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#2Because the federal hhs office was told to relate all deaths in 2021 under COVID if the subjects had been exposed to the virus even if there wasn't any signs or symptoms...this shows a spike in data for false cause of deaths to shock the public and steer them towards the vaccine aka the world order

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Now, back to Challenge #3 above, my recent research shows that there is also something known at lymphatic plastic bronchitis, a disorder shown in the lungs of children which is caused by a leakage of the lymphatic fluids into the lungs. It does rarely happen to adults and it was a case shown in the New England Journal of Medicine on an adult with this that also made me think, "That looks a lot like the blood clots that Richard Hirschman has been finding..."

I tried to copy the picture shown in the article, to no avail, so I will attach the whole article instead!


Normally, with a "vaccine", an antibody reaction is created when some of the material injected in the arm moves to the lymph glands, where an antibody reaction happens and it spread throughout the body. But in the case of COVID-19 injections, you have Spike Proteins created, and graphene oxide moving throughout the body and being found in every organ of the body.

Remember, it was Dr. Andreas Noack who had done a very vocal warning that this is actually GRAPHINE HYDROXIDE, which is the equivalent of minute razor blades that is going throughout the body, shredding the body of those vaccinated at the capillary level. This means it would not be detected by a normal autopsy, as an embalmer would not have the equipment necessary to detect damage being done at such a miniscule level.

Assuming he was right, and the graphene hydroxide is shredding as it moves throughout the body, it stands to reason that it is doing this as it moves through the lymph glands, so that an excessive amount of this fluid would now be moving not JUST through the lungs of those injected, but possibly through veins and arteries of them as well.

Perhaps these strange, rubbery blood clots being found by Richard Hirschman and other embalmers is this same type of thing happening in the vaccinated, but due to the damage being done repeatedly by the graphene hydoxode thoughout the body of the vaccinated, and it has moved from happening just in the lungs to in EVERY vein and artery!

Again, I am not a doctor or a nurse, so this is all over my head, and I know I am reaching here, but I do not think we should discount this possibility!

Deborah Weaver


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Now, on to my entering the challenge for question Number 2:

Obviously, the increase in the death from all causes reported by America One is from the COVID-19 vaccines, as some of the issues are showing up over an extended period.

Huge rubbery blood clots:

If you see my last answer to your 3rd challenge above, those huge rubbery, blood clots caused by fibrin build up from graphene hydroxide shredding the veins and arteries are a major part of the equation.


One embalmer claims that 93% of the vaccinated died from the vaccine!

EXCLUSIVE: Embalmer reveals 93% of cases died from the vaccine (substack.com)

But bear in mind that there are other horrible things that were added to these vaccines through the gene sequence that most people do not want to know about, and even when they do read or hear about them, the thought that our own government (never mind all the other governments around the world) would be involved in this is just too difficult to process and accept by the average human being with a conscience.

“Rouleau Effect” discovered by German Doctors:

If we look at this video, we see that early on, German doctors discovered that the graphene oxide caused a permanent “Rouleau effect” in the vaccinated, which causes the normally negative charged to have a permanent positive charge which makes the blood platelets stack up like coins, which leads to thrombosis. This would account for many of the strokes and heart attacks in the vaccinated. This effect was also confirmed by French and Spanish doctors.

German Specialists Analyzing Covid Vaccinated Blood Under Powerful Microscope Imaging : DebateVaccines (reddit.com)

Toxic Batches of Vaccine:

Next, we have Craig Paardekooper proving that 95% of all deaths immediately following vaccination were from about 6% toxic batches released from all three pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen).


The Gene Sequence Contains HIV:

Additionally, the gene sequence in this Pfizer vaccine contains HIV. This was discovered and announced publicly by Luc Montagnier just prior to his untimely death earlier this month (there are a lot of these "untimely deaths" going around when it comes to exposing the truth about COVID and the pseudo-vaccines that were developed from the gene sequence that was given to us by the same labs that were doing the gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China). Dr. Montagnier received a Nobel Prize for his discovery of HIV, so he would be the one to know and trust. He said, "These are not vaccines, they are poisons!"



Three shots of these mRNA vaccines, and the vaccinated now have AIDS (also known as Stage 3 HIV). This has been shown to be true in Scotland, Germany, and the U.K.




The U.S. is just behind the E.U. in this vaccination program, and our government is obviously hiding the data, as we all know!


The CDC withholding this critical data and pretending we are incapable of reading and understanding this data is ridiculous! There will be no "misunderstands"!

