That's right. I see that about 60% percent reduced use rate let's say; the rest is : it depends what type of a human you meet.

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When you see police direct dogs to attack peaceful protesters, it's safe to assume that none of this is about health or safety.

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I have been to Santa Clara several times this year they are crazy nutty there. Barista almost attacked me for throwing a mask back at him! 😎 I just said go back and make some coffee, mamas boy. I do have to say I was provocative some, so it is partly my fault. Nevertheless in Santa Clara it is stupid insane people.

For a

comparison in Tracy California I can walk into any store without a mask and nobody says a peep. Yet BAC employees are off the rails, but WellsFargo employees are pacific.

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Alex Berenson wrote about a national study published in JAMA that showed the rate of hospitalizations for the unvaxxed is only a few percentage points beyond the vaxxed, not like 10 times worse, as frequently said:


Robert Clark

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Your right, Steve…….not going to happen! They CDC lie like a rug!

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Jan 8, 2022·edited Jan 9, 2022

I have a solid proof that C-19 "vaccines" (gene therapies) work as specified.

Facts are facts:

1. Navigate to https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus

2. Select Israel on the left panel and un-check all other countries

You'll see 4 huge infections peaks since march 2020.

The 1st peak occurred on Sep 2020 when there were no "vaccines" available.

The 2nd peak on Jan 17th 2021 - vaccination campaigns started on December 2, 2020.

This peak was higher than the previous one when there were no vaccines!

The 3rd peak on Sep 14, 2021 and was higher than the previous one.

This coincided with their 3rd shots (booster) - weird isn't it!

The 4rd peak is still flying higher and higher, may be well formed in the next 2 weeks and is already higher than the previous peak. This coincides with their 4th shot (2nd booster!!)

Isn't that a solid proof that "vaccines" are stopping infections and transmissions in a country that is almost fully vaccinated since August 2021? At this speed, Israel will achieve C-19 herd immunity in 75 years!

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Do you have a PDF of this Memo. That would be nice to have.

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Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody is a complete bozo and is deliberately compromising patient safety because she can’t interpret the science correctly.

None of what is happening with hospitals or schools has to do with science. It never has and revealed on the Highwire program last Thursday even had my jaw dropping. https://thehighwire.com/watch/

start video at 2:02:20 & listen to a public health analyst.

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Djokovic Reveals He Was Given Exemption To Enter Australia Because Of Recent Covid Infection

On Jan. 1, it said, he received a document from Home Affairs telling him his responses indicated that he met "the requirements for a quarantine-free arrival into Australia".

By revealing his recently infected status, Djokovic is effectively pushing the debate of natural immunity, which has been extensively maligned by the authorities, vs vaccinations (and their numerous adverse side-effects) to the forefront.


Cases in Australia are up an astounding 426,644% since the Washington Post said they’d “almost eliminated” COVID by following science

Even with masks, vaccine passports and forced isolation, they just reported the equivalent of ~950,000 US cases

Nailed it again, The Science™

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Had to take a Surgeon to tell the truth. As a FACS myself, I respect Mark Adams, MD, FACS for his courage!

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Steve . I need to get a message to you. Bruce West of Health Alert, the longest running alternative newsletter in the country (40 years) in Carmel dies suddenly and was the last person I would have thought that could happen to at age 73. Can you have a team member investigate cause of death. I suspect hospital.

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When I hear "public health", I look for the agenda and motives of the purveyor, and that agenda is usually not to optimize my individual health.

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Fallacies: Cherry picking and Simpson's Paradox. Suppose there are 100 people in your hospital, of which 90 are old. Suppose old people are 95% vaccinated. but 65% of the old people in hospital are vaccinated. That means any individual in the 5% unvaccinated is 7 times more likely to be in hospital than anybody in the 95% vaccinated: 35% of the beds occupied by 5% of the population. Among the younger hospitalized, let's say that 100% are unvaccinated. Total vaxxed in hospital: 58%.

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My good friend is an ER Doctor that was let go for refusing the shots. We admire him and those like him greatly. I'm coming up on the same decision point depending on the SCOTUS ruling for the FJB OSHA mandate. Sounds like this hospital system at least has someone awake at the switch trying to provide some intelligent leadership. Good luck. Pray. Plan. Prepare. Resist.

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In a free society, people would be able to speak out and make choices without fear of suppression, losing their jobs or social status. Right now, we are not free. It’s an illusion of freedom.

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Steve... Thanks for your efforts. Sadly, I am seeing more and more trolls. I expect that the number of these will track the rise of "unexplained" deaths very accurately.

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