Can anyone explain the growing population rates amongst all of the dying from the vaccine holocaust?

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You think we ever will get info contrasting jabbed to unjabbed?

Nativity in Sweden

2021 no vax)

Jan-21 -6.26%

Feb-21 +0.39%

Mar-21 +4.36%

Apr-21 +1.13%

May-21 -0.83%

Jun-21 +3.43%

Jul-21 +2.04%

Aug-21 +1.24%

Sep-21 +1.03%

Oct-21 +1.55%

Nov-21 +3.64%

Dec-21 +1.34%

(Hospital staff getting "vaxxed")

Jan-22 -1.69%

Feb-22 -4.93%

(Everyone else under age of 40 getting "vaxxed")

Mar-22 -8.67%

Apr-22 -10.26%

May-22 -7.18%

Jun-22 -6.73%

Jul-22 -10.59%

Aug-22 -7.09%

(Booster for people under age 40 )

Sep-22 -11.15%

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McCullough - Powerful Evidence The Spike AND MRNA

Are Being Shed On The Unvaxed By The Vaxed - This

Was Our Forecast...And It Is Very Bad News


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Look at their standards.

https://www.johnlocke.org/blaming-the-unvaccinated-for-vaccine-side-effects/ The article, “Covid 19 vaccines and the misinterpretation of perceived side effects clarity on the safety of vaccines,” was originally published by a Chinese peer-reviewed medical journal called BioMedicine. PMC apparently has an agreement with the journal to cross-publish its pieces, meaning it has met its “certain scientific and technical standards.”

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They are desperate to cover up all the sudden deaths of young people. Influenser Megha Thakur suffered from "an anxiety-induced" heart attack just four months before her 'unexpected' death on November 24, aged 21.... How much you want to guess that she was vaccinated with boosters?


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Thank You GOD.. Another Human being who believes in TRUTH and is letting these LYING EVIL Criminals have it... A Beautiful sight... Everybody please watch this video.. It is not long and it will satisfy your heart and make you cry with happiness... finally a TRUTH Teller and rebuker of EVIL people..

BOOM!: Japanese Professor says it like it is: the COVID mRNA gene injection vaccine is fraud bull sh*t! I cannot find medical doctors or professors or scientists with seeds this Japanese doctor has!

Kyoto University Emeritus Professor Fukushima wastes no time telling the truth, and scolding the incompetent bureaucrats for deceiving and poisoning the people of Japan.


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Dr. McCullough and Senator Johnson seem to be the most honest and consistent throughout this Scamdemic.

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The Dr Malhortra video should be clipped to its own version. McCullough info great also.

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Doctors: UN Vaccines in Kenya Used to Sterilize Women - https://thenewamerican.com/doctors-un-vaccines-in-kenya-used-to-sterilize-women/

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The majority of "doctors" initially worshipped and pushed the covid mrna shots despite a lack of testing for side effects or efficacy. Sure, some have had a change of heart recently. What's interesting is in 2020 they all bought into the covid jabs without doing any individual research. Physicians tend to just obey the CDC or their hosptial administrators- many of which are MBA's and have no medical or scientific training. I have lost faith in them. My veterinarian and chiropractor were against the mrna shots from day one. I trust them more than most physicians.

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Steve, it would be great if you could appraise these Hong Kong data some time. The case fatality rate data seem to be showing a massive positive effect of the jab in the 80+ age bracket with a still substantial effect in others. Is this credible?

From the official government website of Hong Kong:


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There are hundreds of "prominent doctors " That have had a "change of mind:" about the mrna covid shots and they want our "forgiveness" I'm not that ready to forgive. These were experiential and never properly tested. All for a virus that for most of us with intact immune systems posed no greater risk than the common cold.

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Dr. Malhotra is the great flip-flopper. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

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Best line of the night:

"What is worse than ignorance?

The illusion of knowledge."

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