I just happened to stumble into Kirsch Weinstein and Malone on Darkhorse for 3 hours. I saw that as Kirsch tactfully redpilling the both of them but Malone primarily. Malone was singing a different song at the end of the show than at beginning. Beginning he making the standard excuses for Pharma etc. And I read some of a speech he made at some probably mostly narrative supporting well dressed bunch. I was disappointed to see he reverted to the apologies some, but was not the most of what I heard. And I've heard other compromise from him but not in last some weeks. Not like I'm a Malone groupie, just run into him on video sometimes. I don't think this sounds like a tactical set for bait and switch like we deal with all the time. He had no background of confrontation that I've heard. He has been a strong influence for the right, which can just be a set trap door, we've seen that old trick enough. Like Trump, anything I know that Trump acted like he didn't know that I knew, he was lying. I get no inside info, but can smell shit. Watching Obamsawin give a talk on like a bunch of the common vaccines history, can't be any of that hasn't been presented to Malone. Maybe not. And all of Kennedy's stuff. Maybe. Was all the ladies telling their story about bright kid went to get vax. Got sick on way home and never the same since. Very convincing. I only took a look into fake moon right after fake sandy hook cuz a friend kept chiding me about it. He was right. easy to see. If Malone is genuine, he'll be on the Truth Wagon before too long. But too maybe early to be too hard on him. Kennedy could maybe personally talk to him. I'll suggest that too him at our next polo match. ha.

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Steve, do you know about this PURPLE RIBBON thing with UK health care professionals protesting vaccine mandates? I was tipped off by a fellow reader of your newsletter in the UK. From comments on your "Has the virus been isolated" article:

"Unity and peace

9 hr ago

Meant to be 100k doctors and nurses refusing jabs in UK above… they are all proudly wearing a purple ribbon now - a great idea. "



This sounds like a great idea, and your March would be a great venue to join in with our allies across the Pond and introduce this in the US. This could be a significant, tangible means of unifying out team around the world. And perhaps drawing in others who were vaxed either by choice or coercion but oppose the mandates. I’m continually coming across more and more colleagues who fall into those categories.

BTW, Peace and unity’s original comment above the one quoted is dense with good ideas IMHO, perhaps worth a close look by someone in your position…

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I desperately wish I could go ☹️☹️☹️ Damn near out of money from the holidays…

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Jan 9, 2022·edited Jan 9, 2022

Our friends here sound a bit exhausted, so I'll sprinkle some good news.

The good people in South Korea appear to be mounting pressure against the mandates.

They were fine with the juice a few months ago, but now that they know it causes severe side effects and even deaths, they are all aware of it, and they are furious. They got a temper, which is a great thing.

Apparently, they have been holding candle vigils, and now that the kids are being forced to get it for school (which begins in March), the parents are furious.

It's going to get interesting.


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The Octopus tentacles run deep and wide and have infiltrated most organizations, even so called anti-vaxx groups, and those pro and con on this evil, unholy jab! The Angels of light are out and about deceiving many, and making tons of $$ with their propaganda and cunning, compromising agenda and lies!

If anyone is not vehemently, out spoken, and dead set, against this bioweapon vaxx that’s killing and maiming people by the thousands and still professes it should be available for certain groups….your dealing with shrewd snakes!

Listen carefully how they couch their language, and skirt around the issues like jello that you can’t nail down, so as not to be offensive to those paying them to be their spokesman! Their easy to spot if you’re looking!

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You lost me at 'We are not marching against the COVID vaccines.' That's exactly what we should be marching against! As long as the 'vaccines' are still being given, mandates will continue. And given all the evidence you've been providing about the 'vaccines' - their lack of efficacy and the harm they cause - they should be halted immediately and entirely.

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Jan. 23rd? So soon?? Does that give the DNC/FBI/BLM/ANTIFA crisis actors enough time to stage another false flag?

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Dr. Malone was outed months ago, long before Joe Rogan even knew his name. He is a Dark, Pro-Vaccine Necromancer, Drug Dealer & Big Pharma Loyalist who has been poisoning the planet with his toxic elixirs of death for DECADES.

His fake, soft whistleblowing is a transparent con, designed to legitimize "safer" (less dangerous) vaccines & protect his buddies in the Pentagon, CIA & Big Pharma.

This is accomplished via a carefully crafted bait and switch, Trojan Horse strategy that is decades old and obvious to see, for those with eyes open.

Here's some info into who Dr. Malone REALLY is...


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The guy has spent his entire career developing Vaccines. There is no more PRO-VAXX DEMON ON THIS PLANET than Dr. Malone.


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What a set up! Anyone dumb enough to follow Robert Malone shows people aren't awake at all! There is no virus!

Stop the mandates! How about stop propping up the pharmaceutical industry! Novovax it's safer! Wow people will believe anything!

Pooanon 👍

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A couple more great messages:

MEP Christine Anderson opposes vaccine mandates 10/28/2021, “Always question, “Cui bono?”


Catherine Austin Fitts “Vaccine passports will not be about health,” “but will absolutely end human liberty.” Nov 11, 2021


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"We are not marching against the COVID vaccines, we’re marching against the government forcing these vaccines onto Americans. It’s something I hope we can all agree on."

IMHO, the messaging should be clear. We should be AGAINST the "Covid Vaccines", not just the mandates. These jabs are not vaccines and following the money should convince everyone as to why they came to be. No, I'm firmly against the inoculations. Period.

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I think there's a decent chance this event in DC could mark "Peak Mandate". Who would want to miss out on such a celebration? Certainly not me. In addition to thanking Steve for his tireless efforts, we should also give thanks to The Little Mouse that Created Omicron.


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"Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan Announces" etc.

Just Malone !!!, I am thinking at [urban dictionary] "worf effect... the principle that, in fiction, the strongest member of the cast gets utterly wailed on in order to establish just how powerful the villain of the week is," where the Deep state is certainly not the villain OF THE WEEK.

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"Recording artists, prominent doctors, first responders, journalists, pro athletes, and premier thought leaders will give a series of inspiring 'TED talks' and musical performances." (That's surely going to impress a judicial system of a corrupt government who is in the pocket of the deep state, and that should the laws be enforced would end up on the gallows or in prison for life.)

HOPE is the right word... Audentes fortuna iuvat :,(

(We are confronted with an entity that has been able to operate a coup d'état on a planetary scale with a simple snap of the fingers !!!)

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