Has anyone here who is unvaxxed taken a blood test to detect the presence of graphene or other vaccine pollutants? Wondering if vaccine shedding is real and is actually a risk

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Stop promoting this charlatan!

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Good program; my takeaway is that Dr. Malhotra is the best of the best in cardiology, has a high proclivity for the truth and reality and for interdicting fraud.

On statins he didn't reject them out of hand but would agree that by and large they are useless with nasty side effects.

Another pharma fraud is getting exposed, leaked documents: https://www.yahoo.com/news/scientists-investigating-alzheimer-drug-faulted-150053542.html

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Statins are so destructive. They wreak havoc on brains and connective tissues.

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Steve,NICE Job!

Yet we need to develop a Nomenclature for " SARS-COV 2" aka the Injectable Bioweapon DePop Program. Not only are ppl post-injectable being injured, but those who declined to get the Mark (Injectable Bioweapon ) are seeing an increase of the same negative health concequences.

"Shedding" is not a myth ! ".

I Paid 100$ for microscope, & I'm seeing graffOx sheets in MY B+ blood. I lost my 20yr HealthCare career, bcuz I wouldn't get a poke. Now, there is overwhelming irrefutable True Scientific evidence, that all living on earth are exposed to this NanoTeck Garbage.

I DID NOT CONSENT to this experiment on Humanity. WE DID NOT HAVE THE OPTION TO OPT OUT.

It's bullshite & Its beyond criminal .



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Steve, thanks to you and others, in 2022 I came to view the covid mRNA vaccines as a disaster, before eventually becoming skeptical of traditional vaccines too. I have some questions I hope you or your readers could help with. (Apologies for any scientific mistakes in the following, and apologies to anyone who’s seen me paste these same questions on other substacks, but I’m keen for answers):

1. Several experts, by way of explaining why the covid vaccines are more dangerous than traditional vaccines, make the point that the covid vaccines cause your body to attack its own cells. But don’t traditional vaccines do the same thing? With a traditional virus, don’t the ‘killed’ virus particles still enter cells (even if they don’t replicate and cause disease)?

2. Assuming for a moment that vaccine mRNA is not reverse transcribed into the genome, would it be correct to say that the number of host cells that an mRNA vaccine causes the body to attack can be no greater than the number of lipid nanoparticles in the vaccine dose? Or is it the case that spike proteins manufactured in one cell can escape and attach to other cells causing them all to be attacked too?

3. I have read about the National Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 in the US providing liability protection to vaccine manufacturers in the US. Do you know how this affects other countries (e.g., my own country, the UK). Have US-based (or even Europe-based) vaccine manufacturers come to similar agreements with other countries?

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John Campbell reported Uttar Pradesh with copies of newspapers from India way before many. Methinks many miss his British wit unless he says it in Americanspeak. Also the first on YT to long form interview Kyle the mountain biker. And he is a pensioner soooo

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In the movies, film-goers can easily identify the “Bad Guys” who are seeking more control and want to suppress freedom. However, in the Real World, the public actually seems to pull for the Bad Guys who are doing this.

For example, “Star Wars” is arguably the most popular movie franchise of our lifetimes. One might think a few of the millions of Star Wars fanatics might identify with the freedom-fighters who are resisting the Evil Empire. Instead, Luke Skywalker was quickly cancelled and labeled a science denier/threat to society. In the Real World, Darth Vader would probably be given a Nobel Prize and be feted as the great protector of the galaxy.

I also identified some more germane examples from iconic Hollywood movies.


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Darth Fauci... Steve; they never told you... I am SCIENCE!

Steve Kirsch: Noooooooooo! I don't believe it!

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I suppose I'm saying 'they got what they deserve' because they accepted all the B/S without thinking, investigating or considering options! Cynical but sad really. Their saving grace might be that their 'early demise' might wake up others to the truth. Those surviving might team up with the 25% of thinking people to overthrow the dictators! Mick.

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Help Please? Doing battle with Rumble. Have found the channel but not this show. Is there a time lapse? Or magic password? Thanks

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How d'ye do that! Thanks

But I want to watch it on my TV. I can get to the channel but this one is not there... Yet?

PS I see you around and like what you write.

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It should be on the VSRF channel, check the sort order so the latest is on top and PS Thanks!

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Hi Wayne, This is so good of you; I feel a bit stupid but to get this far and fail... On my TV I can't find any 'sort' option? The last one listed is with Jeff Childers. I don't have a Rumble account if that makes a difference. I would love to finally crack this, especially as YT is so restricted. Thanks again.

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I would say go ahead and make a Rumble account and subscribe to VSRF then your subscriptions show in a list.

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Bolshevik Trudeau Regime Puts Cdn Detective On Trial

For Investigating Link Between Infant Deaths And MRNA

BioWeapon ‘Vaccines’


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If you missed the X Space after the interview our comment troll Carlos Gonzales came on to give some pro-vaccine rhetoric and go toe-to-toe with Steve Kirsch! Mr. Kirsch explained about his VAERS-reporting neurologist friend and the Israeli Minister of Health report of 5% vaccine damage. Silenced Survivor 🐭 💓 Vax Injured chimed in to give voice to the vaccine injured, explaining her vaccine damage was immediate and the VAERS report was verified.

Mr. Gonzales pooh-poohed the idea that a doctor could lose their license for publishing a report against the vaccine even though we have all read of doctors who lost their license or had to fight to keep it. The X space is recorded here: https://twitter.com/VacSafety/status/1712603205547471266 A pro-vaccine study-cite troll flooded response comments with pro-vax study links.

Jeremiah Hosea of The Bassline podcast then mentioned his recorded interviews with Steve Kirsch and Dr. Nass who had to fight to keep her medical license. He also made a great comment that even if the vaccine was perfect we have the right to refuse it as a human rights issue regardless of the scientific studies. https://thebassline.podbean.com/

Good times on the X Space.

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Aseem seems to be fully purple-pilled. He gives the biopharmaceutical complex the full benefit of the doubt. And, he throws me under the bus since I'm overweight (171 lbs) and have asthma. Apparently I deserved to die from choking bronchial spasms. Give him a partial dose of the black pill!

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17 MILLION people have been KILLED by COVID INJECTION so far, and the risk of death is highest in older age groups.


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With so much drama and difficulty

You can't beat bigotry with bigotry

Or deception with more deception

Hate with hatred

Or ego with more ego

To beat bigotry, be open

To beat deception, be honest

To beat hate, be loving

To beat ego, be humble

Be the change you want to see

It all starts with the face you see

Staring back when you look in the mirror

If you want change

Be change

If you want conflict

Be conflict

If you want lies

Be lies

If you want love

Be love

It really is that simple

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The only thing that defeats atrocious journalism is excellent and real journalism.

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“One of the bravest physicians I know”. Oh come on. Seriously Steve?

You’re talking about an obvious charlatan that mysteriously reversed his big pharma scepticism in 2021 only to even more mysteriously rediscover it again in 2022. He now has the gall to lecture us all on how foreseeable this situation was (except by himself!).

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