And THAT is what the CDC is afraid of - we will see the reality of what the CDC's irresponsible and fast-tracking of these horrific vaccines created! Death and injury - and this is only the first wave!

What we are also seeing now is the "vaccinated" who are seriously at risk and dying off from all causes due to "Antibody Dependent Enhancement", just like all the vaccinated animals did in all the 20 years of animal trials when scientists were trying to find a vaccine for coronaviruses using the mRNA platform.


And obviously, you already saw this one:

Insurance deaths up 40% people 18-64 Scott Davison OneAmerica Indiana - YouTube

Rochelle Walensky blaming “comorbidities” for the increase in death over the last year is ridiculous as that very diagnosis was one of the reasons why they were pushing the vaccines on the elderly, who are dying off quicker now that they have been “vaccinated” with these deadly jabs. I believe life expectancy will continue to drop as the vaccinated continue to die off over the next three to five years, sadly.

Walensky blames “comorbidities” for widespread death among fully vaccinated – NaturalNews.com


Dr. Ryan Cole has reported a 20 times increase in cancer since the rollout of these vaccines as well.

Idaho doctor reports a ‘20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients - LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

And between all the above and the vaccinated having “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”, life is about to get scary for almost everyone, regardless of their vaccination status, state, country, or financial situation.

Money may put a bit of a barrier between those “shedding” vaccine and the ultra-rich, but eventually, even they must come out someday.

So, in summary, what is the increase in deaths caused by? All of the following:

Huge rubbery blood clots

Rouleau Effect

Toxic Batches

Gene Sequence Causes HIV (and eventually AIDS)


And because the vaccinated are showing signs of “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”, just about anything will be able to kill them now.

Their immune systems have been depleted by repeatedly replacing the “neutral immune cells” that could have fought off any type of infection (including viral, bacterial, fungal, and cancers) with “COVID specific” immune cells, which are for a virus that has not existed in over a year, as it has mutated so quickly!

Deborah Weaver


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What is the response to this AP piece:

“CDC data indicates that 65% of 3Q excess deaths can be directly attributed to COVID,” Davison said. “Our own claims data is consistent with that as well. Based on the data and our analysis, we believe that a significant portion of the remaining excess deaths are driven by deferred medical care and individuals who recover from COVID but later die from the toll COVID has taken on their bodies.”


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In this article, Davison said: "Most of the claims for deaths being filed are not classified as COVID-19 deaths," Davison said. “What the data is showing to us is that the deaths that are being reported as COVID deaths greatly understate the actual death losses among working-age people from the pandemic. It may not all be COVID on their death certificate, but deaths are up just huge, huge numbers.” Later in the article: The number of hospitalizations in the state is now higher than before the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced a year ago, and in fact is higher than it’s been in the past five years, Dr. Lindsay Weaver, Indiana’s chief medical officer, said at a news conference with Gov. Eric Holcomb on Wednesday. *** And:

"Just 8.9% of ICU beds are available at hospitals in the state, a low for the year, and lower than at any time during the pandemic. But the majority of ICU beds are not taken up by COVID-19 patients – just 37% are, while 54% of the ICU beds are being occupied by people with other illnesses or conditions."

*** https://www.thecentersquare.com/indiana/indiana-life-insurance-ceo-says-deaths-are-up-40-among-people-ages-18-64/article_71473b12-6b1e-11ec-8641-5b2c06725e2c.html *** Sadly, I suspect this is just the first round of deaths, and we will be seeing many more of the vaccinated dying off over the next few years, if the 20 plus years of failed animal trials where the vaccinated animals all died of "Antibody Dependent Enhancement" is any indication!

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Strange how a respiratory virus is purported to have these mysterious chronic effects, but an injected substance, whose official primary means of action is the most toxic part of the virus, could not possibly have chronic effects.

Funny how these chronic effects are spreading mysteriously by aerosol, but not through injection.

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Strange that we didn't see a similar spike in deaths in 2020 even though the COVID-19 pandemic was in full force without any mitigation from vaccines, which were not rolled out until December 2020 or later. Yes, it's true that the insurance company executive never claimed that these deaths were due to vaccine injury and attributed it to COVID-19, but he is in no better position to determine that, especially when the CDC and FDA have turned a blind eye to VAERS.

