so) telling their stories to other humans (even if they have very thick skulls and impervious pride) people will begin to pay attention. Numbers, as shocking as they are, lack the humanity to connect for some people.

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I would love to hear Naomi Wolf's opinion on this article. It seems like a liberal bias skim job:


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Check out “The Kingston Report”

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After torturing the data the CDC got it to say what they wanted.

A bit like the people held in Guntanamo Bay.

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