I was an RN and one of many dirty little secrets of conventional medicine is that they focus on recent events to explain patients' presenting symptoms. Karen Kingston recently revealed there's an unprecedented 13 different versions of the clot shots. Previously SOP was no matter what company or country produced an Xmg dosage of a medication it was the same from one to the next. That is why researchers that have been obtaining samples of the clot shots to analyze are finding different toxins in the vials. This tells me they were designed to cause an array of adverse effects, many of them that'd only appear years in the future, making for confusion and plausible deniability. That keeps the shots a moving target so both the varied conditions as a result of them and the timing of when they present won't be attributed to the shots someone took in prior years. Eventually this will fail, but not until A LOT of people become disabled and die. You can see it's already happening if you follow Ed Dowd. I was working in life and disability insurance in 2020 when this all started, and saw that handwriting on the wall. Ed's analyses of the UK data (which we'll soon see in the US data) have only been proving me right. And I can assure you that industry already knows it, even if they're not admitting to it. My employer was at the time a division of a medical insurer, that mandated their employees get the shots in order to step foot in their offices but refused to cover medical claims for any damage caused by the shots, precisely because they were EUA. EVERY aspect of the medical-industrial complex was in on this evil scamdemic. IMHO the whole thing must be dismantled and replaced with REAL healing.

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And I heard that those shots were “clean”. Different than the mass produced ones.

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Covid Vaccine and White Dots syndrome: blurry vision, photopsia, dyschromatopsia, and paracentral and temporal scotomas.

This disease is characterized by unilateral grey–white lesions in the outer retina or retinal pigment epithelium with associated foveal granularity.


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COVID vaccines have damage peoples' immune system. The vaccinated could be getting COVID more often, catch other infectious diseases, and perhaps getting cancer. “Turbo Cancer” Rates Are Likely to Get Even Worse.


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The CDC has changed the following definitions to be put into place immediately!

Safe is now known as garbage.

Effective is now known as garbage.

Any questions?

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We need to define the terms:

Safe = a safe and effective process at making profits with emoluments and patent revenues accruing to CDC-NIAID and all the directors. Revenue streams and power structures are protected and thereby safe.

Effective = the quackcine/pill scam and immorality, is very effective at making people ill, resulting in more pills and quackcines and guaranteed revenue streams. This strategy is effective at filling the coffers of the Corporate Fascist complex called 'health care', with all parties including government and their actors, effectively becoming rich. See Fauci's new $19 mn estate for more info on how effective and safe it all is.

Quack. Quack.

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Hold on for a second! Would anyone expect the "testing" being done BY THE VERY CRIMINALS PRODUCING IT to use a "hot lot" or even a common, regular lot? How does anyone ever know what actually goes on behind the curtain? That which has been the standard (public trust of the men in white) is long dead, and gone. "Independent" agencies have gone the way of the "fact checkers" and nothing more than satellite subsidiaries, doing what they are directed to do. It's quite unbelievable in my opinion. I stand in awe of the willingness of the public to be targeted in the wide open as they are. And if it were not horrific enough to single out a specific "useless" age bracket, such as our honored elderly, the criminals are openly going after the youth, children, toddlers, and even the pre-born!!! Oh how it will tend to my hatred for these criminals to have to one day face the Avenging Hand of God, to be made to PAY for their wicked sinfulness. They will be burned alive with holy fire as they stand on their feet, unable to die until every weighed sin is fully appropriated with its punishment. Their eyes will consume away in their sockets and tongues will burn to a crisp, never more being allowed to spew forth their lies. That's God's Justice. And the worst part of it, it is noted, that they will KNOW of their slighted opportunity to obtain eternal life through repentance and acceptance of the Redeemer, Christ Jesus. This might be as bad or worse of a punishment, which will cause the weeping and gnashing of teeth, as it is written.

So be it!


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Why is no one using Bailiwick News information about why the FDA isn’t the approving body for these vaccines as they are military... DOD

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I agree, but I suspect even negligence by a government agency would not carry criminal or civil penalties. I'm not a lawyer but I think the law protects the government from that.

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The FDA is enemy occupied territory. We need a law compartmentalizing all previous, present and future government employees from "working" for Big Pharma. That would fix a lot of this. It's like having the FBI Director go work for Al Capone for a while after he semi-retires...

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Dangerous and damaging is my auto translation.

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It's not a medicine, it's a bioweapon. Bailiwicknews.substack.com

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I call this premeditated murder, mass murder. I want to know why not even one law enforcement person will check it out and have a judge issue an arrest warrant. Do they think this will not ever come to effect them or people they know, so if they took money to look the other way, it doesn't matter?

Did you know they were able to get a criminal charge in Costa Rica. It was for lying under oath but I know someone in the US who also did that. Why can they get law enforcement to charge criminally in Costa Rica but the US--crickets?

I know people who will take this shot. If you try talking to them it is like talking to someone whose spouse is abusing them. They defend the spouse, in this case, Moderna and Pfizer. And I don't think the companies didn't study what happens in abusive relationships so they could replicate it on their victims.

This is disgusting and evil and I tell you law enforcement, get moving. White collar crime is dangerous and murderous. Don't think you will walk out of this. When they are done with you, they will be done with you.

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Point of curiosity: Has anyone in the unvaxxed cohort actually gotten COVID since the Omicron wave? In my family circle - about 20 of us - the answer is no.

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lets just be honest and say it. the FDA/NIH/CDC/NIADS have zero credibility. Pfizer/Moderna/Astrazeneca are frauds.

There is NO DATA they sign off/release respectively that I will accept as fact. NOTHING!!! EVER!!!

Their so called "lab" and "clinical trials" (where active vaccines are substituted for the standard saline in the control group) are a sham from the get go.

To hell with all of them

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