The strange phenomenon noted by the embalmer about the fibrous tissue clots did not occur in 2020 despite over 400,000 COVID-19 deaths. I believe this medical lecture by Dr. Mobeen Ryed explains the phenomenon we are seeing as a result of circulating spike protein caused by the vaccines: https://youtu.be/ANmkIIxCQCw. It's my current best guess. Of course, I could be wrong.

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You need to read Green Pharmacy by Barbara Griggs. This is only the culmination (or perhaps really just the exposure), of longstanding corruption from medical guilds. The triumph of antibiotics gave them credibility for many years, but you should read the description of how George Washington and one of the English kings died (she quotes the original medical documents.) and the corruption blossomed with the flexner report and pharmaceutical control of medical schools. And there went the eclectics. (a school of medical doctors that just believed in using what worked, no matter whether it's origin was herbal, chemical or energetic). Before aspirin, the standard cure-all medical pill was small doses of mercury and doses of antimony wine, along with bleeding.

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Well then, let us just get rid of it.

We have life in our bodies.

Is that not enough?

Rid of the money, I mean.

Mammon, another name.

Get it of our backs, mammonites.

We can all live in Christ.

Thank you John.

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My explanation is the same as yours!

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Obviously, people need money.

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The insurance companies are paying out 40% more because people are living an unhealthy lifestyle. They are overweight, usually grossly, they have a sedentary life style, do not exercise, they eat a lot of fast food, and food on the go. Their family history is filled with high blood pressure, cancers and heart diseases, they have a high stress level because of things going on, covid, WW111, inflation, having a senile president, and an administration that is as transparent as sludge! The administration has placed unconstitutional mandates in place that people who respect their elders obey adding more stress and anxiety which increases blood pressure, giving people headaches and blurred vision and that makes them more stressed because they do not trust the doctors with all this covid stuff going on and doctors are going to try and vaccinate or give you another booster. So now they are walking around or too agoraphobic they don't want to leave their house. And more stress is added because they need to go to the store but so many have covid they are afraid to go out. So they order food in, but wait they need to go to the bank, they need cash, what's a person to do... Stress and anxiety are probably the biggest causes of heart attacks, and once this cycle starts it is very tough to contain.

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The problem with obesity and people living sedentary lives has been a problem for a long time. Modern life was plenty stressful before Covid, and people that fall into that medical category were doing the same things like eating too much fast food and not doing enough exercise prior to Covid which is what got them overweight and suffering for many medical maladies to begin with.

The idea that suddenly a large percentage of these people die in one year due to covid stress is statistically remote. Especially since embalmers are seeing massive fibrous blood clots in the vaccinated that they have never seen before.

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The other thing that shoots down the "they were just unhealthy" theory is that the rise didn't happen in 2020, but only in 2021. Which tends to rule out both COVID death (including "died of covid due to being unhealthy") as well as lockdown stress, since both were present in 2020.

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Yes, great point.

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Levi’s Brand President Says She Was Offered $1 Million to Shut Up About Being Fired Over Criticizing COVID Restrictions

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Now What About Excess Mortality - The Corbett Report with Denis Rancourt Feb 2022


Watch this video, especially you Steve who need to catch up and do some serious homework. Denis Rancourt is the only one among what we can call exact science men who have a vision and expertise that extends quite well into the humanities as well, thus making him the most complete analyst.

Fortunately, Denis is also resilient to the interrupted *friendly fire* of an insufferable, petulant, facetious dickhead like James Corbett, who distracts him, and stupidly interrupts along the course of the interview.

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Trudeau turns to Biden for trucker crackdown help


I don't belong to the conservative theduran genre, please note.

Good allegory about the mentally retarded, Joe Biden, as from the non-touch of Midas, wherever Joe pay-attention puts his fingers, everything ends in shit :)

Anyhow, the other asshole, *Giustino* Justin, is toast, about time, good riddance.

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I should have thought of this sooner, but I remedy it now:

Ceterum censeo iustinum delendum esse :))

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Steve, you are exactly right with your conclusions regarding 1, 2, 3. Truth will win in the end, unfortunately it make take a while. However, by the time truth wins, will anyone really care?

Here is my take on the DMED "saga:"


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Can Super-Shots and ‘Morality Pills’ End COVID?


I have BTWW already recalled on this, pointing out the respective references/URLs that elucidated the problem, in different replies that I have made enough time ago.

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LOL! This is excellent, Steve. When you drop a new substack, it's the highlight of my day.

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I have gone thru a couple hundred other offerings, nada, zip matching my concise synopsis, you provided the evidence i will go with that. Who was arrested for the plague dogs?

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