"[It’s supposed to be 100% if you want an effective vaccine.]"

I'm not convinced that this statement is true. As asymptomatic infections with SARS-CoV-2 have demonstrated, it probably takes very little spike protein (which is highly antigenic) to elicit a measurable immune response.

In other words, even if only 50% of the injected mRNA is intact and is able to direct our cells to express spike protein, the vaccinated person should still develop an immune response to the spike protein. Heck, I'd think that a threshold of 30% intact mRNA would be sufficient, particularly with the Moderna vaccine, given its higher concentration of mRNA compared with the Pfizer-BNT vaccine.

The greater problem, I suspect, is that these vaccines contain too much intact mRNA. The spike protein is highly antigenic in its own right. Produce too much of it, and it is likely to cause a massive inflammatory response.

It may very well have been a blessing in disguise that so many of these vials/batches contain "suboptimal" amounts of intact mRNA.

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Steve there is a lot of new info showing that chemtrails are spraying nanobots on cities. You need to read this thread and share it with scientists and MDs. Credible evidence that nanobots are being sprayed as chemtrails. Please do it fast as the thread may not last long.


email aljbotnick@hotmail.com if it gets taken down

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The mRNA vaccines were shipped, at some expense I'm sure, in a colder than usual cold-chain.

I wonder if this was planned to make it harder to blame the product if tested and instead blame the break in the cold chain especially if tested by rouge agents using used vials?

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Hey, the concoction did it's job. It transferred billions of public funds to private coffers, gave most people the placebo effect, and gave tyrants worldwide the excuse they needed to impose... tyranny.

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Peer reviewed Italian study finds " ‘Metal-Like Objects’ in 94% of Individuals With Reported mRNA Vaccine Side Effects"


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I like you. Please follow my sub. I am digging into these studies next. First the vials, then the autopsies. Pretty clear to me so far that graphene is responsible for the clots.

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There's two sides to the COVID shots coin. The theoretical mRNA side, and the toxic effects of 'self assembling nanoparticles from reduced graphene in the hydrogels. No one has explained the appearance of circuitry in both extracted blood clots of non-biological form, and the vials themselves.

The 'self assembly' that speeds up when exposed to 5g, or even 4g, as video documented by Spanish Researchers from La Quinta Columna, when mixed in a drop of normal blood, shows the same bunched up red blood cells as the alleged mRNA spike proteins.

The graphene oxides in the hydrogel make the most sense. The patents do indicate the (Ψ) alteration, BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene deletions.

But how many of these doses are viable? How many are writing these changes into the human genome?

there are two things apparently going on, and the sickness and deaths resulting seem to be one or the other, or a combination of both.

Then there are old viruses received from past cell based vaccines that are getting activated by these jabs. Add glyphosate toxicity in the mix, which actually aids in the penetration of the cells nucleus and you have multiple pathways for AIDS like symptoms, and 6 pages of adverse events that number in the thousands from the Pfizer forced document release.

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This also means there was fraud. The clinical trials are invalid. They were based on Process 1 drug product that could not be manufactured at commercial scale. There's not only lot to lot variation but there is also two manufacturing processes, there were no bridging studies to show that the product assessed for safety and efficacy is the same quality and strength as the product they use in the general population. FOI requests in Australia also demonstrate incredible lot to lot variation. This article explains it well. Also Senator Rennick put the TGA on notice on this exact issue. Add this to the reason the house of cards is falling. https://pfizersibilusceraula.substack.com/p/breaking-leaked-eu-regulatory-report

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See this expose article- which backs up a) this article/video and b) Carrie Madej's findings of vial contents from over a year ago: https://expose-news.com/2022/08/29/covid-injections-contain-hydrogel-and-graphene-oxide/

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Every person receiving money for the work of developing the graphene jabs, administering them, concealing their effects on humans; Every one of them including our feckless Congress and executive branch, bureaucrats, the whole lot of them are enabling their own demise. Once their mission is accomplished they will be disposed of like waste. IMO.

The heart and soul of our nation depends on these people realizing this and showing the fortitude to walk away from it. Stop participating in it. That goes for doctors, nurses, Congress sellouts, pharmaceutical employees, CDC, FDA, NIH/NIAID et al.

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Their carelessness reveals their objectives. Depopulation and transhuman experiments on 'useless eaters.'

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They didn't have powerful refrigerators in pop-up clinics in parking lots and such. Is there any correlation of adverse reactions and the type of place where patients received those shots?

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You might find what you are looking for at howbad.info.

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There is this study about AZ vaccines. They found human proteins inside. Yuck! https://elifesciences.org/articles/78513

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Steve said:

Documents leaked from the EMA confirms why we aren't allowed to analyze the vaccine vials


The findings are all consistent with what I and others have long suspected: the vials are all different. The key finding is the reason they won’t let anyone analyze the vials: mRNA is not intact. The BMJ wrote about this on March 10, 2021

MidwestDoc said:

Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines I Came Across During Their First Year on the Market


•Because the mRNA was designed not to break down (so the vaccines would be more likely to be effective), individuals will develop a continually increasing spike protein load, and at some point a critical threshold is passed (which varies person to person) leading to death. This critical threshold may arise from an amyloid deposits due to spike proteins throughout the body or gradually increasing blood coagulation and clotting directly caused by spike protein.

So the mRNA is designed not to break down, but many times it does break down anyway.

On the other hand, I think MejBCart says the human body can't easily break down foreign mRNA.

Also, Steve said a scientist he knows analyzed 4 vax vials recently and found no mRNA, just PEG.

I got some questions to work on.

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Yes, I copy and paste, but just the link - as you rightly pointed our, there is a lot, but then again, how much is your life worth, or anyone's life for that matter - a few pages on a printer?

OK, you are a funny female? I am cynical, as Hell, but I suppose that does not show up in my blurb, it is a culture thing. With a name like that - ex Afghan?

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FOI requests have been made to the Australian Theraputic Goods Administration (TGA). Please see https://www.tga.gov.au/foi-disclosure-log-0 March 9th 2022 FOI3471. Generally the analysis of the Pfizer vaccines found around 66% integrity of mRNA. I saw some earlier analysis of Moderna in the same disclosure log and it found nearer 85% integrity. We should probably be relieved that it wasn't 100% although it is unclear what is produced by the other 34%.

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