Something reads wired with the language of the Counter Disinformation Project articles. It sounds to me like it was generated by an "AI" language model,

or heavily assisted with it.

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Dear all of you

I am just one of the many of people who resisted in the dictatory thatt took place in the world through this so. called pandemic.

I have been isolated for months by my own family my own friends and of course the so called neighbours plus the state and their lackeys.

I ve been imprisoned at 2021 for 8 days where i was beaten tied up in a bed injected with tranqulisers threaten to be raped monitored by a camera 24 hours locked in a room.

I was out after some peoples help and i went on resisting.

My brother was murdered by the vaccines and also by the so called doctors in a hospital in thessaloniki

I learned about his death10 days after from messenger.

I was not called in his funeral

I had an income of 200 euro per month to live with some kind of dignity without having the need to go to the trash can for food which i had done in the past to survive.

For the last months i have no income and the last days i have only flour and wild mushrooms that i collect to have something to eat

I have given from money that i did not have for my food to free and support people that were imprisoned.

I ask for work nobody wants a person who standing up for rightousness.

I have found some works that the underline conditions was not uncceptable from me

I am unemployed i need work not a mental or "" psychological support or treatment"" i had enough of those plus it would be very handy to all those who are trying to shut me.

I had been tortured during my so called "" treatment "" in 2021 and i had told the european commision via an appeal that i had made

It was rejected like it did not happened.

The reply from the commision came 3weeks after my brothers assasination like a cheap joke.

I went out of the hospital and i wrote on the street right outside a message

Involuntary admission murders

I have one great virtue.

I have no political vanity.

With all the respect to all that really are fighting this dictatory all these gala or meetings sounds to somebody who does not have to eat like talking for caviar in a homeless man

I will not stop believe in my dream and i will not stop believing

I do not wish or seek money or recognition its enough that i walk the streets and i see people without masks cars on the streets and the people that i love to be ok.

I see peoplle that used to put masks in their kids to fight me they forget that if now they are free in any kind of freedom they have now its because of people like me.

I did it.

They didnt

I do not seek money.

I need the underline conditions to be lifted.

I want justice

Do you know how i feel when i see those people in Gaza.?I feel like one of those.

I was once in a camp for refugees and i slept next to them.

But now when i see people demonstaring about people that dying there when they are a lot of them corrupted or at least sold to the goverment and ignore the people next to them or persecuting them and let them to starve if they dont accept the underline conditions its for me like demonstrating for the rights of people in a faraway country while you deprive your neighbours from freedom.

I believe that Robert Kennedy is one if the best polititians and one of the most ownest but dear robert with all the respect speaking that you had a pet a sea lion to me now is really so much .

I am sorry but the same respect can not be applied for some members of the european parliament for the reasons they know.

You can not be freedom fighter and at the same time be silent to the to tortures that took in Greece .

Silence in serious crimes are the same as guiltiness.

And in case that some of you will find the things that i describe a lie you can visit my profile in facebook not because i want publicity i do not wish to become a polititian who really needs that.

Visit it and you will see a name kiriaki malama member of the Greek Parlliament.

Now what does a member of the former government party of Greece wants from an ex homeless??

Normally should be the oppositte i should follow not she .

My brother if he would speak a lot of them would be in s serious trouble.

To be condemned to a starvation or malnutrition in a country of the so calked civilized world its a crime against humanity but worst crimes are concealment and the psychological bulling for a work or for a dish of food.

Thank you for your time

With all my respect to those who earned it fairly

My sympathies to those who lost it

And my great thanks to Dr Mike Yeadon.

He did a lot althrough i do not know him personally.

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Ppl who use the new made up words of misinfo and disinfo are clearly uncomfortable with the truth, for even the word truth makes them run.. and hide from the little 5 letter word.

That said let us not hide nor lie. Its not a vaccine. It kills. If your really lucky, it just made you tired, for years.

They call evil good and good evil. They can’t even use the word truth.

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Thanks Steve to your dedication to this. I really appreciate it. xxx

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Thank you for responding although I'm a little suprised you decided to do so in the form of article considering how insignificant you said I am. I'm sure much has been written about you without the authors having the curtesy to contact you beforehand.

Where did I get the impression Robert Malone is involved with the VSRF? He's listed on your website under “Meet our experts.” https://www.vacsafety.org/about-us/

Regarding your upcoming data release, I assume you will be speaking about this at Andrew Bridgen's event. In regards to this data, your Director of Research said “he has illegal data” on an X Space on 20 November, I appreciate you think this data is in the public interest regardless of its legality but is this correct? I will take note of what you have to say on 30 November.

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Should be called The Counter Disinformation CENTER.

Or CDC for short...

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I wonder if this is the same as a Substack called “Misinformation Kills” ?

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The ONLY use for this Counter Disinformation Project site is that it serves as a portal for the types you do NOT want to associate with...

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Wouldn't Worry Steve, little followers, low likes, this is probably some Rich guys 40 year old woke kid that lives in the basement!

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This is the guy behind it: Karan Bales. https://bylinetimes.com/author/karambales/

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All I can say that I didn't say before is: Long live Steve Kirsch and the other honest, brave and facts-driven fighters battling the evildoers on behalf of the overwhelming majority of the world's population. And, yes, I did say 'evildoers'. What else can you call human anomalies who deliberately set out to injure/kill people?

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So glad we are making a list of the people involved, cause they must be brought book at the end of this attempt to bring in a Marxist dictatorship into the US even if they have been only used as useful idiots for the cause ,there has been even treason committed and murder too but misinformation spreading is also serious and the 2 tier justice system aswell.

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Looks like you are more likely to end up in jail than Fauci.

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Nov 26, 2023·edited Nov 26, 2023

My email to Counter Disinformation Project:

I understand from Steve Kirsch, Super Hero and Truth Teller, that you are doing a piece on Andrew Brigden?

From someone who has followed him for many months, I hope you will include that he is a National Hero, one of the few UK MPs with a scientific background and has built and run his own family multi-million pound business.

He is one of the very few who has stood up against this covid insanity and challenged the establishment. And he has been proved right again and again! I would vote him for Prime Minister if that were possible. I have immense respect and gratitude for everything he has tried to do for us all - despite the disgusting manner in which he has been treated - by his own parliamentary colleagues.


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Canada's National Citizens' Inquiry into the Covid Mandates and their impact on the Public, is set to release their FINAL REPORT - Date: November 28, 2023

Time: English Hearing at 11:00 am EDT | French Hearing at 2:00 pm EDT

All videos from the NCI are posted on the Rumble Channel at - https://rumble.com/user/NationalCitizensInquiryCA

The Full Version Press Release of the Romanian Parliament Conference on Covid and Related Topics

ICS4 is here - https://drtrozzi.org/2023/11/25/international-crisis-summit-4-romania-press-conference/

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