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Will pay someone to auto eliminate spam. Substack tech support is non-existent. No API so screenscraping required. Trivial to stop this spam. OK, trying this out with Wayne

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Here's a study of 11 million people:


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Two days ago I started conversing with a woman online. I was offering to buy her used Land Rover wheels off of her. Turns out she was selling them because her husband passed away. He was only in his 50s. In the past year, I have encountered this sort of scenario at approximately four times the rate I would have encountered it in the past.

It turns out he got his shots against his will to keep his job. It turns out he had followed McCulloch and Malone and Kory and perhaps Steve and perhaps Tess Lawrie all online. Also turns out he was a director for the canadian health system. He is described as very health-conscious, and very active, riding his bike to work etc. She stated that they "suspect arrhythmia", and that there was blood clotting. She also states that he had a bunch of exams and tests a year ago, and they showed no signs of any issues. Another sad and frustrated and enraged person. His knowledge and insights and intuition were not enough to overpower the pressure from the people who "know better."

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Steve for heaven's sake you have over 100K supporters of your amazing work which will gladly support you on a class action lawsuit to stop this vaccine madness, use the money you were willing to spend on the video debate for this instead, let's do it people !!!!!!!!!!!


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I went to my vet this morning who still has his office doors closed, so you have wait in your car while they treat your pet. I have been a client here for five years. They are nice people but the vet who runs the practice is so blue pill it’s not funny. I asked if I could use their restroom because they had kept me waiting 30 minutes beyond my appointment already. I had coffee .....I had to pee! The technician said hold on a minute, went inside and brought out the office manager who proceeded very rudely to tell me he needed to see my vaxx card. (Mind you, the bathroom is like 10 feet inside the door and I very politely offered to wear a mask). I have a card but told him absolutely not, my status is none of your business. He very rudely told me that I could not use their bathroom then because this was their policy. I told him I have natural immunity already, he said I don’t care! I told him that was an ignorant statement and we parted in an unpleasant manner. I ended up speaking to the owner himself and we had a respectful debate about his policies. I asked him why he had these policies still in place. He said in a nutshell it was mostly liability issues with his employees. He said he follows CDC guidelines, to which I responded haha of course you do! I told him the CDC has lied to us about natural immunity and I don’t trust them anymore. When I told him natural immunity provided protection against the entire viral nucleocapsid not just spike, he basically said, yeah I know. But still he has these extreme policies in place! I don’t really believe that the employee liability thing was the true reason, he just wanted to placate me. So, I as a pet parent I was concerned about them denying me access for euthanasia. They told me they do it outside in a gazebo and do not restrict access. I’m trying to decide if I should leave this vet practice based on principle and also how rude the office manager was. Many other vets in the area are open and back to normal, and no masks required. The vets in this practice have been good to me and my pets, but today left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Anyone else have a situation like this with their vet? How long must we endure this ignorance!?!

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Dear Steve, I understand what you write here:

"For people who did not die, if you have cancer before the shot, 55% of the people had their cancer got dramatically worse after the shot. In 20% of the cases, the cancer remained the same. Nobody’s cancer got better after the shot. 0%. That is really stunning. How will the CDC explain that one? Check it out, especially the comments to the poll".

...to indicate sharp rise and worsening of cancers after the shots.

I speculate if this finding is related to Igor's article:


Another speculation: Today a famous Norwegian Olympier died of cancer at 50:


A couple of months ago his friends wanted to celebrate his remision.

"We thought he was on the road to recovery, and had planned a reunion in January. Then we were going to play a tournament in the Alps in Switzerland. There we were to celebrate that he was healthy, but then this happened, says a sad Christoffer Svae to VG."

... Maybe you and Igor should start some cancer studies? Like these guyes do for Athletes dying suddenly from heart issues.


What is your take?

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For decades, the CDC et. al, pounded away at the message that vaccine adverse events were 1 in a million. Just to put this in perspective, roughly 221 million Americans have taken the Covid-19 vaccine - which would mean that there would be 221 TOTAL adverse events. In the entire country. Over a 2 year period.

They get that 1 in a million number by looking at the number of settlements from the US Court of Federal Claims (ie, vaccine court) and divide by the total number of vaccines administered. It's an absurd method and they know it.

For Covid-19 vaccines, I've noticed that recently they have backed off from any statistical or quantifiable assessment of adverse events, and now are opting for vague language like "extremely rare".

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I have been saying for a long time that Covid deaths minus “with Covid” (as opposed to “from Covid”) and minus avoidable deaths (inappropriate use of Remdesivir + ventilator) are around 100,000, while VAERS deaths from the vax are >20,000 x URF or more than 200,000.

That is before Steve’s surveys which are finding huge URF and around 500,000 vax deaths.

In short, we are looking at Covid, 1; Vax, 5 as a preliminary “score.”

For the vax fans, do ya feel lucky, punk, well do ya?

I’m just glad I had enough skepticism to wait for proof that:

A) The spike is a toxin, even separated from the virus.

B) The tinkering with the mRNA spike to use PseudoUridine and extra C,G building blocks has resulted in long lasting spike production with a risk of misfolded proteins and Prion creation.

I went for exercise and vitamins, and yes, I do feel lucky, and BTW, I, too, am an analytical engineer @stevekirsch

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Love it Steve. So the 41x is antiquated now! Time to calibrate another conservative x-factor! 81x? 91x? 101x? Be bold as you always have been, it's over 100x isn't it?

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My trust in medical science, at least the mainstream is forever dead. I'll never trust them. I'm an alcoholic and if the CDC said alcohol is good for me, I'd quit right now.

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Fantastic post, Steve. Will be sharing the link with my blue-pilled friends.

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Great work. For your next survey. Ask one question. When will Steve kirsch stop calling the Covid injections vaccines and correctly call them bioweapons?

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Steve, one word I would change.

Instead of saying you are a misinformation spreader, I would correct that and say you are a missed information spreader! That’s right, that is what you’re doing Steve and you’re doing great. Keep it up!

Keep spreading the missed information!

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Until last week, I was on a small sales team of 6 people, for a large Fortune 150 company which required the jab (I was the only one who refused and as a result, I was let go). Since submitting to the jab....ALL 5 of the others got Covid (I did not). One guy in his early 50s was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer which is incurable. Another guy in his 40s had a heart attack. The manager in his late 50s had to have a stent put in his heart. That was all Post Jab. I am by far the healthiest and am the only Pure Blood for Life. I am now seeking new employment with a company which does not require the "vaccine" but its hard to find such a company.

PS: Have you seen the EVIL Vax commercials being run during Tucker Carlson show with these so called "We are American doctors" promoting the "vaccines" to Children as "Safe and Effective"? Those doctors are Evil and should be arrested.

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